Our sensies as me & my friends at the pool
  • The one who looks really nice, gets freckles under the sun, summer loks great on them: Riley
  • Give them a ball and they turn into a human puppy, won’t let you alone until you play with them for a while: Will
  • Gets a sunburn even though they used suncream, poor thing, it’s the same every summer, lowkey worried cuz cancer: Nomi
  • Gets a sunburn because they didn’t use suncream because fuck you I never get a sunburn: Lito
  • Makes friends with the old lady next to them, warns the rest about ants on their towels and be careful there’s a bird over you and it looks to be about to… omfg guys i need tissues!!: Capheus
  • Suggests bringing alcohol to the pool, human wreck that somehow finds themselves playing with kids. They don’t even know the kids: Wolfie
  • Smacks the one suggesting to bring alcohol to the pool, but themselves bring a paper book to the pool and complain when it gets wet: Kala 
  • Has to be stopped from drowning the fuckboys messing with the pretty girls, cheats at card games but nobody can prove it, highkey tired of being the shipped friend but kinda into it: Sun
  • Complains because they just got their hair dyed in some unnatural color and omg it isn’t going to last if you throw me into the pool you assholes: Amanita
  • Sighs while trying to cover up their friends in suncream, brings food and water when everybody forgets about it: Hernando
  • Flirts with everything that moves, forgets about the makeup and seems to be having a very emotional break down when it gets wet: Dani
  • Tells stories about themselves being drunk, denies having cigarettes even though they have the fucking lighter in their hand: Bug
  • Their friends ship them with some other and try to mess to make the OTP happen, knows every posible card game, disgustingly cute by themselves: Mun

makorrasummerproject just launched and here’s my part from it aka Makorra fishing AU. :D The idea appeared quite randomly, I was talking to my friend about fishermen’s vests and thought “Makorra in fishermen’s vests, yeah that’s it!” Ultimately only Mako is wearing one because would Mama Mako let anyone (even Korra who probably could swim before she could walk) go into a boat without a life vest?


yooo that atla/lok cosplay meetup at sacanime this year was rad af

(I was Book 4 Asami!)

ladyauroracosplay was series finale Asami (her red dress was a+++) !
crazyweirdgirl18 was the Korra in the light/baby blue tank top!
panicstrawberry was the Korra carrying me in the last picture. :)


MAKORRA WEEK 2015 IS JUNE 17 - 23!

Now, finally, we will be announcing the daily themes and prompts which will be present in this Makorra Week. Though we received a number of great suggestions for prompts, unfortunately not all can be used. The following list was chosen based on general appeal, applicability to a variety of possible submissions, and uniqueness.

Always remember that we will be accepting submissions for a few weeks after the Week itself officially “ends,” so feel no rush or pressure to get your work in within a strict timeframe.

Without further ado, then….

  • Day 1 (June 17): Summer/Breakup/Beginnings
  • Day 2 (June 18): First Date/Lightning/Platonic Soulmates
  • Day 3 (June 19): Fire and Water/Vacation/Battle
  • Day 4 (June 20): Children/Healing/Funeral
  • Day 5 (June 21): Portrait/Workout/Symbols
  • Day 6 (June 22): AU/Secret Tunnels/Trapped
  • Day 7 (June 23): Kiss/Samsara/The Future

That’s right - a whopping three prompts for you to play with each day! Let’s kick those creative minds into gear and make sure that this Makorra Week and Makorra Summer are the best ever!

We hope to see you here in June for Makorra Week 2015! Makorra Summer has begun!