Ricky shook his head a few times and blinked his eyes open and shut. It was like waking up from a dream, almost.

His glance was immediately drawn downwards, towards the massive shelf of muscle that was jutting out from his chest. How could he notice anything else? He took a generous handful of the muscle and gave it a hefty squeeze. He flexed the muscles and made them bounce in his hands. Left pec, right pec, left pec, right pec. He was still amazed that he could have such instant control over a body that he had projected himself into only moments ago.

“Nice tits, dude!” he said. It came out as his own squeaky teenage voice. He cleared his throat and tried again.

“Nice everything, actually.”

This time, his voice came out smooth and deep and thoroughly adult. For a moment, he stopped checking out his hot body and took in his surroundings. He had to admit, he was quite pleased with himself. Just as he’d wanted, he’d projected himself from his boring bedroom in Summitville, Indiana, and had landed in the body of a handsome, muscular man at the beach. Granted, he hadn’t known that it would be this man, or this beach. But he would get there. He would continue to hone his craft until he was able to target specific people and specific places. 

“But I think this’ll work for now,” he grinned. He threw his heavy arms behind his head and lounged back down into the luxurious beach chair that he had found himself in. 

It felt like a dream, almost.