I’ve been super busy this week cuz look! My sister graduated from academy this morning!!! So it’s been a full, amazing weekend.

And she wanted to do a fun caps & gowns pic with both of us. :)

Note: Please do not reblog cuz my sister would never forgive me.

707 flower theme~! Idk should I make the rest of the guys too or not.. It’s available as prints in my tictail store, it’s also available as prints (and first to sold out!) at Creators Super Fest last week. Thank you for your support guys <3

Any of you still play MM? Please share your thoughts of what are you looking forward from my art posts except sinful stuffs lol dont worry it’s on process :D

“sorry, old lady. this is why i never make promises.”

This beautiful design was created by @mnstrcndy​ and she allowed me to use it to build this piece! The final dimensions are 16" x 27.25" and there are a total of 10,675 beads  :)

Another day, another flatlay 😆 I have a super busy week coming up (junior spring is kinda killing me lol) but I hope school is going well for everyone! 💕


~When it comes to love.–

Twitter doodle round-up!!! Because it’s been a really super hectic few weeks, and I’ve just been working non-stop on some really super secret zine projects that I got really super lucky to be a part of, somehow, I don’t know (I’m still in shock and breathing fire)!!!

–You want a slow hand.~

Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity; I’ve been super busy the past week organizing a student council event, but I’ve finally gotten around to making printables for April. This time, I also made a monthly organizer sort of thing, which has the following features:

A goals list to list down your goals for this month.
A section for major events so that you may plan for them ahead of time. This would also be convenient if you have trouble sorting out your events on a calendar planner.
A vision box for you to write your, well, vision for this coming month, such as how you wish to change, what you can improve, what you should stop doing, etc.
New habits you’d like to try out this month, or even old ones you want to keep doing.
A space for notes
A quote by Albert Einstein (which frankly I spelled wrong at first because of my blog’s name hehe)

The calendar planner is the same as other months, but I’d really appreciate it if you could tell me how I can improve it or what features I should add.

Download them here in my studyblr google drive!

Don’t forget to tag me (#eintsein) when you use them :)

What I Read This Week


I was SUPER busy this week so I couldn’t read many fics!

A System of Touch by EtherealBeing, Mature, 23k (WIP)
When a strange man calls in an order with a request for ‘only the cutest delivery boy,’ Yuuri is reluctant to go, to say the least. Thirty minutes and one spilled container of katsudon later, he only wishes he didn’t have to leave. LOVE!

Dancing Daffodils by grayclouds, Mature, 55k (WIP)
“As Love gently wipes away the tears that trail down his cheeks something within Victor quakes, its tremors resonating throughout his entire being like a deafening echo.He is in the arms of a god.” A god falls for a man. OKAY I AM STILL SCREAMING AFTER CHAPTER 16 AND I AM PROBABLY NOT GOING TO STOP EVER

In the Cold of the Night by impolitecanadian, Teen, 41k
AU in which Yuuri never skated and instead is a small town cop with no idea who Victor Nikiforov, THE Victor Nikiforov, is until he arrests him for public intoxication. Meanwhile Victor is enamoured, and absolutely plastered. Omg I frickin’ love this

Language Barriers by Galloping_Monroe, 153k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov had always wanted to travel the world. When an opportunity arises to spend his final year of university study abroad, he is quick to leap at the chance. Twelve months spent in twelve different countries, he can’t wait to see new places, meet new friends, and finish out his degree with a bang. He just didn’t expect to fall in love along the way. Yuri Katsuki only applied because his friend forced him to. He’s just trying to get through the year, keep his head down and his grades up. Victor has other ideas. SO CUTE AND AMAZING!

Like a Fairytale by lucycamui, Teen, 69k (WIP)
In which Prince Victor gets swept off his feet at a royal banquet and will go to any length to find his ‘Cinderella’ Yuuri.
(And Phichit is the fairy godmother who has no idea what he’s doing). OH MY GOD THAT UPDATE I AM IN LOVE

the death of a bachelor by exile_wrath, Teen, 19k (WIP)
In which Victor is at the top of the (criminal) world, and ends up falling for the hot bartender that works at a Giacometti speakeasy. WOWOWOOW

Dancing in the Snow by Tiger_Millionare, Mature, 14k (WIP)
There were very few instances in Yuuri’s life he could say he felt fully satisfied with existence. He never really wanted to take over his parents inn, and even life as a merchant wasn’t nearly as satisfying as he’d expected. But that one day in the palace, not even day really, that one moment with the prince, Victor, was the only thing Yuuri had to define his whole world on.Sadly, Yuuri can’t live in the past, and commoners are far from worthy of muddling the presence of royalty. I reread this and am crossing my fingers for an update! :)

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

16.04.16 Easter! 🐤🥚🍫

16. one good piece of advice

And here I am revising anterior eye diseases. I’ve just gone through a super stressful week. I’m glad it’s over, but it’s left me feeling less than motivated to study. All this week I’ve been thinking things like “I’ll get it done in the end anyway” or feeling guilty when I’m not studying. Everyone has days like this, so anyone out there in this situation, don’t get stressed! *sends hugs* (っ´▽`)っ


Please see my #optomstudies tag or my study tips directory (web only) for the full list of study tips + see my kpop vocab lists + stationery + bujo spreads! ^_^

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anonymous asked:

Oooh, if you could, for the couples meme I would LOVE to see G with Swan Queen. If you're comfortable with nsfw I think I would die. Or just undies. Or clothes. Whichever. I'd love it either way. Preferably Regina on the bottom, but I'd accept whatever you're comfortable with. You're my favorite Swan Queen artist.

It’s super funny that the only asks I got about the couples meme was for pose G. 

That being said I COULDN’T NOT DO BOTH (also thank you so much - I don’t draw for SQ much anymore but I’m so thankful that people still follow me because of the art I’ve done).

Swan Queen had a super rough week. ;__; I feel like we all need a little joy. Heads and chins up, SQ. 

NSFW here 

Bilgewaters-shadows Meme


05.19.17 // went to school for the first time this week ;) was super tired!! here r some pictures of old itgs notes and a gelato place i went to yesterday with some buddies !!

currently listening to: Liebestraum no. 3 by Liszt

p.s. does anyone have any book recs??