Forehead Jungkook


in the Hawke Estate Club, past the haze of cigar smoke and expensive perfume, there is a back room.

and if the redheaded doorman lets you in, you might have an audience with the three most powerful criminals in town


Beyond Perception is a very cool first person puzzler full of optical illusions and visual trickery, in which you explore mind bending artworks made up of solid blocks of color, with no shading.

As you explore the virtual museum of Beyond Perception, you can enter the artworks on display.  These artworks are beautiful super high contrast 3D spaces that require observation and spacial understanding to traverse.  It’s a unique experience that really makes you realise how important shading and perspective is for helping you understand 3D spaces.

Play Beyond Perception, Free (Win, Mac & Linux)


Time to update the availability list! Unless otherwise noted, these babies have all fed at least 5 times and are ready to start looking for new homes. 

Baby 1: “Dirty,” 155-gram male Green Pastel. The best feeder of the group, he is reliably taking f/t fuzzy rats. Well-started and ready to go. $100 shipped!

Baby 2: “Elliott,” 193-gram male Green Pastel. Neat-looking kid, and chunky!  Feeding consistently on live or f/t rat fuzzies and ready to go. $100 shipped!

Baby 3: “Dotty,” 180-gram female Green Pastel. Lots of dorsal spots! Feeding consistently on live or f/t rat fuzzies and ready to go. $110 shipped!

Baby 4: “Spice,” 81-gram male Cinnamon. Pics 4 and 5. Super dark, high-contrast Cinny boy. Has fed 4 times on live hopper mice and rat fuzzies. I would like him to eat at least one more time before shipping. $50 + actual shipping cost. SOLD!

Send me a PM if you are interested in any of these babies, but be sure to read our ToS first! Thanks for looking. :)

Morph: “Super Tangelo” aka High Contrast Tangerine Tremper Albino

Sex: Female, proven

Weight: 60 grams

Hatched by Ron Tremper in 2012

Price: $150

Comment: This girl is very sweet and calm and has some beautiful coloring. She was bought for $375 from Ron Tremper and she is a proven breeder, but I’ve never been able to successfully breed her nor see ovulations in the two years I’ve had her, so the price reflects that 

Please read terms of sale here!


Super high contrast lighting is a bummer. I suppose I probs could have fixed it with the Cinematic tools, but I’d rather show y’all the uglies so I’m not cheating anyone into downloading. 

This is still a WIP but it’s very close to done I think. The hair moves a lot on it’s own, so there are a few parts where hair cuts into itself, but it’s because of he head angle. 

Interesting and unintentional is that it doesn’t stick out so horribly when you hunch over. It is going to clip like all hell though. 

Tried to fix ear clipping, improved it from what it was, but didn’t succeed 100%

Also going to be available to EF and HF for sure. DF if I can not be lazy…no promises, but if that happens I’ll leave it open for people to port over on their own. 

…shown on elf male because I always start on an elf male and the hair just…did it’s own thing. Idk if I’ll release it for elf males though?