Holy of holies, check out what’s going on back in Seattle at my shop @mmguitarbar!!! Looks like we have a tweed monopoly. We’re cornering the market in tweedish things. If only Jeff Tweedy came to our shop in a tweed jacket and played our tweed amps tweed tweed tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed-ah Jeff-ah Tweeeeeeeeed-ah COFFEEEEEEEEE My coffee just kicked in, sorry. Look at dem amps! #guitar #vintage #fender #fenderamps #fenderguitars #tweed #holypoop —- Welcome to Tweed Town, a small burg in our current Fender metropolis. This bevy of narrow panel Tweeds date between 1958-59, and all are nearly stock. We’re feeling pretty lucky over here. #Fender #tweed #narrowpanel #super #deluxe #vibrolux #harvard #precbs #1950s #Vintageamp (at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf)

"Super Rich Fast Food Eater" - My totally new illustration for upcoming collective show in Kiev - "Super Rich Kids With Nothing But Fake
Friends”! More info coming soon. Stay tuned Buy the way - welcome to the new page where I’ve started share my art. —-> https://www.facebook.com/zigendemonic.zigendemonic

Katakanlah Aamiin atau Like,
jika doa ini adalah doa Anda juga …

indahkanlah masa mudaku,
mapankanlah masa dewasa dan
masa tuaku, dalam ilmu, rezeki,
cinta dan kesetiaan,
dan dalam keluarga yang rukun.



Mario Teguh - Loving you all as always