Red Dragon con 3 recap part 5

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Ellen and Demore Q&A panel summary (Sunday)

-What did Franklyn say about Hannibal to Tobias? “He’s hot. I mean, you’re hotter but…”

-”I know you guys like it when I go deep” and the whole audience is like “oooooooh” :D

-Demore about Ellen’s height “you’re like three apples high”

-What show would you like to be on? Demore: “I’m already on every show I want to be on!”

-Do you hate anything about Tobias? “It’s important not to judge a character, it limits your performance”

-What would be your favorite way to die? Demore: “FAVORITE???”. He’d like to go by doing something really heroic. (His “funny” answer was in his sleep haha)

-Hannibal outtakes? Franklyn: “What are you doing here?” Tobias: “I just got killed by the FBI” “That doesn’t make any sense”

-Favorite Mads role? Demore: Casino Royale. “Who is this guy? He’s awesome. How does he bleed out of his eye?”

-The usual what dishes would you like Hannibal to turn their characters into? Ellen: Georgia would be charred barbecue, Demore: a brain dish, so Tobias can still show he’s smarter.

-What kind of killer would you be in Hannibal? Ellen: I’d kill rabid animals and then feed them to people to give them rabies! (Ellen is then shocked by her own answer :’D). 

-A question about loneliness & their characters? Ellen: Georgia was living in a prison of her own mind. Connection to Will was the first one she’d had in a long time. Georgia believed Will was also dead, or had some superpowers to see her. She was really confused when Mads/Hannibal handed her the scissors. He could see her but had no connection to her. She wasn’t bothered Hannibal framing her though, because well, she was dead. Demore: Tobias satisfied his appetite for connection by killing people. Tobias had become numb in his loneliness, but was also seeking connection in his own way, with Hannibal. According to Ellen, getting sympathy for your villain is a great achievement for an actor, Demore agrees. 

-About working with Hugh (Ellen): Hugh cared for her character, and his performance made hear tear up and feel safe. He brought out more vulnerability in her character than she had expected. “When he put his hand out, mine just fell towards him”.

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