So I recently got my ultralight wheelchair and smart drive. And in the smart drive like, product video it shows this guy zipping through the grocery store with wheelchair and smart drive and so today I was like “I gotta try that!!!”.

So I was grocery shopping and testing this out, and it was working super well!! So I’m just zooming around the store doing my shopping with my wheelchair and grocery cart and wearing my little mermaid fishscale tights. Because they’re awesome and my favorite and when I sit in the enterprise which is the name of my wheelchair, the little seashells on my knee show up. And I’m going to point out at this point in the story that I have been approached by full grown adults asking me if they were tattoos, so yeah these tights make it look like I’ve got some scales going on.

And then there was this kid in a bright pink Minnie Mouse dress who was staring at me. And I mean SERIOUSLY STARING to the point where the kid was lagging way behind the accompanying adults. And so like, I look little Minnie Mouse straight in the eye, whisper “mermaids really can’t walk that well you know” and wink at the kid. This kid’s eyes get like SUPER HUGE and then suddenly the kid goes tearing around the corner presumably to find those accompanying adults and I’m still cracking up nearly an hour later. It totally made my day omg.

Let’s all remember that there’s not a super strong “happy ending” to Dear Evan Hansen. There’s not a sad ending either. It’s just… left there. As if life continues on. As if relationships still continue to heal. As if people continue to change. It adds an element of continuity to the plot. While some resolutions are found, for the most part, it’s up to the audience to continue the story in their mind. 

And that’s a beautiful part of theatre that I really enjoy.

RFA asking MC out for Valentine’s Day

I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date. Whoops. @mysnnyla asked for some headcanons about RFA asking MC out for Valentine’s Day. Some of the actual asking is, er…loosely interpreted. I meant to have this out by Tuesday but, again, whoops.

I absolutely adored the Valentine’s Day DLC and everyone who can should go play it! These are completely separate from that, so no DLC spoilers. ^^

Requests are open.~


  • he’s been planning this for a while
  • been dropping hints like crazy for a while too
  • but the date is approaching fast and he still hasn’t mentioned Valentine’s Day explicitly?
  • like what are you waiting for here, dude, ask already
  • finally it comes around and you’re lowkey upset
    • “Guess I am spending Valentine’s Day alone again…”
  • then your doorbell rings who in the world is coming at 8 am
  • he’s there, dressed in a white suit with a drozen red roses
  • music playing
  • then he starts to serenade you
  • you practically squeal once he’s done, but you hide it well or…not so well
    • “I was about to be really mad. Hmph.”
    • “I know. You’re so cute when you’re flustered, I couldn’t help it.”


  • okay this boy
  • it’s not Valentine’s Day
  • it’s Valentine’s week
  • he spoils you more than usual all week
  • doesn’t play LOLOL at all, he’s spending all his free time with you
  • you’re loving every second of it you just adore each other so much
  • the day before, he brings home flowers and sets up a little indoor picnic for the two of you, lit by candles
  • when you get there he’s acting super nervous
  • face gets really red
    • “MC will you celebrate Valentine’s Day with me tomorrow?”
  • you laugh, give him a kiss on the cheek how is he so cute
    • “Of course, silly. But isn’t that what we’ve been doing all week?”
  • he’s already got the whole thing planned out in his head ofc


  • Valentine’s Day is a really big day for bakeries
  • you two are pretty busy the whole week leading up to it
  • but she is not about to miss spending the evening with you
  • a few weeks before, she had brought it up, surprising you
    • “MC, what do you think about closing early on Valentine’s Day and going out somewhere nice?”
    • “Really?? I mean I’d love that, of course!”
  • you took a bit to get over your surprise but you were super happy so was she
  • ends up confessing that she’d had the reservations for you two booked for months
  • like even the person who took the reservation teased her a bit
  • but you loved it
  • she hums under her breath all day Valentine’s Day bc she is so happy to be going on an actual date with you that night


  • tbh he doesn’t even ask
  • why should he?
  • of course you’re spending Valentine’s Day with him and Elizabeth the 3rd
  • bc isn’t that what couples do? he’s pretty sure anyway
  • but until the day of he doesn’t really mention it
  • he assumes you know he hasn’t forgotten so there’s no reason to mention it
  • finally you end up asking him
    • “Jumin, do you know what day it is tomorrow?”
    • “Yes, it’s Tuesday. Why?” he’s either an idiot or a jerk at this point, no in between
  • you go to bed a little frustrated tbh
  • but when you wake up, it’s to the smell of breakfast in bed
  • then you look around and there’s flowers everywhere
  • it takes a minute for your brain to catch up
  • he kisses your forehead
    • “Strawberry pancakes, my love. Just like that first morning.”
    • “You’re quite cute when you’re confused. You should eat and put on the outfit I’ve bought you. We have quite a full day planned.”


  • as Valentine’s Day approaches, the gifts start rolling in
  • all of them made by him
  • (and all of them doubling as weapons)
  • (just in case)
  • on Valentine’s Day he installs an app on your phone when you look away
  • that takes over your screen every few hours with bad pickup lines and Valentine’s Day memes
    • “Is your name google? Because you have everything I’m searching for.”
    • “You remind me of my pinky toe. You’re small and cute and I’m probably going to bang you against the coffee table later tonight.”
    • “Baby you turn my floppy disk into a hard drive.”
  • and since you’re together he’s right there every time it happens and he loves you laughing at his dumb jokes you always did just get him
  • around dinnertime, the app takes over again and you notice him start to kind of blush from the corner of your eye
    • “My hair is red, cats make Zen sneeze, my Six Oh Six, stay the night with me please?”
  • when you say yes, he takes you out to a picnic he had set up out under the stars okay the ‘picnic’ is honey buddha chips and doctor pepper but it’s the thought that counts

After we saw the super adorable animated short ‘In a Heartbeat’, we knew we really wanted to do something with the story! Because we don’t live in an animated world we couldn’t do everything exactly the same BUT we’re super happy with the end result, and we hope you are too ! ♡



Chapter 1
I’m interested
Take a quick look and go home

Chapter 2
Take him up on it
Act delighted

Chapter 3
What does the owner think?
I’m counting on you

Chapter 4
Watch him go quietly
You could give a girl ideas

Chapter 5
You do nice things for me
Tell him to wait

Chapter 6
No, let me
You’re right

Chapter 7
(Now I want to see you cry)
Tease him

Chapter 8
Tell him
Get back at him

Chapter 9
Of course you can
Make something

Chapter 10
Let him
I like looking with you

Chapter 11
Squeeze back
I feel the same

Chapter 12
Maybe next time

Chapter 13
Watch him
Follow him

Chapter 14
Deny it casually
You take it

Chapter 15
I’ll be sure to go
I’ll wait

Chapter 16
Why bring him up?
Are you sure about this? 

