Yes. Everyone watch this and rejoice. 

I’ve never said this before, but Supergirl, you are perfect.


The entirety of Super Best Friends Forever starring Batgirl, Supergirl, and Wonder Girl is on YouTube, courtesy of the official DC Comics channel.

It’s a shame that these shorts weren’t fleshed out into a full, 30-minute series, or into a comic book in the vein of Tiny Titans.

Maybe some day. For now, just be happy that someone at DC remembers that Donna Troy exists.

SBFF Full Episodes

If you enjoyed please click here for a link to a Petition to make this into a full series and be sure to Like/Reblog this and the Petition Post to spread the word/love!

DC Unveils SDCC Exclusives; I Know What I'm Getting

DC has unveiled its exclusives for SDCC. You can see them all at USA Today but I’ll show the one that I’ll be getting. Oh yes, I will.

Behold the ESSBUFFS!

It’s pricey - $49.99 but I simply must have it. Of course, I’d rather have an ongoing series with these three by Lauren Faust, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. How about a digital comic? Anyone?