Moustache Moustache Moustache Moustache

Fan art of Vegeta of Dragonball Z/Super and TeamFourStar

Artist: Michael Volkwijn

Medium: Graphic Design, Typography, Calligraphy


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head cannon: bulla achieved super sayian hella young.

vegeta was babysitting her while bulma and trunks were out, and bulla was just sitting there in her diapers w a stern look on her face and vegeta is like ??? ok what is that makes you angered newborn??? and she keeps making the face for like a solid 10 mins and vegeta notices her ki going up and he get really excited like !!! yOU WANT TO FIGHT YOUNG ONe!!?? brING IT and bulla just BAM super sayian and vegeta’s Like HOLY FUCK OK but then she returns to normal and smiles at her daddy looking all happy.

vegeta is at first speechless but then he smells something horrible and he looks at bulla and just has the most strange look on his face bc his daughter at the age of 2 just turned super sayian to take a shit.