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A giant guardian that acts like a Colossus from Shadow of the Colossus. You have to climb on top of it and attack it’s glowing weak points in order to kill it. It’s about the size of Dark Beast Ganon and is an optional boss that you can fight whenever, and fight numerous times. Killing it gives you one of two things: Agro, the horse from the game, or The Sword of the Sun.

Agro has infinite stamina (like the giant horse) and already has the maximum bond and best temperament, but isn’t that fast and has the weakest strength possible. Unlike her namestake in SotC, she CAN be killed, but can still be revived by the horse god or by defeating the Guardian again.

The Sword of the Sun does 60 damage, has really good durability, but cannot be thrown. Instead, if you hold the ‘throw’ button while standing in the sun, a beam of light emanates from the sword and points at whatever you’re currently tracking with the Sheika Slate, even if you can’t detect it at the moment. If the target is moving, the beam will move. It acts like a quest arrow in that it will direct you to the proper path to get to your destination instead of telling you to go through a mountain or something. You can only have one at a time. When it breaks, you can get it back by defeating the guardian again or by purchasing it from that guy in Tarry Town that sells the rubber armor and Hylian Shield.


(via ScienceAlert (@sciencealert) • Instagram photos and videos)

This 2012 photo was taken of a then 69-year-old truck driver. He’d been driving for 28 years and the Sun-caused damage on one side is pretty insane. 😮😮 📷: The New England Journal of Medicine

Don’t ever tell me that marching band isn’t important.

I have had so many problems with public schools putting all the emphasis on athletics. When a school’s budget is cut, they don’t choose to take a little from each program. No. They choose to completely eradicate the arts programs, usually starting with the marching band. If you don’t play sports, you’re not a valuable asset, you’re not qualified for scholarships, and you mean nothing. Marching band? Why would we be impressed that you’re in marching band?

Anyone can do that.

Okay, fine. Anyone can do marching band. Anyone can spend hours on the field doing the same forty-second section over and over and over and over. Anyone can hit over 75 precise dots on the field with the correct step sizes, the correct amount of steps, the correct timing, without being so much as an inch to either side, in order and without looking at the yard line markers or the field. Anyone can memorize all of those extremely specific points on the grass and varying counts for steps and then execute them with a shako visor pulled down over your eyes and looking up at the press box the whole time. If you look down at the yard line markers to see where you are, congratulations, you just lost points for the group.

Anyone can memorize eight pages of notes, rhythms, dynamics, phrasing, and tempos. (But of course, before you do that you have to learn an instrument with hundreds of different fingerings and learn how to make slight changes in your lips to change notes and stay in tune.) Memorize all seven and a half minutes of music and then marry it to the seventy-five pages of drill you memorized. Do them both perfectly and at the same time. But you can’t just do what you memorized. You have to do it in perfect sync with everyone around you and know how to make the slightest adjustments to fit perfectly within the group. If you’re an inch to the right or barely a thousandth of a step sharp, it’ll throw everything off.

But anyone can do that.

Then add in the fact that you don’t get any individual credit for doing this. The closest you’ll come to recognition is your identity lumped into “The Such-and-Such Marching Band” as you all march onto the field looking exactly the same. You don’t have a number on your back. You have a uniform intended to erase you and turn you into dot T14 and nothing more.

But, for some reason you can’t explain, you love it. You love throwing everything you have into this ridiculously precise pursuit and then not getting any credit for it. You start thanking people when they call you a band geek. You start taping pictures of marching bands into your locker. You start wearing your band shirt everywhere you go. Because you look at the person in an identical uniform next to you and you know that you’ve done this for them and they’ve done this for you. This is more than just a team, this is a family; and if one person is missing from the form, the show can’t ever be the same. 

It costs so much money, so much time. You’re out there on the field in the blazing sun for fourteen hours a day during summer band camp, out in the street getting frostbite on your fingertips during the holiday parade. If anyone knew what you went through for this, they would wonder what made it all worth it.

And the truth is, what makes it all worth it cannot be described. It’s the camaraderie between you and the center snare, the colorguard newbie, the tenor sax player in the set in front of you. It’s the sunset behind you lighting up the back of your plume. It’s the hazy nostalgia that racks your chest with emotion. There’s something about the family you’ve chosen and the experience you’ve internalized that gives you the passion to throw everything down onto that field like nothing else matters in the world… because in that moment, it’s true. 

