Every greenhouse needs a cat for rodent control, and proper appreciation of warm sunny spots.

At work, our resident feline is Misse (Mee-suh), which is basically Danish for “Puss.”

No one is quite sure how old she is, but at minimum, she’s been living in the greenhouse for 16 years.

Haven’t we all been there???


Music: 詩音(sunny spot)

A cute, encouraging song by Luka about an unhappy penguin!

Roy Choi of A-Frame and Kogi on How Cookbooks Changed His Life
LA Weekly

Here’s an interesting first-person piece by Kogi founder Roy Choi.

I used to be a chef.

That sounds funny, because I still cook. But the thing is, the moment I stepped out of those kitchen clogs, said goodbye to that part of the chef community and cooked from my soul is exactly the moment when I became more of a cook than when I actually was a chef. Heck, with all that’s happened in the last three and a half years — feeding the streets, hearing boisterous laughter, seeing shivering smiles — it all seems a little hazy. But I look at the cadaver that once was a white chef coat with a toque and see a guy who studied food till his eyes got blurry, and realize, damn, I really knew nothing about food at all.