Why I love Napoleon Solo–

  • His open-mindedness.  Living during a era of global uncertainty, he not only works with a man who, as a Soviet, he would be expected to be suspicious of, but he is absolutely devoted to this Soviet partner of his.  There is 100% unconditional trust and love between them.
  • His dedication.  Not just to his partner, but to his job.  Napoleon wouldn’t have become CEA of U.N.C.L.E. if he wasn’t good at what he did.  Everything he does, he does for the greater good–case in point, “Summit Five Affair” where he willingly undergoes torture and allows his name to get dragged through the mud for the sake of finding out who is the double agent in Berlin.
  • His optimism.  Again, living in an era of global uncertainly, Napoleon believes that, despite it all, the world can live in peace, and he’ll do his darndest to make sure it stays that way.  And even in a scrape, he still tries to think positive and find a way out of his predicament.
  • He’s smart.  Napoleon is extremely streetwise.  He can charm his way out of trouble, he knows how to make friends that will later help him, and he even knows how to sway enemies long enough for him to get the advantage.
  • His kindness.  Unless he’s having the rare bad day or his mission requires him to be standoffish, he treats everyone he meets with kindness and concern.
  • His sense of mercy.  He will always give a second chance to and spare the villain if they are deserving of it (his establishing character moment is in “The Shark Affair,” where he attempts to spare Shark’s life, in spite of what Shark put him through).  He’s not stupid, though–he knows when to refuse a second chance.
  • He’s gorgeous.  …Well, just look at him!

Napoleon is a good man–a darling, and a true hero.

I want to rest my head on your ocean floor and stand on your highest summit with pointed toes. The universe is still expanding, but I’ll trace your limits infinitely.
—  D.K.

Last Light on Everest, by shanezanath

Everest is on the left and you can see the final light of the day ascending up its massive pyramid shaped summit to the highest point on the planet Earth 8,848m (29,029 ft.). Although the peak of Nupste 7,861m (25,791 ft.) on the right looks higher, it is closer in the foreground which gives this appearance from our view at Kala Patthar (notice there is no direct setting sunlight remaining on Nupste). That pinkish hue beginning to light the mountains is straight out of the camera. It’s an effect of light refraction through a very high layer of atmosphere which is known as the Alpenglow. You can see this effect shortly after sun down or before sunrise in high mountains around the world, but as it is directly related to altitude, the Himalayas are unmatched for its viewing. Although we were supposed to ascend Kala Patthar for sunrise, we were aware that the lighting conditions favored the sunset hitting Everest from this particular vantage point. Considering the mornings were crystal clear without a cloud in the sky, we knew this was quite a gamble as the afternoon clouds were engulfing the mountains and it had started to snow fairly hard as we left our way out of the settlement of Gorakshep. I was satisfied enough when the clouds revealed Nupste, but they continued to clear revealing both Everest and eventually the amazing but deadly Khumbu Icefall, which can be seen twisting its way out of the mountains on the left.

"Lonely"- A G-Dragon Angst

Genre: Angst

Author: Admin Mari

Warnings: Language/Sexual Content/Adultery/Slut-Shaming

Summary: [Name] finally comes home ready to spend some needed time with her boyfriend only to find him in bed with someone else…  

Originally posted by dammitgdragon

     She was exhausted. Being a dance instructor took a lot out of [Name]. She had been teaching 14 classes a week for the last few months, and touring the nearest cities for her dance union. But, she finally had time off. Her teammates forced her to go home early and allotted her the weekend completely free. While her bones ached and her muscles burned, she wouldn’t stop until she finally returned home. A single smile from Ji-yong would blow away all her pain and she would finally feel at ease. All she needed was him.
     She felt a little guilty about neglecting him. But little could be done about their clashing schedules. His days off had been some of her busiest, but she didn’t think much of it. She had suffered through the same bouts of loneliness each time he had to travel off to another country for weeks on end. She knew he could handle it. After all, Ji-yong loved her so much for enduring his career with him.
     [Name] glanced at the box she held in her hands. It was a cake from their favorite cafe in Seoul. They shared a love for the desserts there, but hadn’t had time to buy any. She was sure he missed them. This would definitely make them happy. Maybe she would make some tea and cuddle with him for the remainder of the night. The thought of the warm embrace of his arms beckoned her.
     She stood outside the apartment’s front door, humming softly. A warm light fluttered from the window into the cold darkness. It seemed like Ji-yong was home. She could finally have the quality time she was craving. [Name] carefully balanced the cake on her hip as she quietly turned the key with a giggle. She couldn’t wait to see the delighted expression on his face.
     When she opened the door, she found the living room empty. It was uncharacteristic for him not to be waiting for her right at the door. He usually did that when he came home earlier than her. Perhaps he had gotten tired of waiting and gone to bed?
   She could see a light streaming from down the hall, and a large smile appeared on her face. Was he planning something by hiding himself in the bedroom? Her cheeks grew red and she shivered. She didn’t mind getting a little more exercise.
     [Name] hurried into the kitchen and slid the cake into the fridge. Eating this would have to wait. It seemed like her lover planned on devouring something else right now. Her body trembled excitedly. She slipped off her shoes by the front door and tossed her bag onto the sofa. With a grin, she ventured quietly down the hallway. She primped her appearance as she snuck in the dark, hoping to make herself look less disheveled. It didn’t matter anyways. Ji-yong found her captivating no matter her appearance.
     In front of the bedroom door, she turned the knob quietly, smile gleaming in the dark. She said nothing as she opened the door. Her expression spoke her happiness quite clearly. Her lover always teased her for being so easy to read.
     “Are you sure this okay?” she heard a female voice whisper.
     [Name] froze in the doorway.
     “My girlfriend isn’t going to be home until Monday night,” Ji-yong said, placing a hand on the young girl’s cheek. “We have the weekend all to ourselves.”
     She could do nothing but silently stare. Ji-yong was sitting on the bed as she was expecting. But what she hadn’t foreseen was that his companion was as well. A girl, a few years younger than [Name], straddled Ji-yong’s hips as he laid intimately on his back. He seemed to be letting the girl take the lead during the sex that was no doubt about to occur. The realization made her heart drop. He had never allowed her to dominate him.
     “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered to her. “I swear you’re the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.”
     A sultry laugh left her lips. [Name]’s eyes followed Ji-yong hands as they began to travel up the girl’s rather short skirt. She wasn’t wearing much clothing to begin with. It didn’t help that Ji-yong was only wearing a pair of faded jeans.
     “I see you’ve been having some fun while I was gone,” she finally said.
     The pair on the bed jumped, and their eyes grew wide.
     “[Name]…?” Ji-yong said breathlessly.
     “Here I was, worried about you,” she laughed, leaning against the doorframe.   

