Swiss Countryside. by Alex Penfold
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Featuring the Koenigsegg Naraya.


The Father by Manuel Magaña
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Ferrari Enzon - Ferrari Racing Days at Silverstone Manuel Magaña © 2012

Moon and Stars- Spell Jar for Peace

This spell jar is intended to harness the power of the moon and stars, especially from the great Super Moon, for intended peace and restful sleep. Dont be afraid to improvise, but here is what is in mine:

-shell dust (or any shells)
-sea salt (purity and sea)
-chamomile (sleep)
-star anis (ward off bad thoughts and dreams)
-French blue lavender (or any lavender, for relaxation)
-lavender oil (about 3 drops)
-beach sand (or any sand)
-moon water (Lunas love, of course!)
-white wax to seal it (purity and strength)

*draw a sigil in the wax to enhance the spell, make it about peace or sleep or relaxation
*this is my own spell jar but please feel free to use it! Tell me how it works!