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hi, I'm hoping to launch my own webcomic soon, and I can't help but fall absolutely in love with the color aesthetic in your comic!! Would you mind sharing how you pick your colors and achieve such a good unifying color palette?

I made a new palette for Roach to use for the character flatting and it has a tiny bit of info regarding this!

Mostly, my biggest point is to fill the whole page with the colour you want your page to be (choosing the average saturation and tone you’re going for) and then. Hover around it. If you colour pick from some paintings you like (danish school is not great for this unless you want to do super high contrast– and if you do I’d definitely recommend looking up mike mignola) you’ll notice that the majority of colours laying next to one another are very similar in tone, even if one is registering light blue and the other a pale brown– I wouldn’t suggest using the colours you picked in a page since it will look odd, but it’s absolutely a great learning tool to understand what colours work. Todays page had a predominantly dark brownish purple, and all the colours were decided on based on how they looked on that bg. 

Also, my colour choices have gotten better as I did the comic (early blindsprings pages were VERY “tree trunks are brown and leaves are saturated green”) so as long as you’re thinking and learning, learning as you go is absolutely fine :) In the beginning pages, when I got to the night scene with all that green light I had NO idea how to deal with that. Now it’s old hat. 

It’ll come! 


MCU Challenge [2 of 3 Avengers | Steve Rogers // Captain America]

I’m just a kid from Brooklyn. 


Time to update the availability list! Unless otherwise noted, these babies have all fed at least 5 times and are ready to start looking for new homes. 

Baby 1: “Dirty,” 155-gram male Green Pastel. The best feeder of the group, he is reliably taking f/t fuzzy rats. Well-started and ready to go. $100 shipped!

Baby 2: “Elliott,” 193-gram male Green Pastel. Neat-looking kid, and chunky!  Feeding consistently on live or f/t rat fuzzies and ready to go. $100 shipped!

Baby 3: “Dotty,” 180-gram female Green Pastel. Lots of dorsal spots! Feeding consistently on live or f/t rat fuzzies and ready to go. $110 shipped!

Baby 4: “Spice,” 81-gram male Cinnamon. Pics 4 and 5. Super dark, high-contrast Cinny boy. Has fed 4 times on live hopper mice and rat fuzzies. I would like him to eat at least one more time before shipping. $50 + actual shipping cost. SOLD!

Send me a PM if you are interested in any of these babies, but be sure to read our ToS first! Thanks for looking. :)


Super high contrast lighting is a bummer. I suppose I probs could have fixed it with the Cinematic tools, but I’d rather show y’all the uglies so I’m not cheating anyone into downloading. 

This is still a WIP but it’s very close to done I think. The hair moves a lot on it’s own, so there are a few parts where hair cuts into itself, but it’s because of he head angle. 

Interesting and unintentional is that it doesn’t stick out so horribly when you hunch over. It is going to clip like all hell though. 

Tried to fix ear clipping, improved it from what it was, but didn’t succeed 100%

Also going to be available to EF and HF for sure. DF if I can not be lazy…no promises, but if that happens I’ll leave it open for people to port over on their own. 

…shown on elf male because I always start on an elf male and the hair just…did it’s own thing. Idk if I’ll release it for elf males though?