Made by @delaneydiaries , all by my own knowledge and understanding of the signs ❤ @zodiacsociety

Aries - Aries: The Headstrong
Aries - Taurus: The Bestfriend
Aries - Gemini: The Straightforward
Aries - Cancer: The Successful
Aries - Leo: The Fearless
Aries - Virgo: The Judgemental
Aries - Libra: The Spontaneous
Aries - Scorpio: The Go-Getter
Aries - Sagittarius: The Adventurer
Aries - Capricorn: The Social
Aries - Aquarius: The Pathfinder
Aries - Pisces: The Overcomer

Taurus-Aries: The Ambitious
Taurus-Taurus: The Down-to-Earth
Taurus-Gemini: The Obsessive
Taurus-Cancer: The Home Maker
Taurus-Leo: The Attention Seeker
Taurus-Virgo: The Opportunist
Taurus-Libra: The Humanitarian
Taurus-Scorpio: The Passionate
Taurus-Sagittarius: The Introverted-Extrovert
Taurus-Capricorn: The Conceited
Taurus-Aquarius: The Impulsive
Taurus-Pisces: The Empathetic

Gemini-Aries: The Resilient
Gemini-Taurus: The Conversationalist
Gemini-Gemini: The Unpredictable
Gemini-Cancer: The Anxious
Gemini-Leo: The Story-Teller
Gemini-Virgo: The Entertainer
Gemini-Libra: The Dreamer
Gemini-Scorpio: The Mysterious
Gemini-Sagittarius: The Unstable
Gemini-Capricorn: The Psycho
Gemini-Aquarius: The Curious
Gemini-Pisces: The Split-Personality

Cancer-Aries: The Integrous
Cancer-Taurus: The Complainer
Cancer-Gemini: The Manic
Cancer-Cancer: The Sensitive
Cancer-Leo: The Inflexible
Cancer-Virgo: The Pushover
Cancer-Libra: The Acceptance Seeker
Cancer-Scorpio: The Intuitive
Cancer-Sagittarius: The Contemplater
Cancer-Capricorn: The Unfaithful
Cancer-Aquarius: The Therapist
Cancer-Pisces: The Despondent

Leo-Aries: The Outspoken
Leo-Taurus: The Self-Assured
Leo-Gemini: The Sarcastic
Leo-Cancer: The Kind-Hearted
Leo-Leo: The Dignified
Leo-Virgo: The Perfectionist
Leo-Libra: The Elusive
Leo-Scorpio: The Obstinate
Leo-Sagittarius: The Truthful
Leo-Capricorn: The High-Horse Rider
Leo-Aquarius: The Protective
Leo-Pisces: The Lover

Virgo-Aries: The Brute
Virgo-Taurus: The Control Freak
Virgo-Gemini: The Analytical
Virgo-Cancer: The Paranoid
Virgo-Leo: The Righteous
Virgo-Virgo: The Self-Absorbed
Virgo-Libra: The Examiner
Virgo-Scorpio: The Iconoclast
Virgo-Sagittarius: The Strange
Virgo-Capricorn: The Giver
Virgo-Aquarius: The Insightful
Virgo-Pisces: The Sophisticated

Libra-Aries: The Provocateur
Libra-Taurus: The Diplomat
Libra-Gemini: The Loquacious
Libra-Cancer: The Determined
Libra-Leo: The Charismatic
Libra-Virgo: The High-Strung
Libra-Libra: The Excitable
Libra-Scorpio: The Wallflower
Libra-Sagittarius: The Outgoing
Libra-Capricorn: The Respect Seeker
Libra-Aquarius: The Idealist
Libra-Pisces: The Selfless

Scorpio-Aries: The Selfish
Scorpio-Taurus: The Powerful
Scorpio-Gemini: The Expert
Scorpio-Cancer: The Mysterious
Scorpio-Leo: The Dramatic
Scorpio-Virgo: The Critic/Sexual
Scorpio-Libra: The Researcher
Scorpio-Scorpio: The Hard Worker
Scorpio-Sagittarius: The Perceptive
Scorpio-Capricorn: The Insatiable
Scorpio-Aquarius: The Observant
Scorpio-Pisces: The Role Player

