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Hey so thought you guys might have a better use for these transparents I made. Didn’t feel like posting them on my blog because they probably won’t get as much traction as a transparent neko blog. Sooooo instead of trashing these I thought you guys might want them. If you don’t use them that’s cool too. 

Mod Spooky here!

Thank you so much!!! We don’t make gifs ourselves so it’s always really cool when we get gif submissions! Also, if you ever post things on your blog and want us to see it, tag our url or submit a link to the post so we can reblog it! :)

Καθε φορα που εβρεχε μου ελεγες οτι εβρισκες καλυτερα τον εαυτο σου. Να γιατι δεν ταιριαξαμε. Εγω οταν βρεχει χανω τον εαυτο μου. Οπως και να το κανουμε ματια μου, εγω χωρις ηλιολουστες μερες δεν μπορω να ζησω.

To be honest, Sunny is the best Soshi member. I’m not saying the other girls don’t work hard, and they don’t have certain skills. But Sunny has everything, she has a great voice, great looks, she can act, she is great at hosting radio shows, she is funny, she is caring, and she’s everything an idol needs to be. So how come only Sunshiners see this? Because Sunny is the most hard-working Soshi member there’ll ever be.

anonymous asked:

ok, so, this ask is inspired by all the chatter on ur blog about mgs4: would you mind sharing a few of your thoughts on how snake feels about sunny? i think about it a lot and i p much always love your ideas about snake and otacon so. im super interested!

Ahhh, I really love Snake’s interactions with Sunny. I mean, him and Otacon are Bad Dads in the sense that they’re not particularly… paternal with her. I do think that she softened Snake quite a bit. He’s quite… gentle with her in ways that he isn’t with a lot of others. I mean, Snake more or less treats her like a very small adult, in my opinion. He doesn’t condescend to her, doesn’t try to shield her from the truth of how the world is or what they’re doing, or talk to her like a child. But he’s definitely protective of her.

I mean, I don’t think Snake or Otacon really anticipated what it was like to have a little girl to deal with. Two dudes on the run from the law? Yeesh. Sunny desperately wants a mother figure, and neither of them can really give that to her, or really be her ‘father’ at the stage they’re at in MGS4 (I mean, obviously Otacon adopts her, later). I would think Snake would take on the tasks of explaining Olga’s death to her, or why Raiden can’t stay with them, and in my head, he’s the one who brought up the idea of chickens. I mean, 50 dogs– he knows how therapeutic animals can be, and it gave her something to focus on. 

I really just… love the adjustments they make for her. If you wander around the Nomad you find all these little concessions they’ve made for her– tiny girl shoes on the gun rack, teddy bears, etc. Snake listens to her. He lets her scold him for smoking, he lets her whine at him about the eggs and never tells her to stop. He always respects her autonomy. He and Otacon both make a big deal out of making sure she feels valuable and cared for and wanted– when she’s able to figure stuff out, they both dote on her and pat her shoulders and tell her how good she is. 

In my head I think Otacon struggled a lot more with her initially because he was worried he’d… taint her in the same way he did E.E., as I imagine there was a ton of guilt stemming from that. I think Snake just looked at it like a goal and was able to push his demons away and be there for her when she needed someone, right after losing everything she knew after being rescued from the Patriots. He’s pretty used to picking up the pieces, after all.

Ugh, I will write a fic about this because Sunny is ultimately one of the most important things about MGS4. I think she was a constant reminder, for them, of just what they were fighting for. 

And while everybody’s pushing for SHY to happen, I fell in love with the way Sunny and Yoona’s voices compliment each other. I would die if I could have their “Sugar” duet in a studio version. They sound so good together, their voices are sweet and delicate and they just.. Ahh. So good.

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