Your nerves are damaged from the cold. Your skin is damaged from the sun. Your joints are damaged from marching and marching and marching. You’re physically and mentally drained, your body is irreversibly compromised, you’re broke as hell, and all you have to show for it is a polyester jacket and a couple of blurry photographs.

But sports are what require hard work and dedication, not marching band.

Even though you complained basically the entire time you marched and even though you’re done with it, you pull out those photographs and you remember. You remember your first day of high school band camp when you had absolutely no idea what you were getting yourself into. You remember your first final retreat when they announced your band’s name as state champions, and you wanted to cry with happiness but you weren’t allowed to move, so you just clenched your fists so tight that your fingernails dug white crescents into your palms. You remember coming back the next year and thinking you knew everything as a sophomore, only to realize there was still so much to learn. You remember the band trips you spent months fundraising for, all the lame tourist attractions you visited between performances, and how you wouldn’t trade those memories for all the money in the world. You remember being a junior and getting nervous because people looked up to you now: as an upperclassman, as a section leader, as a friend. And then you were a senior and you cried on the final day of band camp. You remember how your life became a series of lasts. You had to decide which of the freshmen would inherit your band cubby, your lucky bottle of valve oil, your bus seat. You went to graduation but it didn’t mean anything because you still had one last band trip coming up. You didn’t shed a tear when you tossed your cap but you cried like a child after your last parade. You remember on the plane ride home, you expected to feel devastated and heartbroken, but you just felt… empty.

You remember printing out what seemed like the most difficult solo in the world. You remember driving up to your college and entering a room with a chair and a stand and a couple of people giving you skeptical looks. You remember getting an email from the college marching band with your audition results and reading it with tears of joy in your eyes because you realized it was starting all over again.

But marching band doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t matter.

Tell me that it doesn’t matter. Tell me as many times as you want. You could scream it in my face and I still wouldn’t hear because the music we’re making is too damn loud to let anything else in. 

Tell me that it doesn’t matter when I’m standing on the field for the last time, knowing that everything behind me will last forever and that nothing will ever mean more to me than this… and all you’ve got is some money and a jersey with a number on the back.

Do not ever tell me that marching band isn’t important. It is everything to me, and it is everything to millions of other band geeks across the world.

When you refuse to support kids because they participate in the arts rather than athletics, you’re no better than the football player who takes lunch money from nerds.

To all of my fellow band geeks… keep marching, even if the world tells you it’s not worth it. It is. God, it is worth it, in ways no one else but you will ever understand. Continue your band career in college. Audition for a drum corps. Stay active in your high school band as an alumnus supporter. You are all my family. 

✨Hoe Tips✨ Skincare Ed.

1. Find products for YOUR specific skin type. Look into ingredients like salicylic acid (for normal/oily skin) or glycolic acid (for dryer/aged skin) and see how they affect your specific skin type. Don’t just do Proactiv or whatever bevause everyone else does it.
2. Kinda goes with no. 1, but look at the ingredients in whatever you’re putting on your face. Labels like “paraben free” are typically better for your skin. Look up ingredients you aren’t sure of, and make sure they aren’t notably corrosive chemicals.
3. Do a swatch test on your wrist or forearm for all skin products before putting them on your face. If the product irritates the skin on your arm, DO NOT put it on your face.
4. Do a mask once a week to really clean out your pores (cheap ones can be found at Target, Walmart, or your local pharmacy).
5. Drink lots of water, and eat fresh fruits.
6. MOISTURIZE DAILY. Even if you have oily skin (there are moisturizers specifically made for oily skin types). Moisturizers with SPF are a bonus for extra protection.
7. Shower/wash your face with lukewarm/cooler water. Hot water can dry out your skin immensely.
8. My skincare routine order: remove makeup, facewash, exfoliator, mask, toner, acne/spot treatment, moisturizer/spf 9. Never ever ever sleep with makeup on 10. Coconut oil and other essential oils can be great for your skin, but they can also clog up pores if you have an oily skintype. Bear that in mind. 11. Try to buy skincare products of the same brand, or at least that have similar ingredients. Mixing the wrong brands/chemicals can cause acid burn on your face (which from personal experience hurts like a bitch and takes a while to heal.) 12. Witch hazel is a fantastic all natural toner 13. For more acne prone skin, try to find a moisturizer with salicylic acid for that extra defense. Clean and clear ($8 at any drugstore) works wonders 14. Don’t pop your pimples ever (but if you do, make sure to only pop the whiteheads) 15. Those tiny black dots on your nose are supposed to be there. They’re pores, not blackheads, and should be cleansed regularly. However, you should still have those little pores on your nose visibly. Stop tryna get rid of them. 15. Touch your face as little as possible 16. Change your pillowcases often, especially if you sleep on your front 17. Every few months, change up the brand of your skincare products. The oils and bacteria on your skin eventually adapt to the products you use, and they stop being as effective 18. Some brands of birth control can actually double to clear up your skin 19. Wash your scalp and hair often, especially if you have acne on your hairline 20. Relax. Skin can be severely affected by extreme stress levels 21. Swap out your heavy foundation for a light BB cream on casual days. BB cream is more protective and moisturizing for your skin, and still offers natural coverage 22. Look for makeup products with SPF. These products can moisturize and protect your skin from sun damage while still keepin ya face beat 23. Always moisturize and prime before putting on makeup, to make it last longer and to keep your pores clear despite layers of foundation, concealer, powder, etc 24. Splash/spray some rose water onto your face before moisturizing. This both tones and hydrates your face to really lock in moisture. 25. Don’t go overboard with the amount of products you put on your face. Sometimes, less is more. ✨Thats all for now hoes enjoy ya clear skin✨

