Standing Faced Towards You (Lyrics, Composed, Arranged by KZ, Jun Down, Crazy Mind Rap Making by Dongwoo, Hoya)

Like a movie, there is a farewell scene that is appearing chronologically right in front of our eyes. Infinite portrays their charms as a vocal group with each individual’s voice with the dramatic music in the background.

translated by ifnt0827
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imma just cuddle in my coffin while I listen to gyu’s voice

Gif+Text: C.A.P, Jin, Youngjae (got7), Sunggyu and Onew reaction when you say you need to break up with them in order to debut

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C.A.P: He would probably not mind if you suggested breaking up. Not because he doesn`t want to date you, but because he wouldn`t be able to handle a secret relationship which would keep playing on your nerves.

Jin: Jin would not just be your boyfriend, but your bestie as well. He would know if debuting was your biggest dream ever or not. In case it was, he would try to act cheerful and tell you to make your dreams come true instead of sticking with him.

Youngjae: Poor Youngjae`s heart would drop upon hearing that. He would feel broken, but try his best to hide it behind a smile in order not to upset you. He would smile and say it was okay because your dream is more important.

Sunggyu: I bet he wouldn`t want to let you go and act like a husband who wants to prevent his wife from getting a job because he wants her all to himself, which sounds kinda selfish. He wouldn`t force you to stop, but expect a lot of cute and pouty faces, asking if you really need to debut and give him up.

Onew: Onew would listen carefully to every single word you had to say to him. When you`re finished, he would nod and give you a small smile, then take your hands in his, squeeze them gently and tell you to be happy and not to overwork yourself when you debut.

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