This photo is from the American Folk Blues Festival that toured through Europe in 1964 and influenced many musicians from the UK including The Rolling Stones and Eric Clapton. From left to right in the photo: Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Sleepy John Estes, Sonny Boy Williamson, Sunnyland Slim, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Hubert Sumlin…all legendary Blues men! The only woman in the group, 3rd from the right, and the youngest, is Sugar Pie DeSanto.

Rock Me Baby - Sugar Pie Desanto 
  Bass: Willie Dixon Guitar: Hubert Sumlin Drums: Cifton James Piano: Sunnyland Slim      


Best of Blues - Radio Mix
Tracklist :
00:00 - Sonny Boy Williamson - Keep It to Yourself
02:47 - Amos Milburn - Hard Driving Blues
05:30 - Julia Lee - King Size Papa
08:10 - Fluffy Hunter - Walkin’ Blues
11:01 - Professor Longhair - Go to the Mardi Gras
13:46 - Skip James - Cherry Ball Blues
16:30 - Buddy Moss - Hard Road Blues
19:39 - Tampa Red - Seminole Blues
22:40 - Memphis Slim - Whiskey Drinking Blues
25:52 - Big Walter Horton - Evening Sun
28:22 - Lonnie Johnson - Guitar Blues
31:35 - Jimmy Rogers - That’s Allright
34:21 - Willie Mabon - I’m Mad
36:57 - Howlin’ Wolf - Smokestack Lighnin’
40:01 - Sunnyland Slim - Woman Trouble
42:55 - Little Walter - My Babe

Mr. Obama’s statement came as he was golfing at a private course in Rancho Mirage, near the Sunnylands estate in California where he was spending the weekend.

I’ve always been kind of annoyed by the simplicity of attacking a president for taking a couple hours of leisure time, or even a vacation here and there, as if the impossible stress of being president wouldn’t crush everyone’s lungs out through their toes after just a single day, much less years and years. So the guy (whichever one you choose) took a couple of minutes to himself. Relax. Half of the time we only know they were even on vacation in the first place because they interrupted their vacation to continue doing their jobs. Seems fine!

That being said, when the president visits a state suffering the worst draught in a CENTURY for the specific purpose of reassuring the suffering farmers, many of whom are living in communities that are going to run out of straight up DRINKING WATER in a few weeks, maybe just don’t play GOLF? Take a break, my man! Go to a beach, or check out a movie in IMAX! But I’m pretty sure that golf courses are the single most obnoxious symbols of ecological excess and wastefulness even on normal days.

Incidentally, the statement that he stopped playing golf to give was in regards to Uganda’s law making homosexuality a crime punishable by a lifetime in prison, so whatever, the world is a ceaseless nightmare.

I know no one cares about any of this by the way. I’m not an idiot. So here’s a picture of a cool pig in sunglasses riding a surfboard:

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