Sagittarius-Aries: The Comedian
Sagittarius-Taurus: The Money Maker
Sagittarius-Gemini: The Exaggerator
Sagittarius-Cancer: The Profound
Sagittarius-Leo: The Goal-Oriented
Sagittarius-Virgo: The Philosopher
Sagittarius-Libra: The Scholar
Sagittarius-Scorpio: The Capricious
Sagittarius-Sagittarius: The Freedom Seeker
Sagittarius-Capricorn: The Self-Reflector
Sagittarius-Aquarius: The Stubborn
Sagittarius-Pisces: The Vicarious Liver

Capricorn-Aries: The Rebellious
Capricorn-Taurus: The Materialistic
Capricorn Gemini: The Acknowledgement Seeker
Capricorn-Cancer: The Self-Sufficient
Capricorn-Leo: The Status Seeker
Capricorn-Virgo: The Self-Critic
Capricorn-Libra: The Heart-Broken
Capricorn-Scorpio: The Nonconformist
Capricorn-Sagittarius: The Well-Balanced
Capricorn-Capricorn: The Wise (Wo)Man
Capricorn-Aquarius: The Diverse
Capricorn-Pisces: The Masquerade

Aquarius-Aries: The Know-It-All
Aquarius-Taurus: The Pragmatic
Aquarius-Gemini: The Eccentric
Aquarius-Cancer: The Charmer
Aquarius-Leo: The Indecisive
Aquarius-Virgo: The Emotionless
Aquarius-Libra: The Theorist
Aquarius-Scorpio: The Extremist
Aquarius-Sagittarius: The Self-Taught
Aquarius-Capricorn: The Trend Setter
Aquarius-Aquarius: The Exotic
Aquarius-Pisces: The Sympathetic

Pisces-Aries: The Shrewd
Pisces-Taurus: The Visionary
Pisces-Gemini: The Chameleon
Pisces-Cancer: The Complex
Pisces-Leo: The Colorful
Pisces-Virgo: The Shy One
Pisces-Libra: The Romantic
Pisces-Scorpio: The Spiritual
Pisces-Sagittarius: The Unfocused
Pisces-Capricorn: The Pessimist
Pisces-Aquarius: The Otherworldly
Pisces-Pisces: The Helper

signs as things said at my (public) school

aries: “you can’t spell success without succ”

taurus: “all this homework but no will to live”

gemini: “my life is like the shrek series: terrible but it just won’t end

cancer: “this is seriously what jesus died for?”

leo: “you just got…bamboozled”

virgo: “i’m not joining your fucking cult”

libra: “yesterday i almost lost myself to the void

scorpio: “stop coughing in my air”

sagittarius: “you remind me of myself. i hate you”

capricorn: “wow, taking the stairs two steps at a time! bold”

aquarius: “is that the injected weed getting to me or”

pisces: “don’t fuck with me, i have a sharpie

Descendant Signs 101

What? Your Descendant is ruled by Libra and Venus. It mainly represents relationships, partners, romance and who are attracted and why. Your Descendant is exactly opposite to your ascendant/rising sign and is held on the cusp of the 7th house. 

Aries: You will attract and are attracted to people who possess Mars like qualities. People who are obvious, loud, aggressive (not like punch aggressive), blunt, and bright. You will have a libra Rising, and this indecisive, fair ‘attitude’ directly contradicts with the bright, aggressive, in your face people they attract. You are attracted to very kind and generous people too though.

Taurus: People who can provide for you are attractive in your opinion, in a relationship you crave someone who can be co-dependant with you and you can equally (heavily) rely on each other. You will have a Scorpio Rising sign, and this means you love to help people become the best version of themselves, so you may be attracted to people who are not similar to you so you can help them build on qualities they lack. 

Gemini: You have a Sagittarius Rising to go with your Descendant. In relationships you like to be with someone you can feel free with, you like adventurous, constant change, and not too heavy commitment (at least at first). It will take the right kind of person to persuade you into marriage but you fall in love with the people you think are the most true and kind hearted (that’s your weakness). 

