Sunday Morning Coming Down

#3. Standard Velaris Town House Situation On A Domestic Sunday Morning

Cassian: Annoys everyone by waking them up REALLY early. He comes down from the House of Wind, and keeps banging on the townhouse door yelling “Rise and shine, peeps! Holiday is ExtraTraining Day!” and then someone from inside yells loud enough for all of Velaris to hear, “SCREW YOU, CASSIAN” (*cough* Mor *cough*)

Feyre: Wakes up and groggily goes to the foyer to let Cassian in and have words with him. Then goes to the bathroom to get her toothbrush and walks all around the house aimlessly while brushing her teeth.

Rhys: Falls asleep on the toilet with a toothbrush in his mouth. Wakes up half an hour later to Mor banging on the door. “Rhys, if you’re done with whatever you’ve been doing in there for so long, others would like to use the facilities. NOW COME OUT AT ONCE”

Mor: After (finally) shooing Rhys from the bathroom, she emarks on a big personal grooming mission. Shows up for breakfast and literally beats Cassian up. Later decides to go out with Feyre to the Rainbow of Velaris for the perfect chill-out.

Elain: Is super cheerful. Wakes up early for a bout of gardening. Makes pancakes for everyone at breakfast. Scolds Cassian for the commotion he causes. (And Cassian literally looks a bit sad and mumbles “I’m sorry” to everyone at the table.)

Azriel: Shows up punctually for breakfast. Takes one look at all the pissed faces around the table and smacks Cassian on the head lightly saying “I told you so”. For some reason, he’s a bit distracted, and keeps falling asleep at the table. His face almost falls onto the syrupy pancake, and then Feyre and Mor start teasing him about whether he was up all night last night with a secret someone. Azriel merely smirks without an answer and the two start hooting.

Nesta: Is ROYALLY pissed that she was woken up before noon. Hangs up with Mor on the Beat the General Commander Up Mission™. Speaks very little at breakfast, staring angrily at her food and swearing under her breath. Doesn’t even bother to fix her bed hair. Is forced to shower by Feyre and then she later grabs a big fat book, some snacks and retreats to her bedroom and shows up only for meals.

Amren: Is savage and snarky. Makes sarcastic comments at breakfast. Refuses to go to any kind of work. Glares hard enough for Rhys to shut up with his ordering. Ventures into the kitchen to steal some food for herself and then: “Feyre, Rhys and Mor have stolen all the cake again!” “What!?? No, we didn’t!” “Tell that to the High Lady” *smirk smirk*

Lucien: Is still baffled by how informal the Inner Circle is. Mor sends him to run errands i.e. get more cake, as Amren whisked off all of it. Puzzled, he obliges. Spends the rest of the jobless. Decides to just grab a book from the House of Wind Library and spend the day reading as Mor, Cassian and Azriel are already out who-knows-where, he has a slight suspicion that Feysand have gone to the popular “cabin” in the mountains and Nesta and Elain and Amren don’t want to be disturbed.

And this happens literally EVERY Sunday.

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Late Nights & Bad Decisions

A Robert Small Playlist

🥃 Hoist That Rag–Tom Waits

🥃 I See A Darkness–Johnny Cash

🥃 Transpose–Bad Suns

🥃 Downtown Train–Tom Waits

🥃 Little Lion Man–Mumford & Sons

🥃 Warm Beer And Cold Women–Tom Waits

🥃 Low Life–X Ambassadors 

🥃 Demon Alcohol–Ozzy Osbourne 

🥃 Sunday Morning Come Down–Johnny Cash

🥃 Hurt–Johnny Cash

🥃 You Didn’t Have A Good Time–Randy Travis

🥃 I Hope You’re Feeling Better–Santana 

🥃 Taboo–Santana

🥃 No One To Depend On–Santana

🥃 That Feel–Tom Waits

Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down
Kris Kristofferson
Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down

Kris KristoffersonSunday Morning Coming Down

from Kristofferson (1970)

This week Kris Kristofferson welcomes ya’ll to Country Sunday (Mornin’ Comin’ Down.) I thought I’d be remiss if I let too many weeks pass without throwing it on the juke.

I used to have this on vinyl in college and thought it was the strangest album – his vocals sounded so peculiar to me. On this tune, every time he sings that “beer I had for breakfast” line it reminds me of the time I had the great idea to drink some Sierra Nevada barleywine along with my oatmeal. Suffice to say that bloody marys are a far better brunch drink.


there’s something about this song that’s just different when johnny cash sings it. goosebumps.


So happy I was finally able to track a video of this down.  I alluded to this performance after seeing them in concert a few weeks ago and I still get all emotional watching it.  

blithelybonny  asked:

70 - you're warm ---- jackshit (are you surprised.... :P)

This is a personal attack.

There are new shingles on the Haus roof.

Jack runs his fingers over them, hyperaware of the roughness under his fingertips and the furrows on his forehead. His mother always told him he’d have wrinkles by forty if he kept frowning so much. He’s on the wrong side of thirty-five to start worrying about it now.

“Whatcha doing, Jackabelle?”

Jack doesn’t look up; he doesn’t need to, to recognize Shitty’s voice. He presses the pads of his fingers harder against the grit. “I’m…ah. I don’t know.”

Shitty sits down next to him, dangling his legs off the edge of the roof. He’s still in his slacks and dress shirt, but his suit jacket’s been lost since they left the reception. Most of the other alumni have gone home. Jack thinks the current Haus residents would ask him to leave, if he were someone else.

“They painted over the bylaws,” Shitty says. “Ungrateful fuckers.”

Jack huffs out a laugh. He has a flash of half a memory—Shitty in less clothes with more hair, blowing pot smoke out towards the stars.

“Do you think they remember us?” he asks, and then frowns around the words. They aren’t right. He can’t remember the question he was trying to make.

“How could they forget you, bro?” Shitty retorts, and pulls Jack into a headlock to fuck up his hair. “You’re Jack fucking Zimmermann, hockey legend.”

Jack shoves Shitty away and then wishes he hadn’t. He mumbles, “That’s not what I meant.”

Shitty pries at one of the shingles with his thumb and forefinger. “What’s up, Jacko?”

“This school was—” Jack sighs, frustrated again. “No one will know what it meant. To us. The team that lives here now, they don’t know.”

Shitty has long eyelashes. They flutter while he watches Jack, blinking slowly. “But we will, brah. We’ll remember.”

Jack surges down and presses his face into Shitty’s neck, arms wrapping around his torso, whole body shuddering. He thinks of fireworks, Sunday mornings, coming down from panic attacks. Smoke dissolving into the air before it reached the sky.

Shitty’s hand is already in his hair by the time he asks, “Jack?”

“You’re warm,” Jack murmurs. Shitty is always warm.

100 Ways to Say ‘I Love You’


Get well Kris Kristofferson.


Sunday Morning Coming Down

Kris Kristofferson


Back when music videos meant something…

Johnny Cash & Kris Kristofferson - Sunday Morning Coming Down