Summoner's Code


Happy Birthday! (December 5th)

  • Lelouch vi Britannia (Code Geass)
  • Indigo (One Piece) 
  • Inojin Yamanaka (Naruto) 
  • Wakashi Hiyoshi (Prince of Tennis) 
  • Crowley Eusford (Owari no Seraph) 
  • Yusuke Yoshino (Clannad)
  • Kumiko Hatano (SMT: Devil Summoner)
  • Keiji Akaashi (Haikyuu!!)
  • Mayu (VOCALOID)
  • Sully (Fire Emblem Awakening)
  • Richard Maiougi (Rose Guns Days) 
  • Masaki Mizushima (Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Makoto Kino (Sailor Moon)
Four beings parasitical upon libraries

1. The Alexandrian Rook. We are unsure whether this beast was originally a book or a bird. It is believed to draw its origin from the sack of library of Alexandria; the first specimens being either burned and librarian-haunted books that nonetheless managed to escape, or crow-like birds who found themselves able to successfully hide in the book ash. These days they appear whilst roosting to be small books with all-black pages. When threatened with reading, they unfold themselves and fly off. However, over the years they have evolved exceptionally dull titles and as a result are rarely removed from the shelves.

2. The Gentlemen. Each library has its own unique code for summoning the Gentlemen. For example, one might take out and put back the third book on the bottom shelf nearest the door, the favourite book of the head librarian, and each book whose author begins with Z. Once summoned, the gentlemen (who are impeccably groomed) will enter the library. An extremely polite request will be made, usually of something the summoner cannot afford to lose. The summoner’s liver is a common example. The Gentlemen will wax lyrical about how happy this item will make them. Most people still manage to refuse, but are left with a vague but uncomfortable sense of having violated the social contract. No punishment is exacted. The Gentlemen may be heard to tut slightly as they leave.

3. The late fine. Initially animated by Doris of Sendai, the original pirate-witch-ninja, the late fine is a sentient pile of pieces of eight which has spent the past eighty years wandering the libraries of the world. It is believed to be looking for a library from which Doris once borrowed and neglected to return a book on practical cutlass use. Sadly the fees accruing to that withdrawal are now likely to exceed the value of the late fine. Being a rather timid beast which does not fancy a telling-off, we believe it may have ascertained the correct library many years ago and have been avoiding it ever since.

4. The Gudrunsen collection. In 1849, a small village in Northern Sweden was cursed into books by something that came out of a tree in a hollow. The books, which are attractively leather-bound, contain what appears to be an ever-evolving stream of consciousness from each resident. Some are aware that they are trapped in books, though most believe that they are dreaming. The Gudrunsen collection was held in a library funded by relatives of the books for nearly a hundred years, but was accidentally sold to a Finnish collector in the years following World War II. Its current whereabouts are unknown.

((Using that code right above this text (lol), I’m starting to decipher codes in a book that I got yesterday :3 Here’s a pic of the book))

((OK SO! On pages 20 to 21, the deciphered message I got was “Dipper wrote a theme song for himself and sings it in the shower” XD I’m gonna go decipher some more codes in the book :3))


“How many times have I told you not to try to summon splinter-Coded Maschinengeister?! Goodness Virrin, you never learn…”

The creature stumbled about as the other Vattir lab workers scrambled to spray the twisted creature with ice water, before its red-hot metal body – which was partially comprised of molten metal at the moment – could set the whole lab on fire.

It wasn't the first time this had happened, seeing how efficiently the lab members managed to contain the problem.

The ice water hissed and spit as it instantly evaporated upon contacting the creature’s metal skin, which in turn shrieked and writhed as its outer skin started to solidify. The two entities struggled for control, the compound creature’s body becoming increasingly contorted with each movement.

Within minutes, the creature’s screams had died down. The steam slowly cleared, revealing a twisted lump of limbs and metal. A few wisps of steam still rose from the body, but there was no more movement from the creature itself.

The lead scientist made a disgusted face at the sight.

“What a mess..”

Started as vent art, became something with lots of headworld relevance. Either way, it’s lots of weirdness :’D Enjoy!

[And yes the fusion is based on two BT-7 tanks, hah. I also threw in the original sketch, because I kinda like it as its own thing as well.]