Cancer: With a Capricorn rising , the people around you are the ones you hold the most dear and near to your heart. You are attracted to people who have similar family backgrounds to you, because this is a part of your life you find important to relate on. You attract people who want to take control of a relationship, you love to have an equal involvement, but like to be treated and be the one in a back seat. 

Leo: Love can become an obsession to you, you are likely to be undoubtedly in love with love, This means you are attracted to people who are romantic, and pick out the smallest of  details. You are incredibly attracted to people who make you feel like you can do more than what you already do, people who are inspiring and kind. You attract eccentric people who don’t know how to fit in because you show them they do. (Aquarius Rising).

Virgo: You are someone who changes yourself for you partner without even realising. You fall in love and are attracted to people who point out things about you that are permanent and you don’t change. For example “I love your natural curly hair”; it makes you feel actually wanted. You attract (luckily) very kind hearted people because they know they can give you a lot of love and affection. Pisces Rising. 

Libra: You are someone who might overuse the term “it’s not you, it’s me”, but really mean it. You are attracted to people who tell you to sort your head out, and tell you not only when you are in the wrong, but when actually you aren’t. You are also attracted to people who really considers your feelings and needs. You attract lively and tenacious people, people who are fun loving and natural smooth talkers. Rising is Aries.

Scorpio: You partner will choose you because they want to really feel love. Your rising is Taurus. You are attracted to passionate people, who never do anything to make you feel jealous and concerned (unstable) in your relationship. You attract strong minded individuals. You fall in love very hard and crave the same in return. 

Sagittarius: You are attracted to people you can talk on another level with; whether this is a deep talk or an intelligent conversation, In fact, you value the conversations over anything else. You attract people with hell of a will power. You attract people you are blunt and not co-dependant. Your Rising is Gemini, so you also think a physical connection is important, and will attract partners who feel the same. 

Capricorn: You have a very emotional and sensitive rising sign; Cancer. You are attracted to people who value family and get along with yours (no matter what your relationship with them is). You tend to really fall for people who don’t make you feel like you have to do anything, as you often will feel like you need to be perfect and do everything perfectly for them. You attract people who have a huge sense of humour and love to be safe and feel secure.

Aquarius: You are attracted to people who challenge and attract people who are full on and intense. You fall in love with people who wear their hearts on their sleeves and love very openly and publicly. You attract people who want a 24/7 relationship and someone to really rely on. The people who want you tend to be wanted and are fairly dependant on you to make them feel good. You also attract very understanding people. Rising in Leo. 

Pisces: Your ascendant/rising is Virgo (the virgin). You attract people who are sensual, and love the physical parts of relationships. You also attract very intelligent people, who like balanced and honest relationships, too (just pick them apart wisely). You like people to be romantic for you, especially when they aren’t naturally romantic people. You are attracted to people who are unapoligetically themselves, people you just couldn’t change even if you wanted to. 

small descriptions: sun, moon, & ascendant


sun - independent and courageous, enjoy leading others and bringing excitement into the lives of others, enthusiastic, very goal-oriented.

moon - incredibly persevering, brilliant sense of humor, modest about achievements (unless they also have aries sun), need to express yourself

rising - individualistic and impatient, quick-tempered, blush easily, outspoken with opinions, likes to get things done quickly


sun - fight for what they want, easy going but stubborn, good work ethic, very loyal, strong love for home, practical, choosy about who they befriend

moon - inner wisdom, dislike unpredictability, value honesty, prefer familiarity, gentle and warm, serene quality that calms those around them, set in their ways

rising - great self-reliance, inclined to frequent stubbornness and jealousness, strongly persistent nature


sun - very talkative, known for their sociability, go with the flow attitude, ability to think clearly, charming, wide range of interests, driven by curiosity

moon - clear and sharp mind, remarkable communication skills, confident speakers, tendency to over think

rising - quick witted, constantly alert, curious mind, strong desire to acquire knowledge, great need to communicate with others


sun - enjoy security while also seeking adventure, unpredictable nature, love to nurture others, value a sense of security, homebodies, kind and warm

moon - need to see the difference they make in other people’s lives, not likely to show their emotional nature to others, very intuitive, supportive friend

rising - sympathetic, very talkative, fond of home, extremely sensitive to criticism, may like to collect things


