(The rest are under the cut!)

Here is the follower present! Motivational flower crown wallpapers! I’m so insanely happy that 70 people follow this blog. It’s amazing, and I can’t thank you guys enough. I hope you like this gift!

There are spoiler ones under the cut too, but no characters from DR1 are here (Monokuma is though!)

And guess what? I had a ton of fun making these, so please feel free to request a certain character telling you a certain thing and I’ll make it!

Again, thank you guys so much. I promise the DR1, DR:AE, NDRv3, and even DR3 will get their wallpapers soon!

Stay safe, stay positive!

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狛罪まとめ(公式ラッキースケベありがとう) by どすこいゴンザレス | Pixiv ID 5162687

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