Rewarded Persistence by Steve Hancock

I went out last night to shoot a timelapse of the milky way over Sunset/ Summit lake but found myself shooting in the opposite direction to capture this awesome display of the aurora borealis dancing along the North Okanagan skyline. With the Northern tip (lesser photographed point) of the the Milky Way discretely hanging around in the background I was really excited to see the results


Oregon Nights

This was filmed over the course of a few years, I have been shooting night timelapses any time I have had the chance, but had no real plan for the footage. I figured instead of letting these just sit on a hard drive that I would put something together.
All of these were shot in Oregon, locations include: Bend, Mt. Hood - Trillium Lake, Crater Lake, Camp Lake and Demaris Lake in Three Sisters Wilderness, Pacific City, Jefferson Park, Pole Creek, Lost Lake and Smith Rock.
This was filmed on a combination of a Canon 6D and 5D Mark II & III.
Music: “Summit” by James Everingham, licensed from