a quick doodle I did the other day. it was inspired by this little kid I saw in the park, making soap bubbles. some light was peaking through the tree leaves and made those tiny little flies and particles in the air visible on the background of the dark trees, it was quite magical! 
and then I realized this is one of the very few such sketches I’ve ever done - ones I’m trying to recreate based on something I saw. I felt so nice for a moment for being able to do that! even tho it could’ve been better but I’ll keep practicing ofc:)

jung hoseok: the warmth of the sun on bare skin, laughter drifting through open windows, fairground rides and fireworks, cloudless skies, the smell of soap and sunlight, toes curling into wet sand, half forgotten memories of childhood summers, popcorn and cotton candy, balloons straining for the sky, a sea of sunflowers stretching into the horizon, the bloom of youth

 the bloom of youth 1/7