I don’t want to miss you (Newt x Reader) PART 1

Requested by anon:  Hey! Can you write an imagine where Newt and reader had an argument and in heat of the moment he said something really hurtful which made her walk out on him? And then maybe Grindelwald is kidnapping her as a bait for Newt and he comes for the rescue after which they make up and fluff? So basically like hella angsty in the begging and then super fluffy happy ending!😊♥️

I really wrote a lot so I had to slipt it up. Here’s PART 1! Enjoy!

Pairing: Newt Scamander x reader


“Can I help you?”

You stood behind Newt who was preparing some food. He had rescued three occamy-babys from an black marketeer last week. The little creatures needed good care and attention which Newt was willingly to give. At the same time he had also adopted a new creature. He studied the foreign species and nourished it, doing all this while working on his manuscript.

“No need, thanks”, the magizoologist mumbled, preoccupied.

You nodded to yourself, leaving the case by climbing up the ladder. You looked around in your shared apartment in London. There’s was nothing you could do, you’ve already cleaned every room.

You went to the bedroom, letting yourself fall on the soft mattress. A sigh escaped your lips. You turned on your left shoulder to face the empty space where Newt used to sleep.

The last time you two shared a bed was 2 months ago. Since then, Newt has been working non stop on his book. He luckily found a publisher, but the deadline they gave him was ridiculous. “I have no choice, Y/N”, he had said back then, “they are the only company that are willing to publish my book!

You snorted at the memory. You admired your boyfriend’s passion and ambition, but he took it too far. He never left his case, he would work from morning till evening or all night long, you couldn’t tell. You brought him tee and food and every time you saw him your heart broke.

Newt looked worse each day, exhaustion drawn on his face. He had dark circles, sunken cheeks and the glow in his eyes was long gone. You were worried about his well-beeing, but you there was nothing you could do… Nothing to get him away from work, even for a few seconds. Absolutly nothing you could…

“Wait…”, you said out loud, jumping out of bed and sprinted to Newt’s room.

You had an idea! Why on earth didn’t you think about that in the first place?

You looked for something in perticular, searching all the drawers and bookshelves until you found it: a small brown leather notebook. A victorious smile formed on your lips.


Newts soft voice appeared behind you, causing you to spin around and hiding the found object behind your back. You gave him a nervous smile.

“Yes?”, you responded innocently and Newt just walked next to you, looking for some papers on his desk.

It seemed he was too engaged in his thoughts to wonder what you were doing in his room. Your eyes studies his face. The dark circles got even darker.

“Darling…” Your hand caressed his shoulder in a soothing way. Oh, how you’ve missed touching him.

“Hm?”, Newt just hummed, collecting a few papers.

You bit your lower lip, intensifying the pressure of your hand and began to massage up his neck. You pressed your body against his back to reveal your intentions, just the scent of him made your inner thighs clench in anticipation. But Newt stepped back.

“Y/N, no! You know I can’t.” You crossed your arms, trying your best to hide the book.

“You can’t or you don’t want to?”, you snaped back, causing Newt to roll his eyes.

You waited for an answer, tipping aggressively your finger against your arm. Newt sensed your frustration, observing you through his messy fringe as if you were one of his creatures. A dangerous creature.

“Please, you know that I have work to do. I don’t have time for… that”, the wizard defended himself. He locked his gaze to the ground, somewhat feeling embarressed for turning you down.

“I know…”, you sighed, the anger now replaced by sadness and Netw took notice of that.

He stepped in front you, waiting until you raised your head to meet his eyes.

He then squeezed your hand firmly and offered you a weak smile before he left you, disappearing into his case for the rest of the evening.

“No… leave him alone…! No, NO!!”

You tore your eyes open, panting heavily as you realized it was just another nightmare.

“Jesus…” You sat up in your bed, wiping the tears away.

It was nothing unusual. Since you got to know that Grindelwald had esccaped from the Macusa, the same nightmare terrorised you almost every night.

It ended with Newt beeing killed and there was nothing you could do to stop Grindelwald, because you were a Muggle as the magizoologist liked to call you.

You tried to calm down, but it was sheer impossible in the dead of the night. So you decided to climb inside the case, seeking for your boyfriend’s comfort.

You weren’t surprised to see a dimmed light in his room. Newt sat at his desk, wrting on his manuscript.

“Newt…”, you whispered, your voice raspy from your sleep and crying.

A sight escaped Newt, but you tip toed behind his back, hugging him.

Suddenly the wizard jumped from his chair, freeing himself from your grip. You stumbled back but caught your balance in time, looking at him puzzled and hurt.

“Y/N, please, for once and for all: I need time for work!”

You were taken aback by the Hufflepuff’s harsh tone and it made you tear up again.

“I just want to see you, is that too much to ask for?”, you sobbed and Newt ran his hands through his reddish hair, massaging his temples afterwards in a frustrating way.

“No, love, no! But all I ask for you is to give me the time I need to finish my book!”

“But I miss you, Newt! I never see you!”

He fumbled with his hands between the two of you. “You see me right know!” You scoffed.

“Newt, that’s not what I mean! I miss beeing in a relationship with you, touching you, talking to you, laughing with you…”

“I don’t…-!”, Newt was interrupted by sharp loud squeaking noises.

The occamy-babys have woken up. He turned his head to their direction and looked back to you. Newt was torn between his creatures and you, hovering on his spot, but then he made a decision.

He turned his back and walked away. “Coming! Mummy’s coming!”, you heard his faint voice.

You stood there for a while, pulling yourself together before you returned to the apartment.

Newt had chosen his creatures over you, but you were not willing to give up on him.

You opened the notebook that you took from Newt’s room and it wasn’t long until you found it: a telephone number.

You grapped the receiver, tipping in the number with trembling hands.

Your heart was beating fast. This idea had to work. You had to take care of Newt.

You bit nervously on your lower lip until someone took up.


You smiled. It was Queenie.

“I’m so thankul and I really appreciate your help”, you announced in front of the small group. Tina, Queenie and Jacob gave you a warm smile.

“Sure thing, honey. How could we not? It’s about Newt”, Queenie said in her typical tuneful voice, making you feel sure about the whole thing.

You’ve decided to invite the trio over to London in hope to get Newt out of his case, enjoying some quality time with his friends.

It was evening and you’ve prepared a nice dinner together with the Goldtsein sisters. Jacob had baked some pastries for desserts. The whole apartment smeeled delicious and inviting.

You couldn’t remember the last time when Newt and you cooked and ate a meal together…

Queenie read your mind and put a hand on your shoulder. “It’s gonna be okay, don’t worry…”, she whispered and you smiled. “Thank you, Queenie.”

The food and plates were neatly placed on the table, a faint jazz melody was playing in the background. You lit the last candle on and finally eyed your work.

You were impressed by it.

“Well, I think you should tell your man about his luck”, Jacob suggested, an amused grin on his lips. You nodded and excused yourself. You walked inside your bedroom and opened the case.

You took a deep breath and tugged your hair behind your eyes before you stepped with your foot inside it.

Newt sat on his table, of course, wrtiting furiously on some paper. But this time he noticed your presence right away. He turned his head to you, eyes wide, then they turned soft as he stood up.