self care "(beauty)" tips

1. Ditch the overpriced products and make your own toner using apple cider vinegar and water.

2. Get a gentle cleanser, from brands like Cetaphil, CeraVe, and/or Simple Skincare for example.

3. Use two different towels for your body and for intimate when showering.

4. For soft hydrated skin use baby oil gel after a shower, if you are feeling like you need extra moisture, follow up with a good lotion by Vaseline or Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.

5. Use an oil as a nightly moisturizer, yup, even if you already have oily skin. It helps give you a natural glow and hydrate your skin without being over powering. Some of the best oils are RMS beauty oil, Josie Maran’s Argan Oil, and more on the simpler side: any kind of vitamin E oil.

6. Use sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF as a daily moisturizer! Even if it’s a cold and dark day. UV intensity is always there and with protection you can prevent and subside acne scars and dark spots, as well as any sun damage to your skin.

7. Use an eye cream to combat dryness under your eyes and also for your makeup (if you wear any) to lay down smoother.

8. Let your boobs and your vagina breathe every now and then. You don’t always need to wear a bra or panties if you’re going to bed, and if you feel most comfortable with them, wear bralettes that aren’t overly tight, and loose cotton panties. Trust me, you’ll feel a bit freer.

9. Buy an at home foot-spa, ConAir has great ones for reasonable prices. Sometimes it’s good just to get home and have some you-time.

10. If drinking water is hard for you, make detox waters! You can google all kinds of recipes from adding simple cucumbers and lemon slices to even getting creative and adding watermelon and berries. It will get you more excited to drink water and also add some flavor if that’s what you need.

11. Massage your scalp. This increases blood flow and in result helps your hair to grow. If your goal is for hair growth, use one of your favorite hair growth products from oils/greased to massage into your hair as you do it. For example (and my favorite): Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

12. If your lips are chapped and it seems like even chapstick and lip balms aren’t having an affect, use a lip scrub and finish off with just a dap vitamin e oil.

13. Eat fruit. If you’re hungry and it’s late at night: eat fruit. If you’re hungry and there’s “no food in the house”: eat fruit. If you’re hungry but pressing on time: eat fruit. EAT FRUIT! EAT FRUIT! EAT FRUIT!

14. Moisturize your eyelashes. I know, it’s something we hardly think about. But we moisturize our hair and skin, think about how little we touch our lashes unless it’s with makeup? Moisturizing your lashes will stimulate growth and maintain its health. Vitamin E oil or a little dap of aloe vera gel would work.

15. TRIM. YOUR. ENDS. Don’t hang on to dead hair or split ends simply for length. Otherwise your hair will just keep breaking where it’s already broken and stay the same length that it is. Healthy hair is “good hair.”

16. If you have oily or acne prone skin use a very gentle but affective form of exfoliation every other day, such as a konjac sponge.

17. Remove makeup with micellar water, it’s super refreshing and will lift every bit of makeup from your face

Yummy Skin Care: Eat foods that are good for your skin!

- Carrots: Vitamin A helps to prevent sun damage, dry skin, dry hair and helps your body to absorb iron which is good for the skin, too. 

- Walnuts: Biotin keeps your skin, hair and nails healthy and helps your skin to heal faster from injuries, Vitamin E protects your skin because of its antioxidative effect and may even help with neurodermitis, Omega 3s helps your body to keep your skin hydrated. 

- Water: Keeps your skin moisturized from the inside and naturally prevents dry skin,it also keeps your skin elastic and helps to transport vitamins to every skin cell 

- Spinach: Vitamin A and Biotin (see above). 


A lot of people of color think that sunblock is only for white people or people with pale skin. But everybody’s skin needs to be protected from the sun! Brown and black people might not burn and get red as easily, but everyone of every color is at risk for skin cancer. Also, the sun is the #1 cause of premature aging. So that means you can get wrinkles earlier in life if you are exposed to too much sunlight with unprotected skin! If you have dark spots from acne, the sun makes them darker. You may say, “I don’t get sunburned, I only get tan.” Well, guess what? You get darker from the sun because your body is producing more pigment to protect you from the sun, which means that every shade darker you get is another layer of sun damage. The sun is our best friend and also our worst enemy at the same time. Use sunscreen with uva and uvb protection, friends!

sarcasm | jughead x reader

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written by: kelly

edited by: @jugheadxreaderinyourhead

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prompt: 18- “you and your sarcasm suck”

chapter song: me & mr jones / amy winehouse.

moving schools was always hard. you would think that i would have gotten used to it by now. 6 schools in 3 years, spread across 5 states.

my parents were never on the best of terms. they were teenagers when they had me and that was the start of their adult life.

my mom re-married and moved to germany because my stepdad was in the army. all of the moving schools was due to the army life we married into.

i never really grew up with my dad in my life. he was a trouble maker and my mom didn’t appreciate his carelessness. he moved to riverdale when I was 3, and I hadn’t seen him since.

I’m now a 16 year old and this is the first time i’ll be living with him. i’m nervous, but at least he is letting me stay with him and his girlfriend.

we pull up to a trailer park called sunnyside. the sign was faded from sun damage, making me laugh a little bit at the irony of the situation.

the cab slowly stopped in front of an older trailer with caution. i slowly get out of the cab, grab my cases and take it to the front.

i notice that the second i close my door the cab driver sped off. the trailer has a sticker on the door that reads welcome to the snake den.

interesting. i knock on the front door three times, not sure where to look.

almost instantly a tall blonde lady opens the door. she was beautiful, but she looked hungover. she looked me up and down, not with a bad attitude but with curiosity.

“can i help you?” she questioned, hesitance present in her voice.

“um, is danny here?” i answer.

a look of clarity spread across her face.

“you must be y/n.” the stranger stated, leaning against the doorway smiling.

“yeah.” I blurt out.

“i’m lana, your dads girlfriend.” she announced.

“nice to meet you.” i uttered, super shy for some reason.

she then gestured for me to come in - so I grabbed my bags and I walked into the dingy trailer.

It looked like it had just been cleaned, the windows were open and there was a small arrangement of flowers in an old beer bottle. they were rose’s.

she then had me follow her to a small bedroom. the bedsheets were pink and there was a small desk in the corner of the room.

“by the way your dad speaks about ya I was expecting a little girl to walk through that door, but you’re not so little anymore. you’re stunning.” She insisted, the compliment making me blush.

“he talks about me?” I question, cocking an eyebrow in disbelief.

“oh god, all the damn time. there’s a photo of you and him next to his bed.” she states matter-of-factly.

“where is he?” I ask

.“oh um-uh- he’s at work, he’ll be back real soon.” she acknowledged.

after that brief conversation with lana, I began to unpack my stuff. i set up my laptop and i went onto my blog. writing gave me clarity and was a calming release for me.

all thoughts were interrupted when I heard a car roar past the trailer. the doors opened and I heard a whole bunch of guys laughing and yelling.

I heard a soft knock on my door and then it was followed by lana telling me that my dad was back. that’s when my nerves hit.

i adjusted my hair into a pony tail and i stepped out of my room. as i walk out i bump into a tall, black haired boy. his eyes were deep blue and we stared at one another for a second.

“oh sorry.” i say trying to avoid eye contact. he was hot and i was embarrassed.

silence entered the room at a record setting speed. dead silence. all of a sudden a look of relief washed upon the mysterious strangers face.

“you’re y/n, right?” he asked, raking his long fingers through his thick hair.

“yeah.” i nodded, while realising this question would be a re-occurring one.
while looking at the tall, dark and handsome guy, I noticed he had a cool leather jacket on. it appeared to be vintage, but it gives him this look. like a mixture of a young james dean and young leo dicaprio.