sun - high self esteem, very devoted, kind and generous, hot tempered yet forgiving, most comfortable when in charge, independent, idealistic

moon - undeniable energy, charming and intelligent, like to take risks, optimistic outlook on life, amazing wit

rising - strong character, normally good natured and generous, demonstrative, energetic, need to be the center of attention, regal disposition, good humored


sun - mind oriented, constantly analyzing and thinking, enjoy bettering themselves, down to earth and practical, selective with friendships

moon - often anxious, intuitive, very critical, high expectations of themselves, detail oriented and a dedicated planner

rising - worriers, tactful and somewhat high strung, strong desire for money, inclined to “tell it like it is”, modest due to self-criticism


sun - diplomatic nature, very expensive taste, get along well with everyone, quite ambitious, strive to maintain peace in their daily lives

moon - find beauty in simplicity, always seeking balance, they love a challenge and enjoy debates, like to have their way, unpredictable mood

rising - love parties, believe in justice for all, courteous and agreeable, tendency to meddle too much in other’s affairs


sun - very intense, like to question everything, treat others with kindness and loyalty, self reliant and in control, tendency to be a bit obsessive

moon - intense emotions, protective of themselves, loving heart, strong presence, need for control, very passionate, can be intimidating

rising - mysterious, intimidating, may come off as aloof or brooding, powerful, strong presence


sun - optimistic, adventurous, sees life as a journey, loves to travel, needs variety in life, independent and honest, fast-thinkers, strong willed

moon - happy-go-lucky attitude, competitive, adaptable, likes to leave an impression on others, impulsive and enthusiastic

rising - loves to be active, very opinionated, bores easily with routine, cheerful presence, curious, appears confident, needs independence


sun - practical and persistent, self-confident, profound thinkers, their seriousness may make them seem unhappy, can concentrate very well

moon - needs to feel useful and productive, does not like dealing with emotions, very hard on themselves, hides sensitivity with sarcasm

rising - takes everything seriously, very conscious of the image they project, chooses to be around others who make them look good, calm demeanor 


sun - free-spirited and eccentric, charming, keeps to themselves and doesn’t express their problems, detached view of life, social, independent and original

moon - very observant, have always felt “different”, emotionally detached, kind and compassionate, strong ego, outgoing introverts, friendly and optimistic

rising - unique, loves to express their individuality, quiet and irreverent sense of humor, curious, likable and friendly, appears aloof while also coming off as kind


sun - emotional and instinctual, easily discouraged, generous with friends, homebodies, accepts people for who they are, may feel unappreciated

moon - silly sense of humor, sweet and soft hearted, genuinely cares about others, creative, easily amused, tries to avoid the dull parts of life

rising - charming and intriguing, very impressionable, dislikes confrontation, is seen as genuine and gentle, dislikes attention

How much sleep does your sign need?

Aries: 6-8 hours

Taurus: 25 hours

Gemini: either 2 or 12 hours, there is no in between

Cancer: a strong 10 hours

Leo: 7 hours

Virgo: 8.823345 hours

Libra: like 8

Scorpio: 1

Sagittarius: Sleep is for the dead

Capricorn: 5 hours laying in bed daydreaming 5 hours sleeping

Aquarius: Doesn’t sleep just procrastinates 

Pisces: 18 hours

Sun in Fire signs
People with their Sun in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) have the potential to be larger than life and that’s what they aim to be. They are usually highly self-aware and lean more towards the optimistic side. People with a Fire sign Sun are enthusiastic, bold and in-your-face. Their presence is strong and commanding, almost impossible to miss. Be careful of burning over because sometimes your fiery energy is too much to handle, even for you!

Sun in Earth signs
People with their Sun in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) are wise beyond their years and grounded to the core. These people are unshakable, but their presence is ground-breaking. They look cold in the face, but they always mean well and no harm. They are exceptionally hard workers and they are the money-makers of the Zodiac signs. Earth Sun signs are sensual and they value the little things in life, but are determined to make an empire out of it for them and their loved ones. Be careful of getting lost in your work and learn to let loose and unwind!

Sun in Air signs
People with their Sun in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) are the masterminds behind the operation, they are the ones who hold everything and everyone together. Charming and full of social grace are the Air Sun signs. They are light hearted and kind of float their way through life with no direction on where to go. They often enjoy it this way, since they are capable of adapting quickly to their environment. They go about their life obtaining knowledge in any way they possibly can. Be careful of not losing your own voice and opinion in others!

Sun in Water signs
People with their Sun in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) have heightened emotional awareness of themselves and of others. They are capable of getting lost in their own thoughts, hiding in their subconscious. The Water Sun signs possess a lot of creativity and imagination. Their hearts are usually on their sleeves no matter how hard they try to mask these emotions. They are the ones who heal people and bind us all together. They are the ones who are submerged into their surroundings and observing the world behind the scenes. But through all this raw power that the Water Sun signs expose: comes great personal strength. Be careful of getting too overwhelmed because of how deep your heart goes and how sensitive you are to your surroundings!

Signs / Love
  • Aries: ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’ฃ
  • Taurus: ๐Ÿ˜Œ๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ’š
  • Gemini: ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ‘„โšก๏ธ
  • Cancer: ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜š๐ŸŒˆ
  • Leo: ๐Ÿ˜‰๐ŸŒนโ˜„๏ธ
  • Virgo: ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ–ค
  • Libra: ๐ŸŒท๐Ÿ’—โœจ
  • Scorpio: ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘…๐Ÿ’ฅ
  • Sagittarius: ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ˜‹๐ŸŽ‰
  • Capricorn: ๐Ÿ”—๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿท
  • Aquarius: ๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿธ๐Ÿ”ช
  • Pisces: ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿ’–
Descriptions - SUN

-Most likely optimistic (fire), a good leader (cardinal) and feisty (mars) when someone questions them.
-They are usually the ones that would get angry if their opinion went unheard.
-The ones I personally know are very quiet, but that could be their moons.

-Usually grounded (earth), secure (fixed) and loving (venus) to people they trust enough.
-They’re the types of people to prioritise making people like them.
-The ones I know are very reserved, but they’re a hoot when I talk to them!

-Commonly intelligent (mutuable), flirtatious (air) and will initiate communication (mercury).
-The only Gemini I know is my mum, and she is so nice to everyone, but she is also really logical. Loves to start conversations when they trust you enough!

-Actually empathetic (water), ambitious (cardinal) and thoughtful (moon).
-May come across to others in the opposite way as what they intend.
-Many people say that Cancer is over-emotional, but this is not true. You look at the moon for emotions, not your sun! I would say planets aspecting the moon would have emotional influence, not Cancerian planets.

-May be spontaneous (fire), social (fixed) and confident (sun).
-These people try to get on with everyone.
-From experiences, Leo’s with earth and Aries moons are controlled and optimistic. Sagittarius moon is difficult.

-Most likely logical (earth), open minded (mutuable) and a perfectionist (mercury).
-These people can be very, VERY friendly if they’re developed.
-I’ve found that I can’t get on with Virgos with earth moons (they’ve been fake), but fire moons are fucking BRILLIANT!

-They’ll be romantic (venus), pushy (cardinal) and smart (air).
-I also find that they also wear makeup to remain consistent with their appearance.
-The ones I know have been kind to me, but became hypocritical when they tell me off for not getting on with someone and I should give them a ‘second chance’ when they didn’t give others another chance. That was a Leo moon and a Gemini moon lmfao maybe that explains it!

-They are complex (Pluto), argumentative (fixed) and caring (water).
-These people are also the ones that go ‘oh I’ll fail everything’ but get straight A’s.
-My friend has this placement, and I do find that they have many layers, and I know there are more layers beyond that! I appreciate people who put on layers tbh, it shows that they can protect themselves and still be very social!

-These individuals are positive (fire), adventurous (Jupiter) and spiritual (mutuable).
-These people would be the types of people to think more for them.
-I only know 2 Sagittarius suns, a Capricorn moon (lovely person, fun to talk to), and a Leo or Cancer moon (took 3 weeks to get around to talking to me about lies she heard about me…YEAH FUN)

-They would be hard working (cardinal), factual (earth) and disciplined (Saturn).
-These people are unexpectedly enjoyable to talk to.
-The ones I know are really enjoyable to talk to (they’re Aquarius and Sagittarius moons (2 Aquarius, 1 Sag).

