SNSD Sunny - BTS’s Fire [Short FMV series]

strange magic art by @artbymaureen     who does potionless right!

for @artbymaureen  Thank you for giving me permission to use your brilliant strange magic art work for this meme.  I wanted to make a meme for you for all the support you’ve shown me.  It’s not much (I don’t draw) but it’s all I can think of to say how great you are.

Potionless lofeliness with Dawn and Sunny. 

I really want SNSD to do more songs like Mr Mr and You Think. Yes, people don’t like them as much as others, but Tiffany’s voice sounds way better with them and Sunny can unleash the powerful vocals SM has been hiding. In Mr Mr, Tiffany’s high note might “sound bad.” But the thing is it would sound bad if it was in a song like Lion Heart. It suited Mr.Mr. And everyone should know what I have to say about You Think and Sunny. GET IT GIRL.