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quick! post the last thing you've drawn that you haven't already posted!

someone bathe this boy. (what a spontaneous ask you’re lucky i had something presentable haha!)

my last picture for Hinanami week!! 

I wanted to do this cheesy scenario because i think it seems really cute! :3

I hope you think its just as cute as I do, and I’m happy that i got to participate in hinanami week!

Fic Rec Thursday ✿

another week, another list! ♡ (previous weeks lists are here)

–> are you a star? (because i wanna destroy you) by @jonstarks
crack, Kylo uses what he’s heard in holoporn in the bedroom with Hux, if you’re having a bit of a shit day then read this because you’ll laugh at this for sure

–> If It’s Dark by @stelladora
Hux tries to figure out the strange connection between him and Kylo, the dynamic that the author builds is really cool, 16000 words that you won’t regret reading!

–> what’s gonna be left of the world if you’re not in it? by @ellstra
major character death, Hux knows a mission is dangerous but Kylo leaves and my heart broke

–> you can never go home anymore by Ilrona
lots of angst, Kylo has Hux to call his home but a vision changes everything, so emotional

–> Prying Eyes by oorsprong & @theearlgreyalpha
voyeurism (Mitaka!), husbands Kylo & Hux on a nude beach and being naughty, fluffy and kinda smutty!

–> #13 by @the-fluff-awakens
high school basketball au, everything fluffy you’d want from a high school au!

–> Together We Lose Ourselves by cicada-s
PWP, sub Hux, glorious orgasm denial

–> Beg by TrashBinKrem
BDSM, sub Hux, more like slut Hux oh gosh, if you like Hux begging and pleading then please read this amazing little piece of sin

–> Psychomachia by @longstoryshortikilledhim (WIP)
pre-TFA, when TFA happens Kylo and Hux are bitter ex’s, oh wow this is a really great piece of work, so much smut and a really realistic dynamic between Kylo & Hux, I’m really pumped for more

–> People Will Stare by @fraxinus (WIP)
Hux and Kylo go on a political mission to a plnet here the fashion is super different to that found in the First Order, if you like Hux in dresses then please give this gem a read, its super great (and features the beautiful artwork of @flashedjunks ❤️)

–> A Night at the Opera by @moonwalkingcrab
super fluffy, Kylo and Hux absoutely do not date and Hux absolutely does not think that Kylo looks fine in his dress uniform

–> Discipline In The Woods by @milarca
BDSM, sub Hux, super amazing and super sinful, Kylo punishing Hux and everything is hot

–> Dead Of Night by @mumofthreedevils
fluff & smut, some gentle reminiscing and then some good smut

–> Eleison by @saltandlimes
drug abuse, Hux falls apart without Kylo around, dark and beautiful

–> A Plague On Both Houses by @theeascetic (WIP)
within the same series as The Guilty Bystander (which is one of my favourite kylux fics in the entire fandom), really immersive writing and so thoughtful, please if you haven’t read this series then you’re missing out on gold

–> On Edge by @shinigamiknox
BDSM, sub Kylo, vibrator play, Kylo’s tantrum gets punished, hot as fuuuck

–> Cornflakes and Other Lists by @starkilleraflame
modern AU, interesting plot involving cults and the KOR, characterisation is on poooint

–> Stronger Than The Sea by squire (WIP)
part of the ongoing Everything Of Me series, emperor Hux, vibrant kylux dynamic with super emotional writing!

–> Behind Schedule by @limit-breaker
crack, Hux’s obsessive scheduling spills over into his and Kylo’s sex life, really funny and cute too!

–> Control by @jonstarks
sub Hux who’s a brat and knows exactly what he wants, oh fuck, Hux’s characterisation is perfect, everything is sinful and beautiful

That’s it for this week!

“Happy birthday, Zuko!”

Zutara week is already over! And here, to end on a happy note, a birthday kiss.

While I was around to witness the first Zutara week, I never really participated, so this was in a way my first, which I enjoyed immensely! I’ve always loved the creativity in the ZK fandom. I’d also like to thank @zutaraweek‘s admin for not only making this week possible, but also for all the sweet comments in the tags (of every single reblogged piece!). Thank you.

@zutaraweek 2016, day 7: Candles


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3 Song Orchgasm Week!

OK so the next 3 days are going to be intense. You’ll get:

Saturday: Lonely Star (original)
Sunday: Florence + The Machine ‘Shake It Out’
Monday: My Bloody Valentine 'Only Shallow’

This is the result of the Song Freeze, where I’m finishing songs before I start new ones for now on. No more multiple songs at one time because it’s driving me and you crazy.

As for my next 1-per-week songs:

My Little Pony 'Smile Smile Smile’
Protomen 'The WIll Of One’ and 'Light Up The Night’
Nine Inch Nails 'Closer’
The Proclaimers '500 Miles’
Homestuck 'Rex Duodecim Angelus’