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Lmao can you imagine the mess that would be if BTS performed at the Super Bowl halftime show? I love their songs and whatnot, but girl, it would be one big confusing mess. Also BTS aren't any different from the rest of the boybands in Korea? They have social media impact, mostly twitter, but other than that nothing. YouTube records and Korean music show wins doesn't have any actual value internationally. This is almost as embarrassing as those petitions and posts to get GUCCI to sign Taehyung.

white ppl would say a lot of racist / fetishizing shit if they performed there but they’re adults so like they can ignore that like Black artists have been doing but really my issue is i can’t see bts putting on a good halftime performance. i love their stage presence but it’s not comparable to ppl like bruno mars or beyonce (who both need to perform again tbh).

as for tae, he’s too busy to be a model for a foreign company let him rest.


Just in case you missed Lady Gaga during the half time show:


Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was a masterful performance with subtle calls for inclusion

All eyes were on Lady Gaga heading into the 2017 Super Bowl. Following yet another week of protest and unrest in Donald Trump’s America, the world was waiting to see how divisive, how political, how “satanic” she would dare to be with everyone watching — and it wasn’t even close to Beyoncé’s Black Panthers nod at Super Bowl 50 or Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes speech.

She did exactly what she said she would: deliver a masterful performance while continuing to offer the same message of hope, compassion and inclusion she’s been making since day one. Read more