Jonny in Melody Maker, Feb 1993

“It’s actually about how I learnt to play,“ [Jonny] says. "Me and my grandfather would play show tunes together, you see? He’d sit me on his knee when I was three, and teach me how to play the banjo. And I remember saying one day, ’Enough of My Fair Lady!’ And that’s how rock'n’roll was born.”
Rock’n’roll was born in your house?!“
“Sort of. I was actually born at Sun Studios. I’ve got a letter from Cliff saying. ‘Thanks a lot’.”
 But Cliff was British.”
 “Ah, but Elvis copied Cliff, you see? That’s my theory. It’ll end with Cliff. You’ll see,“ Jon continues his apocalyptic rant. "Armageddon will happen. It’ll end with a yellow tracksuit." 

‘Gritty Pretty’ — March Beauty Daily shot by Brydie Mack

Hair: KMS California Add Volume Body Build detangler and KMS California Hairplay Messing creme and Hairplay Playable texture Makeup: Laura Mercier Foundation primer in 'Radiance’ Joanna wears Hatmaker headpiece

Hair by Ellen Robbins and Chelsea Single of Lustre The Colour Studio.


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Pokemon Sun and Moon in a nutshell. o3o [mememememmeme]


I honestly had no idea where I was going with this as I animated it xD; I just knew I wanted to animate Nebby and Lillie /so bad/ … I love the super animu Lillie frames. xD 

These two were my favorite characters from Sun and Moon, but it’s actually really hard to pick among the very interesting cast we have :3 <3

While Drampa is usually a very gentle Pokémon, it can fly into a rage if a child it cares for is hurt in some way.

According to old tales, Phantump are stumps possessed by the spirits of children who died while lost in the forest.

Drampa’s description alone has pushed it to the near top of my Alola favorites so far, but what’s Pokemon’s issue with children?? (I’m looking at you Drifloon)

Also it’s transparent c; 

Memphis - Sun Studio 004

This is iconic Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. Sun Studio was opened by Sam Phillips on Jan. 3, 1950. It is considered to be the birthplace of rock-and-roll. Blues, r&b, rock-and-roll, rockabilly and country music were all recorded here during the 50s. Artists such as Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, B.B. King, Roy Orbison, Howlin’ Wolf and Ike Turner, as well as many others recorded here.


Gemini Zodiac ring in brass with emerald green vintage glass sphere.

The twins (both male and female) are winged to represent their ruling god, Mercury. 

Available with several stone choices, including pearls for June’s birthstone. Also available in sterling silver.


Tales of Alethrion: Thug´s Life

Thug´s Life was our stretch goal, a comic, for our last Kickstarter for Tales of Alethrion. We will reveal a chapter everyday this week with a new chapter. It is about Mira who you saw in The Reward face Wilhelm in a deadly battle: ( ).

This is about her before she faced Wilhelm and how she turned into a thug. She started out wanting justice in the world and wanted to become a police guardian of Draloque. Enjoy! Return tomorrow and read chapter two!

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