Here is my super talented, super handsome friend Michael Kohl laying down a take for the big musical number in Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Face the Music.

Be sure to check out his latest project Extra Lives (YouTube channel here). They do intricate covers of video game music, running the gamut of styles, my personal favorite being the Overworld Theme from Super Mario Bros. 2, not just because I love this piece of music, but because you really get a feel for just how intricate and funky it is when you hear it played live with minimal studio intrusion. Musicianship. Can’t beat it.

This is Tori a 4 year old tiel, calmed by having tissue paper over her body. She is a very angry and pissy bird (scared of hands) but she gladly sings to inanimate objects if they are brought up to her face and loves to repeat her name, sits on your shoulders for hours and engages “predator mode” every time my husband has food.
She can say “Where’s Mathew?” (my husband’s name), “Tori Tori Tori!”, a drawn out hello that sounds like “Henloooo”, sing the Super Mario Bros 2 overworld theme, do the wolf whistle, and “Watcha doin??”

She is super small for a cockatiel, with a bald spot, squinty eyes, little to no body dust.. screms when we leave the room and is an enormous hissburger.

But to us she is absolutely perfect <3 - @rottencanines

She is so precious and special!!! What a personality!! I love her!!