All I can guess based on the names of in Kyuranger is that in universe, the language is actually English that is spoken around. Proof would probably include the fact that the Kyutama, the will of the constellation, is numbered based on the Arabic Numerals that is extremely common in the English language. In addition, Lucky was reading from a magazine which is typed in English.

So basically, they’re not speaking Japanese at all in universe, we’re just watching them through dubbed lenses? And then understand them by reading the English Subs????

Am illustration of one of the team finishing moves from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger, Shark Driver. The heroes combines their Shark Machine motorcycles into a platform that launches Ninja Red’s Shark Bleeder cycle towards the enemy at ballistic speeds.

The three Shark Machines are:

Ninja Red’s Shark Bleeder
Ninja Blue’s Shark Launcher (which has a side car for Ninja White)
Ninja Yellow’s Shark Slider (which has a side car for Ninja Black)

All of them are modified Suzuki RF400R motorcycles

Kyu-School AU: Since Xiao is an extremely nice professor, the Kyurangers at first thought that he was acting weird and didn’t trust him at all because it’s so unusual to have nice professors until they overheard him arguing with Ikagen and Madako that the students are almost breaking down from homework overload, confirming the fact that e actually cares about the students