“Y/N, love…”, he rushed over to you and embraced your body firmly.

You were surprised by his behaviour. “N-Newt?”, you asked carefully, but the wizard just sighed , burring his nose in the strands of your soft hair.

“I’m sorry for yesterday, I said some ugly things that were inappropiate and I didn’t mean it and and… and I don’t want to lo…-”, Newt stumbled over his own words but you suhsed him by pressing your finger on his lips. He stared at you, his full attention on your next words.

“Newt, it’s okay. I understand that you are stressed, but I’ve got a surprise for you and I would like you to come up with me”, you explained

You could see a curious glint in his eyes, but gis gaze drifted behind you.

The magizoologist had to take care for his new adopted creature, it needed extra care due to his new surroundings and companions. But at the same time he didn’t want to ruin your concilitation.

So Newt nodded and grabbed your hand as the two of you left his case.

Barely out of Newt’s world, you guided him to the living-room while Newt laughed about your child-like excitement.

“Close your eyes”, you commanded as you stood in front of the door. “What?” You rolled your eyes, positioning yourself behind your boyfriend to cover his eyes with your hands.

“Open the door” You giggled as Newt tried to grab the door knoob blindfolded, but he succeeded and you both stepped in.

Tina, Queenie and Jacob behaved quietly as they tried their best not to laugh.

You pulled your hands away. “Open your eyes!”

Newt did as he was told, his eyes falling on his friends who cheered and threw their arms in the air. “Surprise!”, they yelled synchronously and walked to the puzzled wizard.

Newt didn’t say anything, his eyes still wide in confusion, but when Jacob gave him a friendly hug the Hufflepuff got back to his senses.

“W-What are you… doing here?”, he simply asked, letting himself hugged by Tina.

“Visiting you of course!”, she spoke for their group and Queenie was the next to give him a warm squueze. Newt was obviously overwhelmed by the whole situation, not able to form another sentence.

The evening didn’t go as you planned. You could see that Newt wasn’t enoying himself at all. In fact, he didn’t talk much during dinner, his eyes locked on his plate. You observed him while chatting with your guests and friends, but you saw how Newt’s expression got darker.

Queenie and you took the dirty dishes to the kitchen and from the corner of your eyes you saw Newt standing in front of the window, a glas of whisky in his hand that Jacob had poured him. He was standing still, the attempts of the bakery to start a conversation with his fellow friend unseccessful.

Then, Newt placed his glas on the table. “Excuse me”, he mumbled and rushed out of the room. Everybody watched him dissapearing and you knew where he went. You were angry. How could he behave like that? Even in front if his friends who traveled from New York to London just to see him.

“I’m so sorry”, you apologized, but Tina smiled. “It’s okay. Go after him”, she encouraged you and you nodded, leaving the group behind.

As you excpected the magizoologist was inside of his beloved case. You stamped on the wooden floor of his shed.

“Care to explain me this rude behaviour of yours?!”, you confronted him, but Newt didn’t turn around, he busyed himself with choping meat.

“Newt!”, you yelled at him, your patience far gone. That’s when he spun around and faced you with the most angriest expressen you’ve ever seen on him.

“I though you would understand me, Y/N!”

“I do!”

“No, you don’t! If you would then Tina, Queenie and Jacob wouldn’t be here!”

You tried to calm down, your body already shaking of rage. “I did it for you, I though it qould be a nice break for you to see your friends again! Get your mind free and..-”

Newt motioned you to shut up by his raised hand, his eyes were closed and his eyebrows knitted on his normally smooth freckled skin. He was trying hard to not explode.

“Y/N, what I need is time for work and not a stupid party”, he said through gritted theeth.

“Stupid party…?”, you repeated his words affected. “This STUPID party with your friends was supposed to help you!”

“I didn’t asked for that so don’t blame this on me!”, Newt hissed as he pointed up, gesturing to your visit.

“You know excatly that I can’t afford myself this much free time, I have a new creature to take care of and you forced me to stay up there with you! I do not see in any way how that was supposed to help me rather to stress me out even more!”

You pressed your lips into a thin line, fighting back the tears as Newt’s harsh words hitted you.

“So I’m a millstone round your neck?”, you asked, your vision becoming blurry due to the tears but you wanted to keep up your pride.

Newt seemed to hesitate. “Yes… Yes you are indeed”, he confirmed and you twitched a little.

He eyed you, waiting for you to say something, but when you didn’t he simply turned around and kept choping the meat.

“I have a lot of responsibility to take, but I assume you don’t know much about that…”, he mumbled to himself but you heard every single word.

He said it. You never thought that he would say it out loud, but here was the proof. The worst scenario you’d always imagined in your darkest times went true: Newt got tired of you. And by now he probably hated you. It was never your intention that he neglected his creature, you just wanted the best for him. But apparently you’ve choosen the wrong way…

“I see”, you whispered, tears streaming down your face because you didn’t hold back anymore. You’ve already lost.

“I wish you all the best for your life, Newt Scamander. I hope you will be finally happy without me”, you hissed and fled out of his case. For the last time…

You could hear Newt’s swearing far behind you. With all of your strength you threw the lit shut, stumbling out into the living-room just to get to the apartment-door.

“Y/N? What happened?”, Tina asked worried and stood up from her spot, but you didn’t pay attention to her. You needed fresh air, you just needed to get out of here, you couldn’t take it anymore.

You grapped your coat before you left the apartment, sprinting down the stairs. The cold night air mixed with your wet tears, making you shiver. But it didn’t stop you running. You had no destiny though, but you didn’t need one.

Newt hated you and now there was no one you could return to.

The streets of London were empty, everyone was sleeping peacfuly or spent a lovely evening with their friends and families.  You were thankful for the desertion.

You came to a hault after a while, your body telling you to take a rest. You panted and leaned against a wall. You then started to inspect your surroundings. You were in a rather dark alley, there were no street lights and you had no idea where you were.

Then, there were footsteps behind you. Far in the distance, but moving straight towards you.

Your body froze and you couldn’t move a single muscle. Your eyes widened.

“Well, who do we have here?”

You knew this voice. This dark and scary voice, the voice of a man that you were most afraid of. And now he was right behind you. The most wanted wizward in the world.




NOTE: I take requests! So send me some if you like :)

I had like… The realest dream..

I was watching Pitch Perfect 3 and they didn’t give us Bechloe. So I moved to L.A.. I was writing a script of two friends who meet at college, the one girl gets a boyfriend, the other is hopelessly and to no avail in love with her friend. Or so it seems. After 3 years, Girl A breaks up with her boyfriend and Girl B is like super happy. And towards the end of the movie, the feels between the two get more and more intense until they kiss and live happily ever after. Under the excuse of me needing actresses who portray this on screen love with a chemistry you can’t just get, I casted Britt and Anna. When the day came where we shot the kissing scene I told Britt and Anna to put everything they’ve got and what they think is good into that scene. Needless to say, everybody was moved after we shot the scene. When the trailer dropped and the date of the movie release was coming closer, I was dropping more and more subtle hints that this movie was for the Bechloe fans, and on the day it aired I just tweeted “This movie was created out of spite. This one’s for you, Bechloe fans.”

