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redblooded-disadvantage  asked:

mick/being respected #NICE #OTP. on the other hand, could you share some mick/cisco headcanons? i've never considered it before and i am Interested.


  • They started dating after Mick apologized for beating him up and complimented him on the guns and how clever they were
  • Cisco realized Mick was way smarter than he let on
  • It’s nice being in on the joke
  • Also the Snarts are being nice to him? Like what?
  • (Lisa is still teasing Mick about it and Len would like them all to stop talking about that thing his aro ass doesn’t get)
  • They sort of don’t tell anyone?
  • And then invasion happens and its like whoops yes i am dating this former super villain surprise
  • what the fuck did you just say about him
  • okay fuck right off
  • Barry and Oliver might come back to Mick holding Cisco by the collar of his shirt while Cisco yells at the Legends crew for disrespecting his boyfriend
  • Mick brings Cisco candy from alternate timelines and weird points in history
  • Cisco upgrades the Heat Gun and makes Mick cool exploding things and long lasting lighters
  • Mama Ramon actually likes Mick because the first thing he did was be obscenely polite and compliment her cooking
  • Mick has Ramon family recipes that Cisco hasn’t got yet 
  • Mick cooks for Cisco all the time because he’s convinced that Cisco doesn’t eat enough vegetables and is going to get scurvy or something
  • Mick can also pick Cisco up with one hand basically (Cisco totally absolutely does not find this hot as hell what are you talking about)
  • Cisco and Mick doing chemistry 

Listen I love this ship and if you want to join me in this trash heap i am literally always down


In response to my post Female Super Heroes/Villains Must Not Be Treated Violently you commented:

lonlyintime said: As a feminist I can honesty say that a woman in a movie/comic book getting choked doesn’t bother me. But what does bother me is people like you who say feminism is bad. Feminism is equality for all and I’m sorry you get your self worth from oppressing women/people.

One of my major problems with feminists is when they cannot argue against a criticism in an effective manner they resort to slandering the person issuing the critique. The logic appears to be, “If you can’t beat them, slime them.”

That describes your comment from start to finish.

I have written over 700 posts on this blog. All of them criticize feminism; none of them call for the oppression of women. There are no calls for women to give up their careers and get back in the kitchen. There are no demands for women to give up their reproduction rights and give birth to children they do not want. There are no slanderous names toward promiscuous women demanding they become sexually virtuous.

In sum, it’s easier for feminists like you to blow off criticisms than refute them and slander people as oppressors to make you feel good about your unwillingness to look critically at your beliefs. It makes you feel safe as a feminist to infer any critique of your movement equates to the oppression of women, when that just isn’t so.

Feminism is a fraud. To justify the fraud requires hypocrisy. To enforce the hypocrisy that justifies the fraud requires intimidation. 

Your comment proves it.


dandydoll said:

A super villain without a super villain laugh

needs a little work


With the new year lurking just around the corner like a vampire awaiting their invitation to enter, we wish to remind you that every night – every moment – is the perfect time to:

  1. Choose evil. You needn’t be rude or cruel (we advocate against both). You don’t need a tragic back story. You will start noticing your wardrobe selections improving. You might even start seeing ghosts and phantoms, wonderful omens, and all manner of doomery! You’ll start shifting words such as “doom” into “doomery”!
  2. Say hello to the moon.
  3. Write more notes and letters. As complex as “Here is my theories on STAR MOVIE that I just saw” or as simple as “I am thinking of you at 1:59 AM on an idle Wednesday morning.”
  4. Drink more water. Consider it mermaid training.
  5. Check on your potions. Let them simmer too long and they’ll become sentient. And they do not wash the cauldrons when they get up, steal half of your gear, and make off to foreign lands I haven’t forgiven you yet Slorp the Purple Levitation Potion I know you read this blog and I will find you yet.
A call to lonely beasts and other things

No ghost need be alone, all they need do is look to the moon and let out the summoning tone.

No wicked thing need be silent here, no unknowable horror itself need to know the feelings of fear.

No monster under any bed need depart at sunrise with no place to go, we offer solace to all those who lurk in the netherworld Down Below.

Every black heart is a home to things that go bump in the night. So defend your black heart with all your might.


Have you considered the possibility that your best friend, neighbor, room mate, sibling or dear old parents might slip suddenly towards the macabre? Try your hand at the whimsical practice of super-villain phrenology; it’s our best testing method aside from testing their blood for phlogiston…

You will need access to a printing mechanism, shears, some adhesive paste and 5 uninterrupted minutes. I wish you the best of luck.