To you who has been asked ‘Aren’t you too young to decide that?’.
To you who has been told ‘but you’ve never even had sex’.
To you who has had someone try to give you excuses.
To you who has been made to believe you don’t exist.

We exist.

We are valid.

We are here.

Here we are.

pearlrose week day 1: everyone is happy and nobody dies

2 cute mums love their small son!

I really like Liv but I’m so happy she has taken a back seat recently, during super soap week and even the Robron scenes at the hospital.

So much of their relationship has revolved around her literally from the day they got back together. She’s the reason the didn’t go to Barcelona, she’s the reason Robert almost ended up in jail, she’s the reason Robert couldn’t go to France with Aaron…

Like probably nine out of ten Robron scenes until recently have involved Liv somehow, either they’re talking about her or they get interrupted by her or SOMETHING.

It was as if they were immediately parents before they even had a chance to be a proper couple.

And I’m so happy that with everything that’s happened over the past ten days, from the original marriage talk/THAT KISS to where we are now, that she hasn’t been involved.

I think it’s been so important to see where Robron are as a couple without Liv’s influence in any way, for their conversations to be about *them*/their relationship and not her.

I’m glad that when her and Chas came to the hospital it was still very much about Robert and Aaron and it was still 100% focused on Robert’s worry. The scene where Liv said “you saved him”, and her calling after Rob as he rushed out was perfect, and the scene after Robert got the ring, with Chas and Liv trying to cheer him up, was even better.

But it was enough, those small moments were enough. This was Robron’s week/moment, nobody else’s, and I’m so happy Emmerdale stuck with that after months of Liv always being there making things difficult for them.

And this isn’t me bashing Liv, I do like her a lot and even though she was only in the last couple of eps briefly, I really loved how she was (her with the balloons, so cute!!)

I guess I’m just happy that ED focused on Robron the couple, not Robron the “co parents to a difficult teenager”. I think it was really important!

I went through the posts I made when I started on this school & it’s fun to see how things have changed, for example, two months ago I was a sobbing mess, & now I’m still a mess but I sob way less and I know how to ride a bike properly

Truthful Tuesday, fuck off

The fuck off factor is super high this week.

Can I just clear something up for you? If you are calling someone for some customer service and what you want to happen isn’t happening immediately, please refrain from saying “this is terrible customer service” unless you are actually getting bad service. It is not bad service because I can’t magically physically search a 10,000 sq foot warehouse. I can’t make that go any faster and you can fuck right off. You want bad service, I can give you bad fucking service. No I can’t because I need insurance and my shitty little paycheck but I will send a curse your way. Not my fault you don’t know I’m a witch. But really though I won’t curse you because negativity has a way of latching on and even though you will get some bad shit so will I and that’s not worth it. I’m not sending you good shit either. I’ll do nothing. I’ll continue to give you “bad customer service” you fucking bitch.

Damn. I’m not in a great mood.

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Honey, I hope you have a super awesome week :) filled with fandom stuff, cookies and cute puppies ❤❤❤❤

OH MY GOODNESS!!! YOU ARE THE SWEETEST LITTLE THING!! THIS MADE MY HEART SMILE And I was not having the greatest of days. It wasnt bad but it was good either ya know. I needed this though so thank you so much. (Also you get crowley fluff in a few so yay!!)

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