I should really do it if Bechloe isn’t canon lmao

Alright, so here’s my wishlist of things I’d like in TAZ by the end. I’m on episode 61 now, so I’m really making that end game! No spoilers please.

  1. Magnus gets a dog
  2. Tacos (although I discussed this a little so I know it’s coming I just don’t know it what way)
  3. Killian and Carey get maaaarried! (Which I did encounter spoilers but I still want it!)
  4. Taako and Kravitz date, like, officially, and not just a weird death meeting while drinking wine, you feel?
  5. LUP!!! Just… LUP!
  6. We get one of those epilogues where we see everyone years later and how they’re doing and we get to see ANGUS MCDONALD MAN DETECTIVE!
  7. Merle making things right with his family in a touching moment
  8. We explore our plain of existence
  9. I want Griffin and the boys to make me cry like I haven’t cried before listening to TAZ! I know I probably will but…
  10. Lucrecia makes things right in the BOB.
  11. I want more backstories of Magnus being happy with Julia, Taako with Lup, and I want something touching with Merle and Pan.
  12. For the characters who don’t die, I want like, a SUPER happy ending for them!

anonymous asked:

can you write a trimberly fic where they're already dating and during an argument one of them says something hurtful, but doesn't realize it cause of how mad she is and the other just gets kind of quiet because she's actually really hurt? super angsty with a happy ending?

Thanks for the prompt!

Kimberly is well aware that her walking personification of an angry cat girlfriend is actually the softest softy to ever soft, and while the other girl mostly keeps to herself, there are various moments when she just drives Kimberly up the wall. She hates when the other woman leaves her dirty clothes all over the bathroom floor, hates when she doesn’t pick up after herself and she ends up tripping over gadgets the Latina steals from Billy’s lab without his knowing, hates that she’s always leaving empty water bottles on the kitchen counter or on the coffee table, and she hates when Trini blasts music while she paints in their apartment on the nights before Kimberly has a big exam. It makes her groan in frustration as she glares down at her notes, reading the same line at least three times before understanding the first half of the sentence.

Keep reading





Chapter 1
You can’t boss me around like this!
What are you doing in here?

Chapter 2
Use your imagination!
You’re actually a pretty good driver!

Chapter 3
Glare at him
I wanted to demonstrate good faith

Chapter 4
Why me..?
First introduce yourself

Chapter 5
It’s just not like you
He’s a regular at the bar

Chapter 6
What a shame that I’m not sleepy
Look… come on, cheer up!

Chapter 7
I hope we meet him again
Wait for Asahi’s move

Chapter 8
You? Thanking me?…
I guess you’re scared, is that it?…

Chapter 9
Sounds like fun, I guess…
You should thank them

Chapter 10
I’m just happy
Greet him with a smile

Chapter 11
…I can’t talk about it now
Don’t joke at a time like this!

Chapter 12
It’s NOT too late!
I keep crying and I can’t control it


Chapter 1
Who’s already home supposed to give the kiss?
No, Asahi, you haven’t changed a bit

Chapter 2
Uhm, I was saving seats for my friends…
(It’s not polite to lie right down after eating, right?) 

Chapter 3
That’s just kind of how things turned out…
I guess when I eat like this, it’s vulgar, isn’t it? 

Chapter 4
I’ll do my best…
Because Kitamura is always so well-spoken

Chapter 5
You know you’re wasting your time, right?
That comparison would be presumptuous

Chapter 6
I’m sure he didn’t betray me…
(I can’t answer that. I just can’t.) 

Chapter 7
Uncle, I… I do want to trust Asahi
Yes… I’ll do my best

ABO Fic Rec List

In honor of ABO Appreciation day I am doing a NEW ABO Fic Rec List! You can check out the Original ABO Fic Rec List here. So if it was included in that one, it won’t be on this one.

Just a disclaimer for all my reader insert buddies: I have been having some “issues” with reader inserts as of late so this list will be ships only. (Again, Destiel is my OTP so the list is 100% that this time) Sometimes I like some pretty ‘weird’ shit and YMMV, so always heed the tags on these. But they all have happy endings as that’s what I like in a fic! (The show gives us enough unhappy endings and cliffhangers, I just want my boys to be happy! Is that too much to ask?)

It’s my list so I can start with me! Check out my new fic Bringing Home the Bacon with art by @vinnie-cha for @deancastielbigbang

Omega Dean was doing just fine. He had an apartment, a good job, and a great family. But he didn’t have an alpha. When Castiel starts as his company’s new CEO everything changes. Alpha Cas becomes family, and Dean takes care of his family.

ABO office AU with Fluff, Smut and a happy ending

Also check out my short fic The Billionaire’s Pregnant Mistress for @destielharlequinchallenge

Lingerie Model Dean is pregnant with his Billionaire’s Alpha’s pup and he doesn’t know what to do. They just broke up and he doesn’t want to be where he’s not wanted.

Spoiler Alert: Happy Ending and minimal angst.

Gravity vs Velocity by PaperAnn @paperannxo

Newton’s law of universal gravitation states that any two bodies in the universe attract each other with a force that is directly proportional to the product of their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between the two bodies.

Dean swears he feels an honest-to-goodness gravity (not any scent-true-mates-bullshit) pulling him to a mysterious omega and makes the worst mistake of his career… he only has one thing to say…

Fuck science.

Dean is a detective and Cas is part of a mob family. They get in and out of a lot of trouble together. A must read!

A Story for Every Corner by thepinupchemist  @scarlettshazam

Dean’s a late bloomer. When he presents as an omega, everyone is surprised, and everything changes. Only a few months into omegahood, Dean decides to book it. A couple of truck rides and a state later, Dean’s in Apple Springs, Colorado at a bed & breakfast called The Snoozing Squirrel. The off-beat omega owner is just the beginning.

The hard part is the offbeat brother of the offbeat omega, an alpha named Castiel.

Gabe is the best, and I really love him in this fic.

For Science! by pm_lo

Selected transcripts and supporting materials from Dr. Castiel Williams and Dean Winchester’s seminal study on physiological and psychological sexual response by gender designation.

This is a crossover of Supernatural and Masters of Sex, it doesn’t use any characters from Masters of Sex, just the plot and the whole set up so you don’t need to know anything about Masters of Sex to enjoy it. It is written very differently than most fanfic (it’s not lying when it says “transcripts”) but it’s totally worth a read! (And go watch Masters of Sex! It’s important sexual history!)

Arranged by Miss_Lv @the-miss-lv

Dean Winchester is the omega chosen to marry Castiel’s son. The arranged marriage is as awkward and lackluster has Castiel expected it would be.

What he didn’t expect was what would develop between himself and his new son-in-law.

So I think this one qualifies as ‘weird’ but I’ve read it at least 4 times and love it. Don’t let the infidelity bother you as (*SPOILER*) Dean never has a relationship with Castiel’s son and only has a sexual relationship with Cas.

Obsession by Miss_Lv

SPN kink meme: Castiel is John’s friend and becomes fixated with his son Dean. The main thing is that as Castiel spirals into obsession Dean isn’t scared but rather likes it and encourages it.

Big age difference, but Dean knows what he wants and that is Cas. Very different way of mating.

A Hole in the World by AnnelieseMichel

Dean Winchester never wanted to go home again. Going back to Lawrence meant people who knew what he was, who didn’t buy into the lie. But with a tragic accident, he’s back and dealing with the death of his father, the social stigma and objectification of being an out Omega, and the lingering aftermath of a long-ago crime.

This is a super long fic with lots of sexual violence against omegas. About halfway through the tone really changes and it gets super political. So if you like you ABO with a good helping of civil rights, this is the fic for you!

Take On Me by Powerfulweak

Alpha Dean Winchester figured the closest he’d get to the apple pie life and fatherhood was a one-shot, “wham-bam-thank-you-mam” trip to a sperm bank. That is, until he comes face-to-face with the omega carrying his pup on a fateful trip to the grocery store. When the the omega runs off without a word, though, Dean learns the situation is far more complicated than he expected. Can an anonymous sperm donation and the favor of a lifetime help two complete strangers find everything their life was missing?

Super cute hijinks and happy ending. What more can you want?

Violator by MooseFeels

Dean’s fifteen, and his knot doesn’t pop. Part 1 of Revelation

You need to read the entire series, not just the first one. It starts out dark (and Dean has a lot of issues to work through) but it has a happy ending.

No Righteous Path by jupiter_james @jupiterjames

On his 40th birthday, Dean Winchester suddenly begins to worry that he may have lost his chance for a real mate. He’s been so focused on his business as a 24-hour roofing and repairman, that he’s never taken the time to date properly, or even make any lasting friendships outside of his family. Beginning in their late 30’s, alphas and omegas start to lose their mating and bonding hormones, making it more difficult - and often impossible - to mate or bond with anyone past a certain age. But as a modern Alpha, Dean would be content with a companion, at least. Blood bonds aren’t the be-all, end-all. However, after a late night emergency roofing repair call from Castiel Novak, Omega, Dean starts to hope. Yearn. The only hangup is that Castiel admits to being as old-fashioned as the books he teaches. Nervous to go against his religious upbringing by being with someone who he can’t bond properly, as alphas and omegas are intended to do. But he can’t deny his attraction to Dean, and despite his sensibilities, he thinks that, just maybe, he can change for the man he’s falling in love with.

Totally LOVE this fic! Super fluffy and has a happy ending!! All the (totally necessary for plot) angst gets resolved. Its everything you (ok fine, *I*) could want in a fic. (GIVE ME ALL THE FLUFFY ABO SMUT LONG FICS!!!)

Mulder and Scully by teller_of_tales_and_hero_of_songs

Castiel Novak is an undercover FBI agent working to take down a white collar criminal named Azazel, but Castiel finds himself way out of his depths when the case takes a dangerous turn and Azazel gets involved in an omega trafficking deal. With the help of an OPA agent named Dean, the Bureau and the Omega Protection Agency take down Azazel and his seller, Dick Roman.

As it turns out, that case wasn’t the last Castiel would see of Dean Winchester, and it isn’t long at all before Castiel finds himself falling in love with the fiery, strong-willed omega.

Dean is quite the kickass Omega. This story is really good, and it has THE BEST first “I love you”s that I have ever read in any fic. I still laugh thinking about it!

Best Laid Plans by Persephoneshadow @ibelieveinthelittletreetopper

Things are going well for Dean: he’s landed the biggest design job of his architectural career and is about to get final approval on the project despite how difficult the development company, personified by Castiel Novak, has made it. It’s not bad for a moody omega…except things are also going terribly for Dean because he has to get in a plane and fly to a meeting, and course ends up in heat a few hours before. Luckily, Castiel is there to help and both men discover the good that can come when nothing goes quite as intended.

This fic is great! Dean and Cas work together but don’t meet in person until Dean has to travel for a meeting.

Get Knocked Down, Get Back Up by Unforth @unforth-ninawaters

With an over-sensitive sense of smell, omega Dean Winchester finds the scent of most potential mates to be, frankly, nauseating. Enter alpha Castiel, who smells fracken *perfect* but has problems of his own.

As someone who in general finds most fake scents awful instead of pleasing I kinda relate to this. If my sense of smell was as good as most ABO fics I could totally see Dean being me. I love how unforth plays with sexuality and gender expectations in her fics.

Like Cats and Dogs by sweetdean

Dean Winchester, Alpha, lead Hunter for the Pack, is in need of a mate. His wolf is out of control, he’s on edge, and nothing seems to be doing the trick. Dean is convinced that he’ll never find a mate, but when the Pack’s Council forces him to figure it out before he ends up going rogue, Dean doesn’t have much of a choice. Problem is, Dean isn’t interested in what the members of his pack have to offer; and that means looking elsewhere.

Dean knew his mate would have to be different. He just didn’t know what “different” would really mean, and how “different” would bring his whole world crashing down on top of him.

I love werewolves! And this has a lot of weres in it!

Caribbean Wonderland by LittleAngelCassie

Dean Winchester has spent his life working towards his dream: to teach and care for omega students. But a genetic mutation from birth has kept him from his field of choice. After years of hiding under the protection of his Uncle Bobby and his younger brother Sam, Dean has finally been given a chance.

He accepts the position to care for a young orphan who needs more than just a teacher but also a fellow omega to help her traverse the changes ahead. There is always a hitch, however, and in Dean’s case it’s a hot billionaire alpha with piercing blue eyes. This remote island paradise has the opportunity to give Dean everything he’s wanted, but will he be able to rise above his own fears and the stigmas associated with his unique biological designation?

Throw away what you know about alpha/ beta/ omega dynamics because this is a brand new adventure in wonderland.

So this one is really great and it has a “new” gender designation within ABO. Super original and I totally love it.

Gray Matter by PaperAnn

It should have been a night like any other night, but for Dean Winchester this evening was different.

Tonight was his last on Earth.

The omega finally snapped; the weight of his kills moonlighting as an assassin were too heavy to carry. So he decided to set out to numb the pain with whiskey and the white noise of whatever seedy bar he randomly ambled into. Although he’d intended to drown his sorrows alone, a bold alpha (who introduced himself as Castiel) wormed his way into his party-for-one, but more importantly: his story.

After brazenly announcing that Dean’s plan to shoot himself in the head was “unoriginal,” the alpha lured him out into the bar to prove there are much more interesting and creative ways to go.

A bizarre, deranged game turns into a night of passion, and leads Dean into introspective questions he never would’ve asked before. Maybe everything wasn’t as black and white as he thought, maybe there’s more to his own story that he, himself, didn’t even know. The stupid fucking alpha had transformed his world into shades of gray and made him doubt everything.

