Pokemon Sun and Moon in a nutshell. o3o [mememememmeme]


I honestly had no idea where I was going with this as I animated it xD; I just knew I wanted to animate Nebby and Lillie /so bad/ … I love the super animu Lillie frames. xD 

These two were my favorite characters from Sun and Moon, but it’s actually really hard to pick among the very interesting cast we have :3 <3


Mimikyu and Pyukumuku doodles!~ 

Rock, Paper, Scissors is easy when you’ve got hands, even if we normally don’t see them! xD That was my first doodle intention and then I got a bunch of random ideas… So the rest are those ideas in action..

Funny enough, the high-five is my absolute favorite of the set xD

While Drampa is usually a very gentle Pokémon, it can fly into a rage if a child it cares for is hurt in some way.

According to old tales, Phantump are stumps possessed by the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest.

Drampa’s description alone has pushed it to the near top of my Alola favorites so far, but what’s Pokemon’s issue with children?? (I’m looking at you Drifloon)

Also it’s transparent c; 

some Ryo Bakura style experiments.  first was meant to evoke something that might come from character designers at Studio Trigger, leaning towards Kill la Kill  (Toshio Ishizaki aka Sushio) and Little Witch Academia (You Yoshinari) though I was more going of a vibe here than trying to directly reference the style.  Studio Trigger has produced some of my favorite character design.

Second was suggested by @makanix, as we both adore the Pokemon Sun & Moon anime style.  

These were fun to do!  I might do more in the future!


feel free to check sun, moon, rising or even mars if you like! 

San - Princess Mononoke: Aries, Sagittarius

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Chihiro - Spirited Away: Pisces, Scorpio

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Haru - The Cat Returns: Leo, Gemini 

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Sophie - Howl’s Moving Castle: Virgo, Libra

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Satsuki - My Neighbor Totoro: Capricorn, Cancer

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Sheeta - Castle In The Sky: Aquarius, Taurus

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