The Story of Yeo Hoonmin

          Yeo Hoonmin: a young boy who was born in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do Province on Friday, the 16th of August, 1991. On this day, he turns 23 years old in Korea, 22 years old internationally. He has a mother, a father, and an older brother named Hoonbi. His Zodiac sign is Leo. Those who are born as a Leo are said to be driven toward their goals. They possess a level of ambition that is very difficult to break.

          Yeo Hoonmin: a victim of childhood bullying due to his weight.  A few extra pounds resulted in daily harassment from his peers. Chubby. Fat. Pig. He found it difficult to make friends. Fed up of the constant torment and loneliness, he enrolled in taekwondo school. Determined to shed his old self, he exercised diligently, and his efforts helped him lose the weight and start anew.

          Yeo Hoonmin: an athlete whose devotion toward his passion took a turn for the worse. At  age seventeen, he had been training extensively for an important taekwondo competition. On the day of the fight, he suddenly collapsed, clutching his knee in pain. The injury sidelined him from the sport altogether. However, a new, hidden talent emerged during his recovery. It was at this very moment when Hoonmin realized that he had quite the singing voice: soft, smooth, yet soulful and powerful when necessary. Perfect for a ballad singer.

          Yeo Hoonmin: a young man who chose to pursue a career in the music industry. He received full support from his friends and family. In fact, his father even built him a studio in which he practiced. In 2009, he debuted under BOK Entertainment with “Bus” from his album “Pure and Love.” The following year, he released another album titled “Beginning.” Unfortunately, his solo career didn’t pan out, and he left the spotlight.

          Yeo Hoonmin: a soloist-turned idol when he, along with former Paran member AJ, joined U-KISS in 2011. This followed the departure of members Alexander and Kibum. He adopted his own stage name: Hoon. Hoon was the newbie of the company, as AJ had already known the others for years. The opposition was overwhelming:

          “Is this a joke?”

          “He can never replace them.”

          “He has no talent.”

          “He’s not even cute.”

          “Get out of U-KISS.”

          “I’m leaving this fandom.”

Many fans didn’t want to give him a chance. Many didn’t want to see what he had to offer. However, he didn’t let the negativity hinder him. He learned how to dance, something he had never done before. He trained his vocals in order to be the best he could be. Over time, his skills made him an extremely valuable asset to the team.

          Yeo Hoonmin: a combination of many traits and talents. He is a well-rounded athlete, and he often represents the group in sports events. He won the MBC Idol Wrestling championship, even defeating a professional wrestler. He has a wonderful voice and is capable of hitting high and low notes. He performed as the lead in two musicals. He can play the piano. He exudes full confidence on stage. He takes care of his members, thus earning the role as U-KISS’ mother. He likes to cook. When they live in a dorm together, Hoon wakes up before the others in order to do housework.  

          Yeo Hoonmin: a vocalist who takes great pride in his performances. When he sings, he places his hand over his heart. He slowly brings his left hand toward his right, and when he finishes his lines, he slowly brings his arms down. He gazes at the camera with an intense look in his eyes. During emotional songs, his eyes glisten with tears. He brings the microphone close to his mouth, sometimes so close that his lips touch its surface. Even when he’s sick, he gives it his all.

          Yeo Hoonmin: a lovable sweetheart who cherishes his fans. He studies Japanese (along with basic greetings in other languages) in order to communicate with the fans. He regularly tweets cute messages and selcas directed toward Kissmes. He asks them to take care of their health even if he isn’t feeling well. He thanks fans for coming to performances or simply supporting the group as a whole. He constantly says how much he loves and appreciates Kissmes. Inspired by One Piece, his catchphrase is, “I will protect you!”

          Yeo Hoonmin: a big bundle of quirkiness. He’s known as the bunny. He’s responsible for creating the Hoonmorning/Hoonnight virus that has become an epidemic across the fandom. He spaces out a lot. His ears turn cherry-red when he’s nervous or embarrassed. His fingers move randomly when he eats tasty food. He tries to rap. He speaks adorable Engrish (or Hoonglish?). He does weird aegyo. Very weird aegyo. He’s an expert at making derp faces. Simply put: he’s one of a kind.

          Yeo Hoonmin: the member who often gets overlooked not only by the K-pop community, but by many Kissmes themselves. Sure, he may not have the “flower boy” image. Sure, he may be an awkward dancer. Sure, he may not have the typical idol figure. When people do pay attention to him…it’s usually not due to his talent or character.

Fans pay attention to him when he shows skinship.

Fans pay attention to him when he shows skin.

          “OMG his muscles!”

          “OMG those abs! So sexy!”

Fans paid attention to his chubby cheeks.

          “I just want to squish them! ;~;”

          “His cheeks are so adorable!”

Fans pay attention to his lack of chubby cheeks.

           “He should gain weight. He’s getting too thin.”

          “I miss his chubby cheeks. ;;”

Many do not see him for his talent, his abilities, and his drive. He has so much to offer, and deserves much more than what he is currently receiving.


          Yeo Hoonmin: a man who continues to persevere in spite of the hardships he has overcome.

          Yeo Hoonmin: a man whose charm captivates hearts, whose voice soothes the pained soul, whose dazzling smile warms the cold spirit.

          Yeo Hoonmin: a man who deserves the proper respect, a man whose passion should never waver, a man who should receive the kind words and encouragement to keep him moving forward…not only on his birthday…but every day.