“i think i need to go and you know, see danny.” i mumble, doing that awkward rock on my heels people do when they want to leave a room.

the cute stranger smiles and carries on towards the restroom. the back of his jacket has two embroided snakes on it. southside serpents. pretty cool if I do say so myself. must be their school football team.

as i exit the small hallway i’m greeted by loud cheers, filling the small trailer. i get a bit of a fright, looking around at all these smiley strangers.

tall and scary men, some older and some look around my age. tattoos and matching leather jackets. i see a man get up and walk over to me.

younger looking guy, tons of tattoos. it’s danny, i can tell. we have the same eyes.

“good to see you again, y/n.” he smiled, giving me a massive squeeze.

“hey danny.” I reply, returning the smile.

we sat down and started taking with all the guys and i can promise you this, i’ve never laughed so much in my whole entire life. the tall and handsome boy was sitting in the middle of the crowd, looking at me. with some sudden ball of courage, i ask him a question.

“i have a camera if you wanna use it.” i snicker.

the boy goes red and the crowd busts up laughing. all of them turning to danny saying i’m just like him.

“you and your sarcasm suck..” the boy states matter-of-factly, looking up at me with the most wonderful half smile.

“well i’d like to credit you for that powerful statement, but i don’t have your name.” i answer back.

“jughead jones.” and with that unusual introduction, i got handed my own leather jacket. it was the day I met my future husband and the day the future queen of the southside serpents was born.

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Hi Michelle, would you be so kind to let us know which skin care ingredients should not be used together? For instance, I've read that niacinamide shouldn't be used with Vitamin C for whatever reason.. would greatly appreciate it, thank you so much for always being so gracious, thorough and informative ❤️

Hello, good questions! 

Vitamin C and Niacinamide are fine to use together, it can create a reaction which is usually a bad thing but in this instance it’s fine. If you are experiencing a reaction then let one product dry before applying the other. For a more scientific explanation see here.

Ingredients not to mix

Vitamin C shouldn’t be mixed with most AHA’s/BHA’s/acids (lactic, glycolic, etc). AHA’s destabilize Vitamin C because they change the PH level and Vitamin C is a very vulnerable ingredient and requires specific PH levels to work efficiently. If you are a Vitamin C lover i’d recommend searching for the freshest doses available, things that come in one use pipets or ampoules. Vitamin C usually loses it’s efficiency when exposed to light or oxygen. Look for Vitamin C products like Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C Daily Booster, this product is exposed to very little light and oxygen even when using. Try to avoid products with Vitamin C that require lots of opening like a cream and stick to serums that pump out product. 

Avoid mixing Retinol with Benzoyl Peroxide/any acne treatments because they counteract each other’s benefits. Both products are also irritants and can cause peeling on their own, so using them together can cause major irritation especially on sensitive skin. Benzoyl Peroxide does work really well however with Salicylic and Glycolic Acid, so anyone with acne should steer towards these ingredients. 

Ingredients to mix

As listed above, Benzoyl Peroxide goes well with Glycolic and Salicylic Acid. Great to know for anyone out there with acne prone skin, make sure your skin care routine has these ingredients. This can be a bit drying so it’s best for oily, acne prone skin. Think 16 year old skin.

Retinol and Ferulic Acid. Ferulic acid is an antioxidant that helps with sun damage (good because Retinol makes your skin more prone to sum damage).

Retinol and Vitamin C. These two are both amazing for anti aging. Vitamin C is a tricky product to get right so you want to find vitamin c products that really keep it fresh and being able to use the product up asap. The longer vitamin C sits out the less effective it becomes. Always buy it in dark/non glass bottles and keep it out of light! Vitamin A, C and E all work great together. Vitamin A = Retinol. 

Vitamin C and Vitamin E. As explained above, Vitamin A, C and E are all besties. These are all antioxidants and protect your skin from the elements, keeping it looking youthful.

Retinol and AHA’s/BHA’s. This is usually viewed asa no go, and if you have sensitive skin then this might be too a little too intense. Retinol is not an exfoliant like AHA’s/BHA’s and Retinol could use the help of exfoliation to work even better. However this can be a little intense on the skin. You shouldn’t be using retinol every night anyway but listen to your skin if you’re experiencing irritation. See more explanation on Retinol here.

Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid. Retinol is known to be drying so follow up with a good moisturizing products especially ones that keep water/hydrating into the skin like Hyaluronic Acid. They work together to keep skin young and plump!
Welcome to Skull Island: on set with Tom Hiddleston and the biggest King Kong ever
The director and cast of Kong: Skull Island, including Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson, discuss filming opposite an 85ft ape – while using as little green screen as possible
By Benjamin Lee

“Apologies for the shirtlessness,” says Tom Hiddleston. “I didn’t want to show off.” The world’s most impeccably spoken Marvel baddie is looking awfully embarrassed. I’ve caught him emerging topless from his trailer, late at night, with female company. The makeup artist has been in with him, carefully pawing at his torso. Hiddleston is shooting a movie in Hawaii and, as it is, his skin doesn’t look sufficiently sun damaged. Muddier stuff is slathered on, and our star is good to go.

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Hey, I just wanted to say that since summer is rolling around, make sure you wear sunscreen! Even if you “don’t get burnt” the UV rays can still cause inner damage or sun spots, all of which could lead to cancer if exposed too much. And, even if its cloudy out, still apply light layers, the suns UV never dies, it is still finding a way to your skin. And lastly, wear chapstick with SPF in it, i use a lip balm with spf 15 in it cos burnt lips really fucking hurt trust me.

No tan is worth the price of your health. Stay safe!

Medical Astrology

❝   Medical astrology (traditionally known as iatromathematics) is an ancient medical system that associates various parts of the body, diseases, and drugs as under the influence of the sun, moon, and planets, along with the twelve astrological signs. ❞

Medical Astrology has been practiced for centuries over centuries and still remains in practice to this day - although it became much humbler as modern medicine evolved and astrology transformed into something wildly interpreted as “humbug”. Even some of those who study astrology still seem to have a false understanding of what exactly medical astrology is and therefore don’t believe in it themselves.

So to clear up any possible misconceptions before I start: Medical Astrology is NOT the stars telling you that you’re going to have a specific condition because one of your placements suggests it. As with most other things, there’s a lot that comes into play: Other placements, on one hand, but especially, and I really want to stress this, things like how you treat your body, accidents that you may get into, DNA, … you get the drift.

I already mentioned it, but medical astrology only SUGGESTS higher risks for specific ailments. It does NOT predict them. (Transits, however, CAN - but even they don’t promise for you to get the disease or whatever ailment is supposed to happen. This is another topic, though.)

Having said that, I will make another post for very specific conditions, for this one I’ll only talk about some general things like what signs/houses/planets rule what body part and what role everything plays. Also, I do NOT take responsibility for what you do with this information. I’m not trying to scare anyone, I’m just passing on some of my knowledge.


  • Aries/1st House: rules head, face (and everything in it), brain, hair, vision
  • Taurus/2nd House: rules throat, voice/vocal cords/tract, neck, thyroid, weight
  • Gemini/3rd House: rules hands, arms, nerve system, shoulders, lungs, brain
  • Cancer/4th House: rules alimentary canal, breasts/chest, stomach
  • Leo/5th House: rules heart, chest, upper back, spinal column, spine
  • Virgo/6th House: rules intestines, nervous system, digestive system, spleen
  • Libra/7th House: rules skin, lumbar region, kidneys, buttocks, lower back
  • Scorpio/8th House: rules genitalia, bowels, reproductive & excretory system
  • Sagittarius/9th House: rules thighs, hips, sciatic nerve, liver
  • Capricorn/10th House: rules skeletal system, knees, joints
  • Aquarius/11th House: rules calves, ankles, circulatory system
  • Pisces/12th House: rules feet, toes, adipose tissue, lymphatic system


  • Sun: general vitality, spine, heart
  • Moon: digestive & lymphatic system, stomach, female organs
  • Mercury: central nervous system, hands, brain
  • Venus: throat, kidneys, ovaries
  • Mars: muscles, head, adrenal glands
  • Jupiter: growth, pituaitary gland, liver
  • Saturn: skin, hair, bones, teeth, immune system, spleen
  • Uranus: neural activity, aura, parathyroid gland
  • Neptune: pineal gland
  • Pluto: metabolism, pancreas

Now we know what the involved parts represent, but not why and how that is. So to use medical astrology properly we have to make the connections between these aspects (hint: aspects can play a role too, but one usually puts more emphasis on houses/signs + planets) and know about some common themes:

