Tuesdays are reserved specifically for Sakura. It’s not that Asahina doesn’t spend most of her time with Sakura (she does!) but Tuesdays mean that she doesn’t have to divide up her time between several different people.

She has a small calender in her room. Each Tuesday is surrounded by a large heart, and she counts off the days until then. X’s cover her calender, each happily scribbled in just before she goes to bed.

The others occasionally ask why she does that, but she answers them with only a laugh and a wave of her hand.

Tuesday arrives much too slowly for her liking, and Asahina jumps out of bed just as the sun peeks over the horizon. She follows a morning routine optimized for time: five minutes to shower, five minutes to blowdry her hair, eight minutes to style her hair and dab on a tiny bit of mascara, and two minutes to get dressed.

When she opens her door to leave, Sakura is already standing there, waiting for her.

They get donuts and go swimming and eventually challenge each other to three rounds of basketball, and Asahina never stops smiling the entire time.

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aoi/sakura in a madoka magica au? :o

“You’re the best Magical Girl I’ve seen since arriving here, so why do you let your soul gem become so dirty despite all the witches you fight?” Kyubey asks, his head cocked just enough for blank eyes to stare at Sakura.

“Because,” she says, with a small smile, “there are many weaker than I who need the grief seeds more than I do.”

Asahina is out there, somewhere in town, fighting familiars with the same intensity Sakura goes after witches, and she’ll need the black ball in Sakura’s hands more than anyone else when she returns.