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I didn’t see it here but…As you can see :

- Hoya got an injured leg

- Sungyeol has an injured back

- Woohyun has an injured shoulder

Are they supposed to do a world tour when their health are bad? It’s heartbreaking to see them like that…They will be more injuried during the world tour..

I prefer to don’t see them on music show/variety than to see them injuried !

I hope they will get some rest, and I hope Woolim will see the hashtag #infiniterest ! Help us on twitter please !

[FAN ACCOUNT] 150728 SBS MTV The Show + INFINITE #Bad6thWin

This was a much better experience than the Lotte Lovely Young Concert I blogged about earlier (for obvious reasons). 

It wasn’t my first time at SBS MTV The Show, the first time I went was on the 14th but INFINITE wasn’t on then, I think it was SNSD’s first win for ‘Party’ and the crowd was much rowdier lol.

Today’s line-up included INFINITE, GOT7, 9Muses, GFriend, Stellar and SONAMOO just to name those that I actually knew, lol. 

Had a lot of interaction with Zhou Mi and VIXX’s Hongbin too, the MCs. Hehehehe. Zhou Mi was so cute though, I kept waving to him and at one point I was subconsciously doing a finger wiggle and he pointed straight at me and copied my finger wiggle too HAHAHAHAA >__< Hongbin was adorkable, waved to him so many times in-between stages and every time he thought we were waving at someone behind him, and he’d turn around and point to himself (”me??”) before waving back lol. 

Anyway, back to INFINITE. 

Can I just emphasize again how freaking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G they are live?? 

Every time they perform ‘Bad’ it gets more energetic and badass!! Sunggyu’s vocals were so steady, even my friend who wasn’t an Inspirit could testify to that. The boys vocals improved so much, especially Sungyeol and Sungjong!! Dongwoo’s rap was so charismatic, Myungsoo was sexy af, Hoya’s dance break …… *queue the sound of my ovaries exploding*. 

AND LET’S NOT EVEN TALK ABOUT WOOHYUN’S ADLIB. Every time he does it he adds a new scale to the octave he’s just that good. The atmosphere was so much better than at Lotte and I could go all out with my cheering + fanchants without fear of my life this time ^^ I think I could actually hear myself scream-cheering on the broadcast lol. 

Since INFINITE were the last to perform, the ending ment was right after, and the little interactions between them were GOLD. Dongwoo was being such an energizer bunny that Myungsoo kept having to fluff his hair back into place ^^

I love their reactions every time they win 1st place, they still remain so, so humble and appreciative of Inspirits (’: Sungjong gave the thank-you speech and Sungyeol was giving his mic to him too (lol), Sunggyu was kinda off to the side doing a little victory dance and WooSoo were hugging each other at the back. Hoya’s victory pose was hilarious though, he looked like he was constipated on the toilet at one point but it wasn’t in the official footage xD 

Anyway, during the encore stage, I was so proud of Myungsoo because he was encouraging the rookie groups (I think GFriend was behind him) and even bowing to some of them, it was so heartening to see :’) 

AND THEN JANG FREAKING DONGWOO. OMG. SOMEONE STOP THAT BOY FROM RUINING MY BIAS LIST. Once the cameras stopped rolling, he ran off the stage and around the studio (where does he get all that energy from???), past the standing area where the official fanclub was standing to where we (ticket winners) were seated, which was at the back of the studio, and pointed right at me (I know he was pointing at me because I was the only one standing /  waving and throwing hearts at that moment) AND WAVED BACK. #HELP. #FEELSEVERYWHERE.

Myungsoo just kinda watched the whole scene with amusement and secondhand embarrassment at Dongwoo’s antics lol. >____< Once Dongwoo got back on stage Myungsoo fluffed his hair back into place again and Dongwoo immediately started his usual random dancing and Myungsoo was all “but hyung  I just fluffed your hair back….. ㅠㅅㅠ” IT WAS ADORKABLE. 

Woohyun, Hoya and Sungjong saw my giant heart from the stage and threw hearts / waved back too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I could cry right now. Omg. The stage ended and it took 10 minutes to get a (very reluctant) Hoya to leave LOL. Him and Dongwoo would keep coming back to wave at us, it was so funny!! At one point Sungyeol / Sunggyu (can’t remember which member exactly) had to pull Hoya by the wrist to get him to leave the stage HAHAHAHA. 

The staff filed us out of the studio and I went around the side of the SBS building since I spotted Sunggyu, Hoya and Woohyun by the glass elevators. Sunggyu was spacing out and he was wearing his f*ck off t-shirt again lol, which kinda made it funnier because I kept waving to him. He eventually snapped out of it and smiled back though, hehehe. 

Woohyun and Hoya were mucking around, and Hoya had Woohyun in a punishment pose with his knees on the floor and his arms raised like a kid being punished, but later Woohyun got his revenge (I think he was mouthing something like “너 형한테 감히 …. 이로와!!” / “How dare you do this to hyung, come here!!!”) and made Hoya do push-ups on the lobby floor. XD They kept waving to fans until the lifts arrived, aww :’)

I left the venue before I got to see the other members because it was getting too crowded for comfort, and I was hungry.

All I can say is …… WHY DOES INFINITE KEEP MESSING UP MY BIAS LIST ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Especially Dongwoo omg, I died today with the direct fan interaction I had with him ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 


SBS MTV The Show | 150728 | #1 + Encore | #Bad6thWin

INFINITE Reaction: When you tell them you want a baby

Awhh~~ You’re the amazing person i swear :3 Thank you alot for those sweet words of yours and i hope you keep supporting us foreveeeer~~


Sunggyu: “ I think we.. we should wait more !! We’re still young and i’m always busy , i don’t want to miss anything while he’s growing.. Let’s wait to little bit alright?! “

Dongwoo: “ Now?! I-I mean.. Are we even prepared to be good parents now?! I think we should wait.”

Woohyun: “ If that means having sex with you more then HELL YEEES I WANT TO “

“Oh god.. Woohyun can you be serious for a second?!”

“Hahhaha.. Sorry sorry i was just joking ! Hmm.. Me , a dad !! Yes i want it too :)”

Hoya: “ A baby? With you?! Yes i want to “ 

Sungyeol: “A baby?! Am i not enough for you?! Are you getting bored of me?”

Myungsoo: “ Then we shouldn’t waste any time with getting started then right?”

Sungjong:  “So you’re being serious about this? You think we should try ? “

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