Superman vol.1 No.51 - Cover Date Mar-Apr 1948

Superman once again finds himself obligated to provide his services to a crook, and deliberately flubs every request so as to honor only the letter if not the spirit of the contract. This plotline only debuted within the last few months, but has already become the most-often-trod premise in any of the Superman books. Suffice it to say, if you ask Superman for “the world’s biggest diamond,” he’s going to carve you a baseball field, just be aware of that.

Canny villains with access to a supremely powerful magnet commit a series of daring airborne raids which are first blamed on the Man of Steel himself, and even prove that their powerful magnets can deter Superman! He uses magnets against magnets to fill in the gaps where his super-powers have failed him, but even this exciting conflict doesn’t hold a candle to the book’s chief adventure, “Mr.Mxyztplk Seeks A Wife,” wherein to avoid marrying the unappealing daughter of his King, Mxy tries to trick Lois Lane into becoming his bride. He almost succeeds, too, betting on his annoying personality to overwhelm everyone’s reasonable objections to the ceremony.

All that keeps Lois from having to append her professional name to Lane-Mxyztplk is Superman taking advantage of the high pressure of the ceremony itself to trick the imp into speaking his name backwards and disappearing to his home (where, hopefully, he’ll be promptly married off to the princess, and won’t return to force Lois to make good on her hurried promise).




#SuperFail: My NYC friend Patrick, writer and host at Buzz60, had a bathroom door that kept getting stuck during the heat and humidity of summer, so he rang up his super to come on over and fix things up. Says Patrick:

“It looked like his plan was to just break the hinge side apart and he got angry, took it too far. I came home the night he was supposed to fix it and the door was hanging from the hinges so it wouldn’t close on either end. The bottom was dragging on the floor. It took two days for him to come back and try again, and until then my two roommates and I had to do all bathroom activities basically without a door. Not fun.”

Nope, not fun at all. Also, Pat’s super: Here’s how you fix a sticking door. Now you know. -MB

[NEWS] Fans receive Tao photo card in Super Junior and Girls' Generation albums?

Apparently, Tao’s face popped up as fans unwrapped their new albums from Super Junior and Girls’ Generation. A photo card of the singer was tucked away in the albums, which likely confounded and shocked fans beyond belief. No one knows whether this was a purposeful design by SM or an innocent mistake by someone in the album distribution department. Whatever the case, Tao’s smug face really shocked one Korean fan who uploaded a hilarious Twitter post that went, “Sh*t, I thought this was fake but when I unwrap the album you are there????????? What are you???????

This poor, unwitting Korean fan wan’t the only one to meet Tao’s face randomly. Other fans have also shared their experiences with seeing Tao’s face in their albums.

Source: AllKpop

(be careful with your purchase guys…)