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Black Swan, Olivia Vannucci, Summit Dance Shoppe
Senior Pointe Solo
Masquerade Minneapolis Nationals 2017

Here is the list of prompts for Kagehina Week! We’ve included definitions, but feel free to interpret the prompts however  you want. You can combine the given prompts per day or make something different for each one. There’s no limit to how many entries you can have. :D The event will take place on June 14 to June 21. [Event Guidelines]

Day 1 (June 14)

  • warm-up - noun. the act or an instance of warming up; a preparatory activity or procedure.
  • miracle - noun. one that excites admiring awe; a wonderful or amazing event, act, person, or thing.

Day 2 (June 15)

  • tinkle - noun. a light, clear ringing sound.
    verb. make or cause to make a light, clear ringing sound.
  • subtle - adjective. hard to notice or see; not obvious.

Day 3 (June 16)

  • move - verb. to change in position from one point to another; to stir the emotions.
  • pause - verb. to cease or suspend an action temporarily.

Day 4 (June 17)

  • bloom - verb. to glow; be radiant.
  • quote - verb. to repeat or copy the words of.

Day 5 (June 18)

  • cosmos - noun. the universe seen as a well-ordered whole.
  • trust - noun. firm belief in the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing.

Day 6 (June 19)

  • euphoria - noun. a feeling of great happiness or well-being.
  • wander - verb. to move about without a definite destination or purpose.

Day 7 (June 20)

  • summit - noun. the highest point or part; the top.
  • pattern - noun. a usually repeating artistic or decorative design.

Day 8 (June 21)

  • invincible - adjective. incapable of being conquered, defeated, or subdued.
  • Anything goes! - You can choose not to follow the given prompt! Go ahead and let your imagination run even wilder.

anonymous asked:

how does the jewish community handle islamophobia? even elie wiesel is highly racist towards arabs and ignorant towards muslims. ive been called a "raghead" and a "schwoogie" numerous times by jews in my area for supporting palestine, im starting to believe that the jewish community is vile and racist because of these people, please help point me in a different direction?

I’m not going to pretend that anti-arab racism and islamophobia aren’t problems in the Jewish community. Both definitely exist in significant amounts and that’s something we have to police internally. No one else can do it for us.

To some extent it is handled on a communal level. Synagogues and Jewish groups I’ve been a member of have engaged in interfaith summits and mixers. The point behind those is to try to engage with each other as people, accept our respective differences, and look for commonalities. There are many that exist.

Part of the issue is a collective sense of fear. You have to keep in mind that Jews have spent the last 2000 years in a state of existential terror due to the fact that non-Jewish majority cultures have expelled, ghettoized, forced conversions and murdered us. That has been true in Europe, but it has also been true in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Not to sound like Star Wars, but fear can lead to anger which can lead to hate. The more under attack you feel, the more likely you are to turn to people who you feel you can trust, in our case other Jews. What makes it worse is that there are really very few of us, about 14 million in a world with 7 billion people in it. From the amount of time we see people spend talking about their notions of Jewish power and influence, we are .2% of the world’s population. 

Now, I’ve seen Arab and Muslim say and post all sorts of things were anti-semitic as hell. I have to make a conscious choice not to blame all Arabs or Muslims. It doesn’t help that Arabs and Muslims are demonized in the American culture where I was raised. There are institutional forces pitting us against each other. There is all sorts of propaganda that we have to work to identify and resist. Collective change takes work. 

Part of my frustration with the Israel/Palestine debate is how it has changed since my teen years in the 1990s. At that point, when the Peace Process seemed to be more than a talking point, I was able to visit Palestinian villages and talk with people. There were no walls. There was a sense that change was possible and on the horizon and the big question was what form it would take. That all changed. Nowadays we see a great deal of retrenchment, fear, disengagement, collective demonization and judging everyone by the worst actors in their groups. We need to find a way to get over that. Co-existence should be the goal, but we’ve chosen vilification instead. We’ve entered a vicious cycle of violence, recrimination, assumptions of bad faith and shouting of invective. I wish I knew how to undo it. All I can promise is to try to do my part.