makorrasummerproject just launched and here’s my part from it aka Makorra fishing AU. :D The idea appeared quite randomly, I was talking to my friend about fishermen’s vests and thought “Makorra in fishermen’s vests, yeah that’s it!” Ultimately only Mako is wearing one because would Mama Mako let anyone (even Korra who probably could swim before she could walk) go into a boat without a life vest?

hey guys!
This is a little come back I think :)
I am figuring out what I want at the moment and right now I have a little time to breath and I really wanted to draw Opal again. (It was almost a month… I think)

So I sat down and drew some fanart again. I have to say the weather is much better and I made a compromise with myself that I don’t study illustration but first get a “normal job” so I can make a living and draw things I want to draw beside my job. I guess it’s the best way for me at the moment :) (and it takes so much pressure away from me)

It still feels a bit fragile but I am happy again. :) 

To the drawing: I changed Opals hair a bit because why not :) Loving the rich girls hanging out together ♥

a very late contribution for Makorra Week. I’m not sure it fits in any of the themes exactly (maybe Healing?), but I wanted to submit something because I adore these characters and this pairing and this part of the fandom deserves a break from all the negativity since the finale. 

I could go on about all the wasted potential in their last conversation and all the unaddressed stuff, but I prefer to imagine the moment she first sees him alone after the battle ends. I like to think she is so overwhelmed by his sacrifice and so glad he is alive that she can’t say a word, so she just holds him close. And he understands because he feels the same. Just like he always has.

(I used a sketch from tumblr as a reference, but I can’t find it now -.-)

Was August the month or tears or????

Cause we have like:

  • Free! Eternal Summer (AKA Eternal Pain)
  • Tokyo Ghoul (AKA The Kaneki Ken Pain Chronicles)
  • Zankyou No Terror (AKA Zankyou No Pain or WATANABE’S SADISTIC JOY)
  • Legend Of Korra Season Finale (AKA The Day a Fandom Broke)

But then there’s

  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun