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160723 SUKIRA (KTR): Leeteuk talks about their accident in ‘07


Leeteuk: Since ***ssi talked about a tough story, do I also need to bring up a painful memory? Haha Before, when I was doing radio broadcast with Eunhyuk~ssi, we had a very big accident. To be precise, it was on April 19th. I can’t forget it. That time, me and Eunhyuk~ssi are the DJs and Shindong~ssi and Kyuhyun~ssi came out as guests. We had a corner “Find the 13th Member of Super Junior” that time. After that corner, we have another filming schedule so we decided to move and go out quickly. Usually, when the managers come, they sit in front and I sit at the back but that day, there were so many fans so the manager sat in the back and I had to sit in front. We were feeling good when we rode the car; it wasn’t the car we have always been using but Kangta hyung’s. That time, Kangta hyung has a different schedule so we got to borrow the car. 

We got into the car feeling good saying, “Let’s go to the next schedule~” but then that time our manager was not good at driving. He was also a new comer to the company. We were passing by Olympic blvd. and there were some slippery parts. And then when we got to the slippery part, (he) missed the handle and on the left…was it called a guard rail? We got on to that. The car could’ve twisted to the right but the manager got nervous so the handle was hwak! The car spinned and it suddenly screeched to the right. And then again he suddenly turned the handle to the left!! It spinned and I saw everything that happened because I was sitting in front. The car went to the right, and then left, big vans could tumble easily. 

That moment, I thought crazily like “Ah…it has only been few years since we’re doing activities. I want to succeed!”; “I want to live!” I suddenly remembered the moments when we debuted and our lives as trainees and that time I was thinking I wanted to live. I really held onto the bottom of my seat with all my power! I was holding onto it then the car when right and left. Then my face hit the window on the right side ppak! When I bumped into it, I screamed “Aaaaack!!!!” When the car turned over, I passed out. 

When I passed out, I thought like what you see in movies, “Ah, I’m dead now”. I was like that but I opened my eyes. In movies, you see the soul come out of the body when there’s an accident, right? I felt that way. That feeling. That’s why I was like “Oh? Where am I? Where am I?” then looking back, I realized that my body got hammed in the window of the car which turned over. My other eyes couldn’t see that time because my upper right eyelid got ripped and it was bleeding. 

When I (moved) my body like this, I had thought “Ah, I’m alive” then that moment I remembered the members. “Ya!! Are you guys okay??” then they replied “Yes, hyung, I’m okay~” “I’m okay”. I was thinking “What to do? What to do?” then suddenly Junjin~ssi’s manager was passing by Plympic blvd and saw us. He wasn’t sure if that was us but since the van got tumbled, he wanted to help so he went to our way. Shindong~ssi, Eunhyuk~ssi and I got off the car. I asked Shindong~ssi and Eunhyuk~ssi “You guys are fine, right” but then that time I didn’t see Kyuhyun~ssi. Then I asked Eunhyukkie, “Eunhyuk~ah, go quickly and try to find Kyuhyun” when we saw him thrown out of the window like that;Kyuhyun was sitting at the far back while listening to music when the car got swayed…yes, everything’s still fresh. 

An ambulance came and since I was bleeding, I was the first one they attended to but I told them it would be better if they could assist Kyuhyun first. I was waiting with Sinhdong and Eunhyuk when another ambulance came and then we left. First, we went to a hospital to be checked immediately and then we moved to a bigger hospital to have surgery for my waist and eyes. Shindong and Eunhyuk had to do an x-ray. Then suddenly the doctor was chasing Shindong after he saw the x-ray results. “Shindong~ssi!! You can’t move like this now!!” “Why? Why??” “We found a fracture. A fracture!!” Then he said “A fracture?” then the doctor showed the x-ray. “There’s a fracture on your right hand. Can you give me your hand?”

Then Shindong showed his hands to the doctor kkk Shindong placed his hands in front of the doctor’s face saying “But…my fingers are fine??? They are fine” kkkkkk Then the doctor asked again if he’s really fine.They found out that there was a mistake in the x-ray and the doctor asked in he’s feeling pain in other parts. Shindong’s back was slightly scraped. Then the doctor asked him how was it scraped then Shindong answered because the back door of the van was small. Me and Eunhyuk were quite slim and we were able to get out but that time, Shindong was quite fat so when he was coming out, he got scraped. kkk Now, I talk about this while laughing but then that time it was really…It was really difficult. Seeing the members are actively doing projects, most especially our Kyuhyunnie who does jokes well, drinks alcohol well and does broadcasts well, I feel very happy.

korean text credit to: 56fabiola58, english translation by tinyyhae

Maybe some Kpop artists are not 100% straight and that is okay!

I don’t understand how some people get mad at the thought of their idol being gay. I mean there are a lot of idols. Odds are that some of them are not straight. I mean Sehun just said that he likes men!!! People have to face the fact that he could be gay or bi. Also why are people mad that kpop idols could be gay? Like your chances of dating them was very slim anyway and idols still loves their fans a ton regardless of their sexuality. Also, for me, they fact that a kpop idol could be gay just makes me want them more!!!!

160723 Heechul Fanmeeting in Beijing

Heechul: We’re Super Junior if we succeed. We’re Super Junior even if we fail. We’re Super Junior even if we fight. Even if we hate it, we’re still Super Junior. Even after marriage, we’re still Super Junior. We’re Super Junior if we have a lot of fans. We’re still Super Junior even if fans leave. We’ve already come to this stage where we’re stuck in the mud,you’ve stopped spouting nonsense right? What you’ve seen is getting better and better, let’s walk to the end together and you won’t be seeing a 2nd group like us. We were together at our most difficult time, we were also together at the time when we received our highest award. Fighting day and night for 10 over years and once we hug and encourage each other, we revive immediately. We’ve been acknowledged as King of Hallyu. No matter how difficult the road is, as long as we’re together, we will have everything.

english tran by eunhaes_

I want to say this to everyone :
I believe everyone sitting here today is beautiful. You have your own unique strength. So, don’t get dejected, I believe that everyone has confident in one area. And then one day when you find the thing that you really want to do, or meet the man that you really love. During then I will watch you leave happily. I wish that I would be the 3rd in your heart. Parents, then yourself, then Kim Heechul
—  160723 Heechul Fan meet

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