You need a dark sense of humor for this one, but if you have that, this is fantastic!

Naruto manga ending

After thinking about the naruto manga ending yesterday, some sad idea crossed my mind. What if Naruto is more like Yuri Kuma Arashi, in terms of criticizing japanese societys treatment of homosexuality. Im not japanese, nor am I an expert; there are tons of things I cant see in the manga cause of cultural differences, so these are just some loose speculations.

Its quite clear that Kishimoto has based Naruto on some things in his life. His bond with his twin-brother ( brotherly love is a often used motive) his admiration for his highschool crush (idealizing Sasuke; Sasukes character is based on that highshool classmate guy, Narutos love for Sasuke- Naruto is Kishimoto himself)

Other motives are; the village system( shinobi are expected to be emotionless tools for the villages sake) thats the main theme of Naruto, next to the story of Naruto and Sasukes relationship.

And theres “my ninja way”(every single one shinobi has his own ideals about beeing a ninja; its like trying to connect ones individuality with the villages “shinobi ideal”)

Its pretty clear that Naruto and Sasuke love each other. Yet they dont get together in the super happy bubbly ending we got.

The easiest thing to see it would be to change the gender of one of them; the romance is so fucking visible, that each of them marrying anothe person without any explanation is pure bullshit.

So, why did we get this bullshit ending? Why is there this big hole of many years, where Sasuke fell in love and married Sakura, and Naruto got together with Hinata?

Because this hole + the last chapter is the silent true ending of the story.

My theory is; Naruto didnt change the village system as much as he wanted. He lost in one point.

Naruto and Sasuke are the most powerfull shinobi in that universe. Both also come from important clans; Naruto is the only Uzumaki in Konoha, Sasuke is the last Uchiha. Of course every one would expect them to marry, and have children, be the parents of the next powerfull generation of shinobi. Their clan bloodlines are extremly valuabe to Konoha. The villages seem to cooperete more in the times Naruto is Hokage, but  I dont belive that having powerful clans is not important for the Village anymore.

The village system at this point represents japanese societys pressure to marry and have kids. Gay people are seen as selfish, if they dont do that.

I think its quite possible that after the war Naruto and Sasuke lived together for some short time. But both decited to break up because of the villages pressure (remeber; every single fucking shinobi saw who Sasuke was for Naruto during the war) and because they both were the last of their clans. Then Sasuke left, and Naruto stayed in the village.

This takes me to Yuri Kuma Arashi. In Yuri Kuma Arashi the main couple is in a simmilar situation, yet the ending is different; Kureha and Ginko become social outcasts, because they “wont give up on their love”- they say adios to societys expectations and rules. They dissapear.

Naruto and Sasuke both start families, have kids and work for the village. I think they both decited to do so, and stay friends only. Mybe they didnt see each other for a few years after they decited to break up.

I even belive they both rlly love Sakura and Hinata, and of course the kids.(I also dont think they have to be gay; I see Naruto as mor of a bi guy, and Sasuke is hard to read anyways) They both play along of societys rules. But they are not together, despite beeing soulmates. 

Its all painfully visible in Sasuke; he still wears (on his belt) the scratched head protector Naruto gave him in the last chapter, with the promise he will hold onto it until they settle things between them. Sasuke doesnt visit his family for years, for so long Sarada cant even remeber him-  but meets with Naruto for exchange of information about things concerning the village, and writes him from time to time.

There is also one sad  thought that crossed my mind, but I wont share them with you cause it would be a Lets better not.

( but I think its not hard to figure it out if you did read the whole thing here, yet I dont want to talk about this)

Also, this is just my theory. Write about it what you want and if you want  but I most likely wont answer or discuss parts of it, cause writing all this stuff in english is a pain and takes a lot of time.

Chimaera | Grand Admiral Thrawn | Star Wars

This started as one thing, changed to something else part way through, and ended up something else even totally different.  xD  It was a bit of a ride, but I’m super happy with the end result!  Yay for happy accidents!  :D

(more Star Wars art | more Thrawn art)

I don’t want to miss you (Newt x Reader) PART 2

Requested by anon:  Hey! Can you write an imagine where Newt and reader had an argument and in heat of the moment he said something really hurtful which made her walk out on him? And then maybe Grindelwald is kidnapping her as a bait for Newt and he comes for the rescue after which they make up and fluff? So basically like hella angsty in the begging and then super fluffy happy ending!😊♥️

A/N: Here’s part 2! I finished it earlier than expected. (Wohoo!) The fluffy ending turned a little bit smuty I guess… Also: thank you so much for reading! I’m so glad you like it. ♥️ And: if you have any requests then feel free to send me some. Requets are currently open! Okay, enough talking, enjoy PART 2! :)

Pairing: Newt Scamander x reader

Warning: mention of blood

Word count: 3,372

PART 1 Masterlist


“I think we should talk to Newt… Y/N hasn’t returned yet”, Tina suggested, walking up and down by the window, looking out in hope to spot your figure. It had been 2 hours since you left the apartment crying.

The little group though it was best for you to catch fresh air and have some time for yourself. But the hours passed and with every minute more the worry of the three grew bigger and bigger

Queenie’s expression was concerned. She nibbled on her lower lip as your last thoughts echoed in her mind.

He hates me. He really hates me. I’m not worth it.”

It broke the Legilimens’ heart. The sadness and hurt within your thoughts were almost unbearable. Queenie snuffled and moved from her chair.

“I’m going to talk to Newt…”, she announced, her voice determined. Jacob stepped next to her, rubbing her arm. Quennie smiled at him, bending down to place a sweet kiss on his cheek and left the room. Tina sensed the baker’s uneasiness.

“She’s going to be alright. She will bring Newt back to his senses…”, the auror tried to lighten up the mood, believing in her sister and Newt.

Newt was in his case and sat in front of the Occamy’s nest. He had one in his hands, balancing it carefully on his palmes. The little creature eyed him curiously, bending its head to one side. The wizard gave it a weak smile.

“Don’t look at me like that, Stuart. I know I should have followed her but I…”. Newt closed his mouth, suppressing another upcoming wave of tears. Instead he swallowed it down. He knew that his behaviour was mean and he regretted everything he had said to you. He didn’t mean it, but the stress and anger had befoged his clear thinking.

You probably hated him after your argument and Newt couldn’t handle the idea of you leaving him. You’ve deserved better anyway… So here he was, lonely and bearing his misery.

The occamy started to squeak at something. Newt turned his head and flinched a bit as he saw Quennie standing behind him. He didn’t hear her steps. He gently put the creature back in its nest, watching as it wiggled on its spot.

“Newt…”, Quennie began and the magizoologist nodded his head.

“I know what you’re going to say. Y/N left me, right? I can’t blame her for it after all the unforgivable things I’ve said to her and…-”

“Y/N has gone missing.”

Newt’s heart skipped a beat. He blinked a few times. He needed a moment to take Queenie’s words in.

And then it felt like a lightning hit him. Newt’s eyes widened.

The blonde woman read his mind, so she answered his question: “She left the apartment crying. We though we would let her go, catching air to calm down… but it has been 2 hours since the…-”

“Two hours!”, Newt repeated shocked, his eyes starring into nothing. “Two hours… Merlin’s beard…”

Queenie fumbled with her hands, she couldn’t hide her worries anymore. “I think it’s best we look for her now…”

Newt raised his gaze. “Yes… Yes it is!” He jumped on his feet and sprinted over to his shed, collecting his wand and climbing ub the ladder. He waited until Queenie left the case as well to secure it and taking it with him. Then, the two rushed into the living-room where Newt was met with the alarmed looks of Tina and Jacob.

“Newt! Y/N… she…!”, Tina was the first who spoke.

“I know.” Newt cut her off, fighting with his coat hectically as he put it on. Queenie stepped closer.

“We will help you find her, Newt!” Tina looked at her sister, then at Newt. “Yes”, she joined and Jacob nodded. The hufflepuff was touched by his friend’s support. He had behaved like a total ass this evening and still, they stood by his side. Newt smiled quickly.

“Thank you”, he said before he left the apartment in a hurry.

Time was ticking and he had no clue where you were. The thought of you beeing all alone by yourself at this late hour. What if some guys molested you and…?- Newt shook his head.

He wouldn’t let that happen. He would find you. He had to.

The british wizard ran through the streets of London, the cold december air lashing his face, but he kept his fast pace. He pounded all your favourite spots: the near park, the old book-store, the bridge where you liked to enjoy the view, the funny looking houses and the King’s Cross station. But you were nowhere to be found.

Panic started to rise up. Newt began to use apparation to get faster to places more far away.

“Y/N! Y/N!”, he screamed into the dead of night, hoping to get a respond, hoping to hear your sweet voice.


The magizoologist continued his search, using all his foucus and willpower to keep his apparation on a fast level. After 15 minutes though he had to take a break.

Newt collapsed on his kneeps, panting heavily. He leaned against a wall to regain his strength.

“I’m sorry, Y/N… I’m so sorry…”, he whispered to himself, giving up the fight against his tears and letting them run down his sweaty face. His little sobs filled the silence by echoing in the dark alley.

Newt was deep in thoughts, pondering the next places he should look for you. He didn’t notice his case softly rocking as one of his beasts escaped. It was the niffler. The furry creature sniffed on the ground and shooed away.

Newt’s eyes caught the little troublemaker and he immediantely followed him.

“Little bugger, not now!”, he grumpled but was surprised that the niffler had stopped. Newt reached him and saw a familiar earring in the paws of the little thief.

It was your earring.

Newts eyes widened, he spun around to look for you but his body came to an abrupt stop. He faced the wall and all his worries and fears became reality as he read the message that was written with blood on it:


Newt was petrified with horror. The worst scenario he could have imagined had happened: Grindelwald took you hostaged.

It had to be him. The dark wizard was after one thing after all: the obscurial inside his case.

By wasting no time Newt grapped the niffler and stared at the metal knife that was stuck inside the wall. It was stock-still, but as soon as Newt touched it, the knife shoot out of the wall and flew away. The hufflepuff chased after it, his heart hammering against his chest. He prayed that Grindelwald didn’t hurt you, but if he did… Oh, he would show no mercy.

You felt sick and dizzy.

You tried to study your surroundings but your vision was blurry. Grindelwald must have used this magical transportation-thing… Newt had told you about it once. It allowed wizards and witches to disappear from one spot and appear in a total different area.

You’ve always begged Newt to do it with you, but he refused. He said it was too dangerous for you as a normal human beeing.

Now you understood him.

It felt like your body had been almost ripped apart, the pressure inside your head had made you scream in pain. The dizziness reminded you of this horrendous experience.

“How are you feeling, love?”

You turned your head to see Grindelwald, your face was full of hatred. He stood above you, keeping a distance.

“Fuck you”, you hissed, narrowing your eyes. The blonde wizard just chuckled at your word choice.

“No reason to be rude. Altough, my apologies that I’ve cut you. But I needed your blood to… deliver a message”, he explained and you looked down on your arm, spotting a clean cut. You knew that he used you as a bait to lure Newt.

“Nice try, Grindelwald. But you won’t get what you want because Newt won’t come!”

Grindlewald raised an eyebrow, acting surprsised. “Oh, and why do you think so?”

“Because Newt and I…-”, you hesitated. You remembered your argument. There was no chance that Newt would come and rescue you. After all he’d said to you… you were a burden to him. But your thoughts were interrupted by an evil laugh.

“Oh look at you… Isn’t love brutal? It will always leave its mark on you. Making you vulnerable…” His gaze drifted off and you used his mental absence by looking around.

You were at a railway station telling by the signs and structure. Also, this was an underground station that you recognized. “Wait…”, you mumbled as your vision came fully back.

Again, you looked down on you, but this time your eyes widened in shock as you realzied your situation:

You were tied up on a rail track.

Grindlewald smiled, he had a great time as he saw the realization finally hitting you.

He enjoyed the look of pure panic in your eyes, watching you fighting against the robes, with no success. You wiggled like a fish on dry land, the fear of death poisining your mind.

There was no way to escape. You had no chance to win against a powerful wizard. But you weren’t ready to die yet, you were too young, you had your whole life ahead.

And then your heart stopped beating for a moment. There was a faint light in the distance, the rail track vibrating under your body in accordance with your tremble.

A train rushed with high speed towards you.

The lights got brighter and brighter. The sound of the machine booming painfully in your ears. That was the end. You knew it.

Tears ran down your cheeks and your breathing became choppy and hectic. In your final moment you wished you could see Newt once again, telling him how much you loved him and feeling his arms around your body.

The train was seconds away from you, its light blinding you. You squeezed your eyes shut, your thoughts running wild but in this chaos you could see the shape of your boyfriend, smiling warmly at you. Even though it was just your imagination, it made you forget about your nearby death. You were ready.


Your body was moved by an invisible force that shot you across the rail track in a split second. You crashed into something warm and firm. The strong wind of the passing train swirled up your hair and arms wrapped around your body. A familiar smell made you look up in disbelief, but there he was: Newt.

You clutched at his blue coat, snuggeling your head against his chest and cried.

You let all your emotions out, all the fear, relief, happiness and guilt that had plagued your soul. Newt pulled you closer and pressed a kiss on your head.

“Everything is going to be okay, Y/N… I’m here, love…”, he whispered into your ear.

The hufflepuffe was extremly reliefed to have you safe in his warms. But nevertheless, you both were still not out of danger. Newt stared at Grindelwald who had observed you both with a grin. The dark wizard raised his wand and Newt did the same.

“Here we are again, Mr. Scamander. Do you like the location? I hope you recognize it!”, the dark wizard spoke up.

Newt remembered. It was similar to the place where he had revealed and captured Grindelwald together with the Macusa back in New York.

“Bringing back good old memories…”, he said and pointed his wand at Newt’s case.

