mile marker 17 

(or: the fic that managed to ruin my life as well as a few other people)

Instead of spending his summer hanging around Summerlin, sixteen year old Spencer Smith and his best friend Ryan Ross take a roadtrip to Chicago to move in with Ryan’s boyfriend. That she met online, and is in college already.

Look, at least he left a note for his mom before he left.

Featuring: emotionally mature trans boy Spencer, angsty teen trans girl Ryan, a pair of runaway gay Mormons, an elusive cat lover named Jon, and an unhealthy amount of gas station food.


The Dance With Me Grand Opening event at Tivoli Village Las Vegas, featuring Tony, Val & Maks from ABC’s Dancing with the Stars!

DWM Summerlin opened on 3.9.17

OOC Information

  • Callie, 19, she/her, CST


  • { Christopher ‘Chris’ Dylan Sterling } is { 29 } from { Summerlin, Las Vegas, NV }. They are here for { Bulimia Nervosa, Borderline Personality Disorder }. While their file states they are { hostile, disruptive }, they can also be { disciplined, polished }. They strangely resemble { Willam Belli }. They go by { he/him } pronouns.


Willam Belli is now taken. Please send in your account within the next 24 hours or let us know if you need more time. Welcome to the RP!