  • SATURN suggests struggles & weakness in the assigned body part(s) of the sign/house he resides in.
    • e.g.: Saturn in Gemini and 5th suggests trouble with breathing properly (in extreme cases ailments like asthma) and back problems
  • URANUS often makes for “abnormalities” or strange/unusual conditions.
    • e.g.: Uranus in Taurus and 3rd can indicate rapidly changing weight and somewhat differently formed fingers (in extreme cases things like swan neck fingers)
  • STELLIA can cause trouble due to the excessive amount of energy bundled in (a) certain body part(s).
    • e.g.: An Aries (head/brain) stellium can make for strong or chronical headaches
  • EXTREME DOMINANCE works like a stellium as long as the dominance is very prominent.
  • CHALLENGING ASPECTS can lead to trouble as well -  one has to look at the planets involved and the houses/signs they’re in for this one to know more.
    • e.g.: A VERY afflicted/”damaged” sun in the 6th might in extreme cases indicate a heightened potential to suffer of a heart attack.

      I of course didn’t cover every theme, every aspect, everything that is important, but with your new-earned knowledge you should have a solid and basic foundation with which you should be able to work. As I already said, I’ll make a separate post with very specific ailments which I will also describe (the why and how) that I will then link in this one.

      As Medical Astrology is its own branch of astrology and therefore gets more and more complex the more you dive into it, my ask box is always open if you should need clarification or help with interpreting something.

      Deducing from the Face

      The face can be one of the most telling areas of the body in terms of mood and emotion, as well as certain habits. Here are several tips I have collected, particularly from aesthetic physicians that deal with the face and its intricacies extensively:

      • The ratio of frown lines on the forehead and between the eyebrows and laugh lines around the eyes can indicate which expression the individual is more prone to, and can act as a gauge for their long-term mood trends.
      • More sun damage (more wrinkles, tanner skin, more freckles, etc.) on the left side of the face as opposed to the right side (in countries were you drive on the right side of the road) indicate an excessive amount of time spent driving during daylight hours and can be a sign that you’re dealing with someone who works in the transportation industry. This is due to the fact that more light hits your face on the side with a window immediately next to it as opposed to the side without a window. The left side of the face would be the side to look at for people who live in countries where they drive on the left side of the road.
      • A very slightly enlarged side of the face indicates which side the person sleeps on. Namely, the side of the face that is slightly larger will be the side they sleep on, because blood can pool on that side of the face as they rest. Chronic pooling can then cause one side of the face to grow or swell very slightly. This in turn can be a sign of back problems or other chronic pain that would force the individual to sleep solely on one side.
      • Bonus: When people are genuinely interested in what someone has to say, they will often raise their eyebrows very subtly and slightly. It is an unconscious expression that most people are unaware of, and as such, it is a powerful piece of body language to understand if you know to look for it.
      Clothes Thief

      Prompt 78 “That’s my shirt. So is this…wait?” 
      Note ~ This one ended up being very long, but it’s one of my favourite prompts so far :D 

      “Hey, is this my shirt?” I turned my head towards my closet were Shawn was holding one of his shirts that mysteriously went missing a few months back.

      “What? No…” I replied playfully because, come on, there was no way I could get away with this. Shawn threw suspicious look in my direction before chucking the shirt over my desk chair before turning back to the closet.

      “That’s also my shirt.” He stated, pulling out his favourite grey Hogwarts shirt that he lost a couple weeks ago, “So is that…wait.”

      Before we knew it, he had pulled out six shirts, three hoddies, and a random snap back I seriously didn’t remember taking. Closing the door, Shawn stared at me, arms crossed across his chest with a playful smirk on his lips, “You have some explaining to do.”

      My gaze shifted back to the giant Hufflepuff poster Shawn and I pinned to my ceiling back when we first started hanging out years and years ago. Dad went mental when he saw it, but he admired the skill it took for us to get it up there, so he let me keep it. The thing was covered in dust now and the colour was starting to fade from years of sun damage, yet it has never fell down once.

      The bed shifted next to me. A warm hand touched my cheek, guiding me until I was staring at Shawn once again.

      “Why do you have half my clothes in your closet?” He mumbled quietly. My cheeks were on fire as I forced down the lump forming at the back of my throat. Why was I so nervous? It’s not like I was about to reveal my deepest darkest secrets to him, although he probably knew all of them already.

      Maybe it was over the whole getting caught thing? I’ve been getting away with stealing his stuff for so long, I never thought he would notice, or if he did he’d just keep quiet about it. Or maybe it was the way he was touching me, his fingers trailing the sensitive skin of my neck before resting his hand on my stomach, and the cheeky little smile on his face told me he knew exactly what he was doing to me.

