Doll Divine has been working on making a gemsona doll maker for a while and… it’s finally out! Click here to find it! It’s super cool, especially if you have a gemsona and can’t draw, or if you’re just trying to make a new one!

There are a ton of different gems to choose from, several shapes, and several places to put the gem(s)! 

Not only that but there’s pretty much no limit to what body type your gemsona can have! You can customize EVERYTHING. You can even add more arms if you want to make a gem fusion!

You can give them cool outfits and cool eye(s) and cool classes and pretty much cool anything! I literally made this one in live five minutes so if you actually take your time to make one just imagine how cool it can be.

Click here to get to doll maker!

Things I’ve learned about Thomas Sanders from his Tumblr

-He’s a huge nerd

-Super nice guy

-Looks like he should be the god of cuteness or something

-Reblogs cute puppies and kittens

-Has the voice of a Disney prince

-Should be the President

-I’ve never met him but I would trust him with my life

-I would not trust him with my dog (because they’d form a deep connection to each other and separating them would just be cruel)

-Reblogs hilarious videos

-Great sense of humor

-Could probably get the Queen to smile

-Comments nice messages on the fanart people draw of him that he reblogs

-Probably reads all the Thomas and Leo fanfics

-Probably writes some of the fanfics

-Is my source of daily cuteness (cats, dogs, otters, himself, funny animals, ect.)

-Would be nervous on Dancing With the Stars

-Is who I want to represent the human race when the aliens come

-Could melt the Arctic with the warmth of his smile

-His heart too, tbh

-Probably has a Canadian ancestor somewhere

-Seriously, how can one person contain so much goodness?

-It amazes me.

-He’s Thomas Sanders


check out this mix of twenty one pilots songs turned into a violin medley, its sick (x)