-This person would most likely be humanitarian (Uranus), social (air) and independent (fixed).
-These people are almost as social as the Leo’s.
-The Aquarians that I know off are ones that would start an argument every day,  but still act cool by the end of the day.

-The individual could be delusional (Neptune), smart (mutuable) and sensitive (water).
-These people tend to be to themselves, as they do tend to think of the world in a false way.
-The Pisces I know of are the ones that tell the same stories, but they always find a way to keep it interesting somehow.

The signs as The Office quotes

Aries: “Occasionally I’ll hit someone with my car. So sue me.”

Taurus: “I’m not superstitious…but I am a little-stitious.”


Cancer: “I feel like all my kids grew up, and then they married each other. It’s every parent’s dream.”

Leo: “I am Beyonce, always.” 

Virgo: “There’s too many people on this earth. We need a new plague.”

Libra: “Saddle shoes with denim? I will literally call protective services.”

Scorpio: “…that’s what she said”

Sagittarius: “If I had a gun with two bullets and I was in a room with Hitler, Bin Laden, and Toby, I would shoot Toby twice.”

Capricorn: “I have flaws. What are they? I sing in the shower. Sometimes I spend too much time volunteering. Occasionally I’ll hit someone with my car.”

Aquarius: “Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.”

Pisces: “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” 

facts about each sign

* check ur sun & rising *

aries: they are kinda the loudest in their circle of friends, no matter how aggressive they may come off as but they are actually very emotional ppl.

taurus: they are really laid back people, not really into getting into much drama but they like to keep things running smoothly.

gemini: they love talking shit because they get a kick out of putting people in their place and they let things go easily just say sorry and mean it.

cancer: the mood swings are fucking true and they most definitely catch you off guard, but these guys are really cute and overprotective over someone they really care about.

leo: they can be a bit standoff ish because of their confidence and they vibes they give off, but these people are willing to do anything for the people they are close to and they love putting themselves in situations they know they can accomplish, with or without any help.

virgo: some of the things virgos say hurt because they have no chill button when it comes to them calling a person out on something, they aren’t the clean freaks or nerds people say they are; they are just private and way too cool for you.

libra: they are most likely to me a loner or a social butterfly with no limits literally everyone fucks with them heavy or knows about them, only because they are very open people and aren’t really afraid of comforting someone new.

scorpio: scorpios are hard to pin down, the only reason is because they can come off cold and distant just like a cap or aquarius. they give off this vibe only to tell you they aren’t the ones to fuck with, no one will ever get the chance to cross them twice one strike you’re out there is no seconds chances.

sagittarius: sags are very blunt people, they can be a bit tooo blunt and hurt peoples feelings because of how harsh they may say things. but these people love freedom and having their own space, they are literally claustrophobic af keeping them still is not a good thing.

capricorn: the most misunderstood sign, they like their alone time and hate not having control over their emotions. literally their biggest downfall is over thinking damn near everything, it’s something they can’t pin down and that’s why they NEED stability.

aquarius: they are the biggest weirdo in the zodiac, they are really hard to understand but they don’t put themselves out there because they feel as they don’t have to. many get upset because of how closed off they come off as, that’s not their intentions its just you maybe need to mind your business sometimes.

pisces: pisces are psychics I swear , they are the second weirdos because they are really different in many unexplainable ways lol. they can be a bit manipulative and naive.

Signs and the Scents They Remind Me of:

Aries: nice expensive perfume

Taurus: baby lotion and fresh flowers

Gemini: the smell of the wind in a field of flowers

Cancer: ocean breeze and sunscreen

Leo: candles and those strong body sprays

Virgo: fresh grass and mint

Libra: vanilla and strawberries

Scorpio: dark chocolate and roses

Sagittarius: campfires, lavender and honey

Capricorn: The smell of the air the rain makes during a storm

Aquarius: light incense, old books and bubblegum

Pisces: marshmallows and bubble baths

Signs / Stars
  • Popstar: Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Pisces
  • Rockstar: Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Superstar: Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn