Btob reaction to hearing you singing their solo songs

btob’s reaction to hearing you singing their solo songs? (you’re not aware they’re there)


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He’d probably be smiling at you fondly, watching you secretly from behind the door. He’d see you in your shared room singing quietly while you scrolled through your phone. He’d think it was super adorable that you were actually singing his solo song and that you actually had memorised all the lyrics. He’d suddenly walk into the room, singing with you which would probably give you a huge shock. He’d start to serenade the song to you, smiling at you the entire time. He’d give you a cheeky smile at the end, leaning down to kiss your cheek. “Nothing beats the original but you came pretty close, y/n.” 


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Minhyuk would be sneakily watching you while you sang and moved around in the kitchen. He’d laugh a little as you tried to get his parts right, finding it amusing when you’d repeat certain parts that you thought didn’t sound right. He’d surprise you, suddenly coming up to you to give you a back hug. He’d look down at you, giving you a small smile. “Having a solo concert without me? Huh?” he’d tease, poking at your cheek. He’d find it really cute that you were actually singing his solo despite how shy and embarrassed you were that he caught you singing it. 


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You were singing Changsub’s solo while you showered, even dancing along a little bit. He heard you and was leaning against the wall, laughing and smiling whenever you tried to hit a note right. He even recorded it so he could listen to it later. When you finally got out the shower and left the bathroom he immediately followed after you. “Yah, that’s copyright you know? Singing my song without telling me,” he teased. He’d keep on teasing you about it, messing around with you but he really thought that it was sweet of you and he was super touched that you actually knew his song so well. 


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Hyunsik would have to stop himself from making a noise and smiling too much as he watched you passionately sing his solo while dancing with an imaginary partner in the living room. He couldn’t hold in his laugh anymore and burst out into laughter. “Why are you so cute, y/n?” he’d ask you, walking up to you, a little shy that you sang his song as he tried to hide it by reaching for your arm. “Dance with me, then?” he asked, trying to hide his blushing cheeks, smiling at how flustered you were. “I take it that you like my new song then?” he asked, as he started to dance with you, humming his song, his smile bright. 


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Peniel could hear you singing his song from the other room. He was already quietly hyping himself up and dancing his choreography. He peeked into the room, grinning as he looked over at you dancing and singing along to his song. As soon as you noticed him you practically fell down onto the couch from embarrassment which caused Peniel to laugh out at how shy you were. “You were doing great, y/n,” he said, moving to sit next to you, he reenacted how you fell and merely laughed over at you when you smacked him. He was happy you were singing his song. 


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Ilhoon could hear a familiar sounding tune from the living room and when he peeked in, he saw you trying to rap his parts as you danced around the living room. He’d be smiling so much before suddenly surprising you. He’d grab your hands and start dancing around the room with you to his catchy song. “So, you wanna collab or what?” he teased, poking at your side as he gave you a cheeky smile. “I saw you there, rapping my parts,” he said, nudging your size and kissing your cheek. “You were cute.” 


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Sungjae was watching you singing his song with a satisfied smirk on his face. He’d come running towards you, waving his hands around and yelling out your name. “I’m your biggest fan, y/n,” he’d say, pretending to hold out paper for you to sign. You’d be super embarrassed since you didn’t expect him to come out of nowhere like that and catch you singing his song. He’d just smile brightly at you as he started to sing as he urged you to join him since he thought it was really sweet of you to sing his song. He’d probably feel really touched and happy. 

I haven’t written reactions in a while, please forgive me if they aren’t up to par. Also, pls someone make more btob gifs. 

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