Sunshine City

The Last Naruto the Movie Japanese Phenomenon (ナルトザラスト映画の現象) Part 1 - Posters and Publicity (宣伝)

December 6 is just around the corner and so it’s not surprising that Naruto The Last can be found anywhere in Japan!

Towering over the great streets of Tokyo, are giant posters and street flags promoting the movie.

And this theatrical posters can be found almost everywhere!

Even public toilet doors are full of Naruto.

In Kawaguchi, this Naruto can be found wearing a sash of “The Last” to promote the movie.

In Nagoya Station, you can find this very tall statue of Naruto commonly known by locals as ナナちゃん  or Nana-chan doll along with another movie poster on the wall…

In Osaka, the TOHO Cinemas which is the venue of the JUMP Specials Anime Festa 2014 and where the 11/24 Naruto “The Last” advanced screening will be held is also full of movie posters and are also giving away readables and flyers.

Sunshine City in Toshima-ku has Naruto “The Last” posters plastered in various locations too,like the Ikebukuro Train Station, Sunshine Aquarium, and Sunshine 60 Observatory including a huge banner gallery. A whole bunch of drawings/sketches of Naruto Shippuden characters are hung up on it’s walls too.

Last Saturday Nov. 15, a Naruto Exhibit was held at the J-world Park, where they were giving away special post cards when you bring your Jump comics with you.

Meanwhile, in J-world Tokyo in Toshima-ku, a very big theater version standee of “The Last” can be seen at the entrance of Konoha Village.

And inside, you can find this Ichiraku Ramen stall. You can also notice the redecoration they made at the Ichiraku wall. More posters were added and the TV inside shows promotional videos about the movie.

And on November 22, if you have the advance tickets to the movie, you can take a picture with your friends or family with the stall in the background just like this:

And still, inside the village, there is an area near the entrance wherein you can find the Uchiha Tablet with the characters glowing. There is also a corner where you can relax and/or eat ramen while listening to the latest Naruto compilation album “Naruto Super Sounds” or watch Naruto videos on a monitor.

Meanwhile, a high-speed bus company, Tokushima bus, also decided to wrap their buses with Naruto The Last stickers. For the Naruto bus service calendar, click here.

And aside from buses, promotional trucks can also be found traveling along popular roads of Tokyo.

Moreover, these standees, banners and posters can be found in a Naruto Exhibit held in Namco Characters pop stores in Hyogo and Fukuoka Prefectures on Nov. 21 and 22 to commemorate the theatrical release of “The Last” Naruto the Movie.

They also have this promotional gimmick wherein, if you complete all 4 stamps of Hinata, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto (which is really quite difficult to accomplish), you will get this clear file for free!

And just look at Jump Police’s studio on their Nov. 7 TV Tokyo broadcast featuring no other than Konoha’s Team 7. (^_^)


Day 15 in Japan! We went back to Ikebukuro to visit the entertainment complex/shopping mall Sunshine City. Our first stop was the child friendly indoor amusement park Namja Town! It was a fun place full of gyozas and some really freaky ice cream flavours. We ordered a set of six flavours; avocado, cheese, ramen, mango, Indian curry and apple. They were all surprisingly delicious except for the avocado one! We then moved on to the aquarium in the same building (this place is HUGE!) and waved at ugly fishes and adorable seals. The place was beautiful with a wide array of species, but I couldn’t reallt enjoy it since every fish tank and cage felt too small for it’s inhabitants. I’m not a big fan of animals in captivity in general, and seeing animals like this left a bad feeling. After the aquarium we found an amazing candy shop with a crazy amount of japanese snacks for practically nothing. We all left with bags full of mysterious treats!

The Last Naruto the Movie Japanese Phenomenon (ナルトザラスト映画の現象) Part 2 - Food and Desserts (フード&デザート)

In commemoration of Naruto and in promotion of “The Last” Naruto the Movie, various food establishments have tied up with the movie promoters and organizers and have included Naruto themed meals on their menu. Note: New content added.

J-PattiserieJ-World Tokyo’s Sweets Shop, offers two delicious desserts namely the Konohagakure Chocolate Cake and Kakashi Sour Cherry Sharingan Eye Cake.

J-World Kitchen (Food court) on the other hand offers Naruto’s favorite Ichiraku ramen in 3 types namely; Miso Tonkotso (Pork Bone Broth MISO), Shouyu (SOYA sauce ramen), and Shio (SALT). They also have Hand-made Rice Balls or Pickled Plum·Bonito (which are Itachi’s rice balls that he usually makes for Sasuke), and the Frankfurt Sausage Naruto Scroll.

Japan’s Famous Snack Shop and Deli Gindaco, just like in the previous movie Road to Ninja, is now making another tie-up with Naruto The Last offering their main specialty - the Gindaco Takoyaki (or Balls of Dough Filled with Octopus Lava), with boxes that feature Naruto, Sasuke and Kakashi along with a card and clear file. Each of the boxes however are available only in selected branches. For the complete list of branches offering this tie up promotion, you may refer to this page:

And if you also want to drink up Naruto *literally*, you can always do so here in Pizzeria BELCORNO (ピッツエリア ベルコルノ) in Ichinomiya which is famous for their anime latte art.


Yesterday I went to Ikebukuro purely to purchase sh2jw doujins. Illiterate as I am, I somehow managed to not get lost thanks to organized mapping and English signs.

I entered Sunshine City’s Exhibition Hall D without hardship. Entrance fee was 1,000 yen (simply you had to buy the event catalogue) Booth C35 was there, the sell person understood English so I could easily get my desired items! There are two books; each cost 500 and 600 yen (this price also applied to other circles too, never more than 1,000 which I find really cheap)

There was everything you could imagine I tell you! True to the name, “Movie Paradise 20” was indeed a heaven for fandoms. Be it Sherlock, SPN, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Avengers, RDJ Sherlock, the Mentalist, Hawaii 5-0, anything Marvel, anything DC, LotR, the Hobbits, you name it babes! These fans are so dedicated to what they do so props for you girls!

I purchased only several things since I don’t understand Japanese but these are gold. The two donjins above worth every yen. So according to sh2jw, they will be selling “Dangerous Disadvantage” and “Take my Whole Life” online so you might wanna follow her to catch up with the news here.

I decided to spend my time on another attraction,
Otome Rd. Not such a long road at all but the quality was intense! I visited Animate Bldg which was absolutely fantastic for cosplayers. Pre-made costumes, necessary makeup to transform yourself into animated characters, colorful wigs, contact lenses, props and many more are available in the store.

Now I’m glad I didn’t bring my friends with me or else it would have been so awkward.



Day 2 of Abi in Japan~!!

In this video we head to our new hotel *sobs* and adventure out to Ikebukuro - Sunshine city!! Which is like the Akihabara for girls!! ^-^

We go to the Pokémon Center MEGA TOKYO and the Disney Store, do Purikura with friends and go to a Space themed dessert Café for some interesting sundae’s!!

^-~ Enjoy~~♪


Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo grand opening today!! Some photos I snapped as I cried happy tears!