“Here’s the deal: I want the case. In return, I won’t kill your girl. Pretty fair, isn’t it?”

Newt didn’t answer. Instead, he thought about how to escape. He knew he had no chance against Grindelwald. Not alone. His priority was to get you and himself safely out of this.

The magizoologist leaned back, his wand and eyes still fixated on the other wizard.

“Y/N, take the case and hide. I’ll get us out of here”, he promised, shoving his brown leather-case to you which you grapped tightly.

“Newt, I won’t leave you alone let me he…-”


You winced at Newt’s forceful order. His expression was dead serious and his whole body tensed. It scared you to witness that Newt, who was usually calm and controlled, was now the total opposite. So you nodded and ran away with the case pressing tightly against your chest.

Grindelwald laughed again and shot a flash with his wand towards Newt.

“Protego!” The flash bounced off and flew towards Grindelwald who easily blocked the attack.

Then, the dark wizard moved up a gear, shooting a dozent of flashes at once. Newt had trouble to keep up the pace. He knew that Grindelwald was just playing with him.

“How imprudent of you to face me after you’ve used apparation so much”, the blonde wizard emphasised, but Newt tried his best. He was already sweating, his spells became a little slopy and he couldn’t stand longer on his feet.

You hid behind a wall and watched the battle. You wanted to help Newt, you had to or he would die.

Suddently you saw figures behind Grindelwald: it were Tina and Queenie!

They tiptoed closer and closer. Grindlewald was too engaged in his battle with the hufflepuff and so he didn’t noticed their new company.

Then, Tina pointed to the dark wizard and you followed her gaze: Grindlewald was standing on the rail track, Newt was a few meters away from him, laying on the ground.

Tina gave you instructions per hand signal and you nodded. You waited. Grindelwald was rising his wand again, ready to give Newt the finishing stroke. That’s when you sprinted towards both men.

“HEY! Coward!”, you screamed and it made Grindelwald stop in his move. A smile formed on his thin lips.

“No! Y/N! Stay away!”, Newt yelled, using all his strenght to stand up, legs shivering.

“You want this, right?! Then take it!” You threw the case and Newt’s jaw dropped.  

The case flew directly to Grindelwald who reached out his hand, that was your cue.

You raised your hand high up in the air, screaming as loud as you could. “NOW!”

Tina and Qeenie apparated on command, standing on each side of the dark wizard, pointing their wands at him. Grindelwald saw right through the trap but he lost precious seconds by catching the case, so the Goldstein sisters had an advantage.

Petrificus totalus!” The spell hit him twice, making his body freeze. Newt understood your plan as another train came rushing behind the dark wizard.

The magizoologist acted quickly. “Accio!” His beloved case returned to its owner, just in time before the train hit Grindelwald. Newt apparated next to you to carry you away from the trail rack.

The train roared passed you and left the trail empty. No sign of Grindelwald.

Tina and Queenie appeared next to you and Newt, the auror put a hand on your shoulder. She looked at Newt concerned. “We should leave. Grindelwald must have escaped so we better get out of here.” Newt nodded.

You were sitting in front of the mirror in your bedroom, eyeing yourself. Your hair was a mess, your clothes were ripped here and there and a bit of dirt covered your face.

The shock was still deep in your bones. You were close to death today, if Newt had came one second later, then…

A soft knock pulled you out of your thoughts.

“Come in.” You watched through the reflection of the mirror how Newt entered the room, a bowl in his hands. You swallowed, fighting against the tears. But Newt noticed.

He rushed to your side, putting the bowl carelessly on the table and pulled into a tight hug.

Your arms grapped his shoulders, holding on for dear life as your body was shaking uncontrollably with your sobs.

The wizard caressed your back gently, whispering sweet nothing into your ears to calm you.

Newt could understand your feelings. You had no idea how dangerous the world of wizardy and witchcraft could be and today you experienced it firsthand.

“I’m so sorry you had to go through this…” Newt truly was. He could never reconcile it with his conscience that you’d get hurt because of him…

But there was one question that plagued you the most. You leaned back to meet Newt’s eyes, letting out a shaky breath befor you asked your question.

“Why did you safe me?”

Newt’s eyes widened in confusion. “P-Pardon?”

“Why did you safe me? I though you hated me.”

A wave of guilt crushed over Newt. His expression was a mixture of shock, hurt and sadness. He furiously shook his head and cupped your face gently with his hands. “No, no, no, no, no, no… Y/N, darling, I love you… I love you so much…” You dropped your gaze.

“Be honest, Newt. Are you tired of me?” The hufflepuff frowned, tears welling up in his eyes. He couldn’t believe he made you feel this way.

“Listen, Y/N…”, he grapped your hands, placing them on his lap and stroked with his thumbs over your soft skin. He lowered his head, his messy hair covering his eyes. “… I was a fool, I-I didn’t mean anything what I said to you. I know that I can be exhausting, I get easily drawn-in by my work. B-but that is no excuse for how I’ve treated you… Please, plea…se…”, Newt’s voice broke as teardrops landed on your hand.

“Please… d-don’t leave…me… I don’t want to miss you. Ever again…” He brought your hands to his lips, pressing desperate kisses on your knuckles. His repeating begging crushed your heart and you couldn’t take it anymore.

You splapped Newt right in the face.

The impact of your hit moved his head to the side. He didn’t dare to look at you.

“That’s for breaking my heart, Scamander”, you sobbed. Newt swallowed, he briefly allowed himself to look at you from the corner of his eyes. He opened his mouth to say something, but you leaned closer and wrapped your arms around his neck.

You kissed his red cheek, sitting on his lap. “And that’s for saving me.”

Newt turned his head and looked at you puzzled, hope glinting in his eyes. You offered him a small smile. “I love you too, Newt. Please, just don’t treat me like this ever again…”

The wizard grapped your waist and you felt his whole body relaxing. “I-I promise!”, he bursted out stammering which made you giggle. Newt smiled in awe at that beautiful laugh of yours. Then, the atmospehre changed.

You both stared into each other eyes, tension and desire building around you.

Newt was the first who gave in.

He cupped your face again, pulling you closer to collide his lips on yours. You sighned into the heated kiss, enjoying the passion the hufflepuff shared with you.

Newt couldn’t controll his needing for you. His tongue eagerly licked over your swollen lips to get the wistful permission. You happily granted his request by opening your mouth and were taken aback by Newt’s hunger for you. He pushed his tongue inside, searching for yours to massage it intensely.

You forcefully pulled back, gasping for air. Newt moaned at the sudden breakup, panting heavily as he eyed you with heavy lids. He then felt ashamed for his intrusive behaviour, looking away.

“F-Forgive me…”, he apologized, a faint blush on his freckled skin.

“No need to apologize, but I believe we still have a diner party to attend…”, you wiggled with your eyebrows, “… and after that we could continue our…”. Your eyes flickered between you both. It earned you that boyish smile of Newt that you adored.

The wizard stood up and rached for your hand.

“Well, then we have no time to spare.”



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