Finn Balor on being injured at SummerSlam: “I realized, ‘shit, my shoulders dislocated.I’m on my back on the floor outside the ring. At that moment I said, 'while you can lay here, wait for the doctors to do something, the match will end and you will forever be known as the person that blotted here the opportunity. 

Or… you can pop your shoulder back in and get back in the ring.”

Ok do you wanna know why Raw ratings aren’t doing well? Because WWE ain’t booking this story:

• Anderson and Gallows start to bully Seth Rollins for some stupid reason for a couple of weeks; Seth asks for a handicap match against them because he thinks he can do it on his own, but he loses badly at the point that he realises that he needs help
• So Angle convinces him that he must find a partner, and in this moment, when they look at each other like WHO THE HELL CAN BE MY/YOUR PARTNER, the camera shifts to the left and Dean Ambrose pops outta nowhere with his sexy motherfucker grin; he knows he would be the best choice and so he asks for something in return, but he eventually accepts to be Seth’s partner *cough cough* to face the Club
• Follows a period in which, along with this enemies-to-lovers very gay storyline between them two, they keep going on with the feud against Anderson and Gallows: at the beginning they still won’t trust each other, but with time they’ll find back their old chemistry as a tag team and their friendship, and eventually they’ll show their opponents their superiority with a considerable win strike
• At this point Gallows and Anderson can’t do anything else but running to Finn Balor and ask him to reform the Bullet Club, to prevail on Team Ambrollins; Balor is busy in a feud with Roman Reigns atm, but a series of coincidences makes Strowman return to chase Roman, and at the same time brings Dean and/or Seth to have a misunderstanding with Finn, who will make his heel turn and will join his ex comrades to reform the (Bullet)Club
• Team Ambrollins will face bravely this evil tag team on their own, but the Demon King and his henchmen now are too strong, and Summerslam is coming: there’s only one man who can help them to destroy the Club.
• Reigns has defeated Strowman, and Dean and Seth finally get to ask him to join again their forces, but the Big Dog is so done with everyone and everything that he doesn’t give a shit anymore of the good ol’ glory days with the Shield and eventually tells his ex brothers to go fuck themselves as the Iron Sheik would say
• Summerslam: Dean and Seth have found a temporary partner in Elias Samson who accepted to be the third wheel (lmao) but of course Gallows and Anderson knock him out before the match, so that Team Ambrollins is lacking of one man again; the match is about to be cancelled when a familiar scratch hits, followed by the words SIERRA HOTEL INDIA ECHO LIMA DELTA. SHIELD. and of course by Roman’s theme that is also the old Shield theme: Roman steps to the ring from the bleachers like he used to, and the three brothers are finally fighting together again. In this way Reigns will get back to what he had begun with Finn and blahblahblah amazing Summerslam match and hell of a feud for the months to come
• Bonus plot twist: Summerslam is a multibrand ppv so someway somehow AJ Styles manages to interfere in the match: will he be decisive to defeat the Shield, or will he be a pain in the ass to his old comrades? Will he help the evil team or will he fight against Balor for the leadership of the Club?

Book this shit WWE, book it or I won’t ever forgive you.