      “Baby?” Shawn called softly, pulling me out of my daze. I hummed some sort of response making him chuckle quietly, that pretty smile of his making my heart flutter like crazy, “You haven’t answered my question.”

      “Oh, right, yeah.” I stumbled over my words. This seemed to act like a catalyst because suddenly everything else sort of tumbled out in a giant mess of words, “Sometimes when you’re on tour or away for music stuff, your parents will let me sleep over, or Aaliyah wants me to spend the night, or Dad, Derick and I will go have dinner at your house or something. And, somehow, I’d always end up just hanging out in your room. One night, I was cold so grabbed one of your hoddies and I realised it still smelt like you, so I kinda, sort of took it and started wearing it to bed or around the house whenever I started really missing you. Then after a few weeks the smell began fading, and it was getting pretty gross by this point, so Dad washed it, and it just wasn’t the same after that. I ended up shoving it in my closet with the intentions of taking it back. But the next time I was at yours, I ended up taking another one, and the time after that I took another, and another until you came back. By that point, I felt too embarrassed to give them back, and I realise how stupid this sounds…”

      “It’s not stupid.” Shawn finally cut me off, and I was glad because I’m pretty sure I didn’t breathe through all of that, “It’s actually really cute.”

      “Really?” I asked surprised, “Because I’m sure this is the sort of thing stalkers do.”

      Shawn let out a loud laugh and shook his head, “Really. You should have told me sooner, I could have shipped you new hoodies after wearing them.”

      “No thanks, I don’t want your filthy tour clothes thank you.” By this point we were both laughing until sour sides began to hurt. Suddenly, Shawn was pulling me on top of him. I gave a tiny squeal which only made us laugh louder.

      “I do the same thing too, you know.” Shawn blurted out once we calmed down enough to breath.

      “Wait? What?” I asked confused.

      “While I was away on my last tour, I took one of your stuffed animals with me. I ended up cuddling with it every night.”

      “So that’s where Scruffy went!” My head shot up, suddenly remembering about the time I couldn’t find the half falling apart brown dog my Gran gave me when I was younger. He normally stayed at the back of my small collection of teddys at the back of my closet. I only realised he was missing maybe two weeks before Shawn came back.

      Shawn nodded, “I’m surprised you didn’t notice sooner.”

      “I guess we’re just as bad as each other then.” I leaned down and pressed a small kiss to Shawn’s lips, which quickly turned into several kisses. I eventually managed to pull away and jump off the bed, much to his dismay.

      “What are you doing?” He questioned as I gathered the pile of clothes in my arms.

      “We’re taking these back to yours, and I want scruffy back.” Is all I said before leaving the room, Shawn following close behind.


      I woke up to Derick yelling something about a parcel at the door. After rolling out of bed and almost killing myself as I sleepily stumbling down two flights of stairs, I was confronted with a large brown box with my name on it.

      “Open it! Open it!” Derick bounced around while I tared through the endless amount of tape. I didn’t know whether to burst out laughing or cry as I pulled out three Shawn-sized hoodies.

      There was a post-it note stuck to one of the jumpers with Shawn’s messy handwriting scrawled on the front.

      Only three months, twenty-two hours, seven minutes and thirty-two seconds to go. I hope you’re not missing me too much ;) Tell Derick and your Dad I say hi (and John if he’s there). I love you xxx

      xeyvh  asked:

      Spock/Uhura 8,13,15?

      8: sunbathing

      Spock wears a black shirt, cuffs pulled down to his wrists.

      Sand scatters over the fabric, a brush of it along his forearm where she touched, grains clinging to his shoulder.  When she wipes them away, far more are left behind.

      “Come swimming,” she says, but he sits well away from the water’s edge, a padd balanced on his knee.

      She squeezes sunscreen into her palm, the bottle a smacking squirt of noise.

      Long fingers spread the lotion over her shoulder blades.  

      When she smooths a dab over her collarbone and down, he leans forward.  “Do you require further assistance?”

      He lets her bury his feet.

      Later, she floats in the water and watches him there, halfway up the beach.

      Her perfect mound around his ankles is undisturbed.

      She shades the sun with her book held above her.  Beyond it, the sky is a blistering blue.

      “You have forty seven minutes until you will incur sun damage to your skin.”

      She turns a page.  “Noted.”

      In the afternoon light, she kisses his nose.

      “You have freckles,” she tells him.