Nintendo of Japan just released this ad for Pokemon Sun & Moon and it’s seriously the most heartwarming ad I’ve ever seen

A little something I noticed about Sun/Moon’s protagonist!!

So, it’s made clear in the game that the protagonist has light skin, dark hair, and dark eyes despite living in a region inhabited by people who seem to have darker skin, brown hair, and dark eyes.



However, I feel as though this makes sense because I believe that it is implied that you are a tourist, or have just recently moved to the Alola region from another region! Meaning you are not an Alola native! This can be seen in who appears to be the professor or the professor’s assistant “welcoming” you to the region!

To solidify this even further, this claim is also supported by the Japanese Ad for Sun and Moon, which tells the story of a Japanese boy moving to Hawaii and befriending a boy who appears to be a Hawaiian native over their shared love for Pokemon!

Pretty cool, huh?