So the weirdest fcking thing is happening right now, someone made a group on facebook claiming that early 2000′s rap/rock sensation Limp Bizkit is playing a super secret 4/20 show at a gas station Dayton, Ohio, like 2 hours from where I live and it’s become a full scale meme and it’s honestly the funniest shit i’ve ever seen??? 

It’s gotten so much attention that the cops are basically camped out at this tiny shitty little gas station in fucking Dayton

I can’t believe this, I can’t believe that Central Ohio just made a meme about Limp Bizkit in this, the year of our lord, 2016. 


Some very rare photos of the infamous Penske/Donohue 1969 Sonoco Camaro prepped for the Trans Am Series at Mid-Ohio. Note the holes in the wheel wells which were part of a duct system to relieve front end lift at 170 mph. Going to have to do a bit of research on those! I can’t imagine driving on bias plys that fast. Serious balls! Note the Vinyl roof to cover up the acid dipped roofs to reduce weight. These cars had some serious research and development in them. I am so fascinated by the vintage trans am series. If NASCAR ran these cars I might actually watch! I love these cars so much I have been in the processing of building my own Z-28 into a VTA ‘street’ car for 7 years now. Just with a bit more displacement ;)

Merry Xmas!