You did, But It Was Beautiful (C- Jamm x Reader)

I chose C-Jamm because one particular girl showed me a couple of pictures of his and my obbsession got hella worse… you know who you are


Growing up on an island had it’s perks. The warm sun, the tan skin, the beautiful sea that was 15 minutes with the bus, the not so cold winters, but there was one thing that it could not offer you, snow! You’ve never seen snow. But know you are living in South Korea and could not wait for the winter to come. You haven’t told anyone about this secret obbsession, not even your loving boyfriend Sungmin, thinking that he will find it immature or childish.
Today you woke up shivering, even though you had curled up at your boyfriends side and you were fully covered with the warm blankets. You looked around seeing that it wasn’t really sunny, you thought that it was rainning, but when you turned around you showed the unfamiliar white stuff falling down the sky. It was snowing! Your face lit up and you got off, and almost collided your face with the window in pure bliss. It was finally snowing! you were so into this that you didn’t realized that your boyfriend was woken up by your sudden moves and your a small cheerfull scream that left your mouth. He looked at you with his eyes furrowed, he didn’t understand what was so exciting about today.
“Babe, what’s wrong?”
He said with a groggy scratchy voice. He saw your little scene, he saw that you run to the window like a crazy person. You slowly turned away and walked to him, laying next to him
“Nothing, nothing at all”
“what you mean nothing? you lloked like you saw a ghost”
he tried to put the pieces together and then it clicked to him. You grew up on a sunny island, he always made fun of your dramatic reactions when you shivered so much when it got a little colder, which means only one thing… this was the first time you saw snow. He smiled in a devilish way at you, which immidiately caused you to hide under the blankets to cover your blushing face
“ you like the snow?”
you protested, not wanting to be teased. You usually laughed at his teasing nature but now you just felt dumb, acting like a child that is now discovering the world. He tried to rip the covers off of you and eventually succeeded, leaving you with nothing to cover your beat red face.
“ Come one baby, you don’t want to hide under the covers when you could spent the time looking at the snow”
he kept teasing you, which made a pout appear to your dry lips. You just wanted to have some fun and enjoy this. In reality Sungmin found it completely adorable, he felt lucky that he got to be there when you saw snow for the first time. He leaned in and placed a kiss at your soft cheek
“don’t be shy baby, it’s completely normal, a lot of people have not seen snow”
he tried to make you feel better, cuddling closer to you. Maybe your insecurity runned deeper, maybe admitting that you have not seen snow would official make you a foreigner, a person completely differnt from the ones here, who were so used to see snow. But sungmin saw it from another point of view, it was so beautifull that you got excited over small things like that, seeing your eyes light up with happiness while you looked outside of the window, how you almost smashed into the glass when you saw it, it was such a small thing but it made you feel wonderfull. He has come to the conclusion that you are always like that, even in the relationship, how you understood his love not when he expresses it with words but with gestures, like informing you that your shoe lace is loose or going in complete hype man mode when you did your make up or when he carried you to bed when you fell asleep on the couch or in the car.
“I acted like a child”
you said covered in shame. You always managed to keep a serious vibe aeound you but still making jokes and only going crazy when you got extremely comfortable, but now he just saw you being childish. He kissed your fore head, supporting his weight on his elbows
“you did, but it was beautiful, now go get ready so we can see the snow”
You smiled showing off your teeth, feeling a little more relaxed. You got up to get ready but then you realised something, you were not at your house you were at Sungmin’s, which means you cannot wear anything, the clothes you wore yesterday are warm but not warm enough for the snow. He saw that you froze on the spot and got up, he got his red sweatshirt and one black thick winter jacket, your leggings should be warm enough to protect your legs, besides his sweatshirt was baggy to him let alone to you.
“Here, these should do the trick”
you didn’t even say anything, He understood you without opening your mouth. You took the clothes and gave him a peck, taking off his shirt you always slept with and putting on the sweatshirt, smelling the detergent you recommended to him
“How do I look?”
You said, strecthing your arms in a Jesus pose but you could barely see your fingers from the sleeves. He could not help but smile and pinch your cheeks

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Submissive [Donghae x You] Fanfic - pt. 15

Type: Smut + Series

Rating: R [Contains swearing, sexual encounters/references, violence]

Characters: You, Donghae, rest of SuJu [*Other characters from other bands may be added]

Description of Story: At one SuJu fan signing, you thought you were going to be another fan that meets Super Junior. Yet, Donghae thinks differently. After weird encounters with this Kpop Star, he starts to spend crazy amounts of money on you. But it all doesn’t come for free. He starts to expect you will give him something in return.

Length: Long

This part includes: Donghae getting a little extreme

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160619 KTR - Super Junior's secret camera is on a large scale as well ..

Seventeen said they did a secret camera on a member’s birthday but the members weren’t easily tricked.

Leeteuk: You can’t do it on that day, you have to prepare beforehand a few days earlier.

Seventeen: Super Junior did alot of secret camera right?

Leeteuk: We did it so many times. Once, Shindong started staying over at his friend’s place, and kept going there to hang out with his friends immediately after his schedules ended. Afterwards at an Indonesia concert, Shindong disappeared right away after the rehearsals ended, and only appeared again before the stage started the next day. It was a big issue, and the only people who knew the truth was me and a manager. Shindong told everyone that he was going to look for a friend and disappeared after rehearsals. Everyone had a room, but someone might enter his room so we left his room empty and he went to sleep with a staff downstairs. And then the next day, he didn’t go to the venue from the hotel with the members. He went there two hours earlier to find a hiding spot and stayed there, and only came back 10 minutes before the stage started. Afterwards, manager started to scold us and the members were very angry that they started quarreling. Siwon stood in the middle and blocked both sides very handsomely, and only found out it was a secret camera later on.

Seventeen: Wow why don’t we do this once as well?

Leeteuk: If you don’t handle this well, your group might disband so I don’t recommend it. [c

 [ENG] All about Super Junior - Secret Camera: