Someone should start a spinoff game – which cats in Neko Atsume resemble the members for anon

INFINITE's plans according to leadergyu
  • leadergyu:ah yes, we are now- currently, the members are very busy filming movies and dramas, but the next album will probably...the infinite h unit album is finished recording so they will probably greet you with an infinite h album. L-sshi, sungyeol-sshi, and sungjong-sshi, called infinite f, have come to release a debut album in japan so they will probably be able to greet you with a japanese album. and woohyun-sshi will...*exchanges looks with woohyun*
  • leadergyu:
  • leadergyu:...yes, he will just greet you.
  • other kpop idols:LOL.
  • woohyun:*waves cheerfully*
  • leadergyu:and i probably won't even be able to greet you.
  • other kpop idols:LOL.
  • leadergyu:i will try my best to do activities too. thank you.
  • credit:141025 mbc korean music wave interview