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01. name: Mirko
02. nickname/s: I have a few depending on the person, but my favourite is Mirkins
03. zodiac sign: Scorpio (I don’t know why everybody hates us, but we’re nice and peaceful…)
04. height: 175cm or a bit more
05. orientation: Why is this a question, I’m shy and reserved gay
06. nationality: Italian
07. favorite fruit: oranges, peaches and apricots
08: favorite season: spring/summer
09. favorite book: I have a few. My first favourite and most important book for me is Cime Tempestose (Wuthering Heights) by Charlotte Brontë. My other favourite books are Le città invisibli by Italo Calvino, Morte a Venzia (Der Tod in Venedig) by Thomas Mann and Il Piacere by Gabriele D’Annunzio. But I also love The Hobbit, Lotr, Harry Potter and others.
10. favorite movies: I used to be obsessed with The Lion King and The Little Mermaid as a kid, now not so much. I think one of my favourite movies now is The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (2009), La La Land, Frozen, Her, La Grande Bellezza, La Migliore Offerta and probably a few others I can’t remember right now.
11. favorite scent: Stuff that smell like cinnamon or honey and almonds.
12. favorite color: Dark blue.
13. favorite animal: All of them.
14. coffee or tea or hot cocoa: Coffee I think.
15. average hours of sleep: preferably 8.
16. favorite fictional character: Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (only true 90′s kids will know this, sigh).
17. number of blankets to sleep with: A blanket and a quilt. I always covering myself, even if it’s summer and it’s 25+ degrees.
18. dream trip: Morocco and Greece I guess?
19. blog created: I’ve no idea…
20. number of followers: Almost 7k! 
21. random fact: I really love The Smurfs!!!


02-09-2017 // 🖇🏛

Summer break is officially over in the Netherlands, so you can expect a lot more posts soon. The introduction week was tiring, but the classes I’m taking are the best! I met so many great people, including an exchange student from Chicago. I started my bullet journal this week -hoping I’ll be more organized this year- and it turned out beautiful. I’m so nervous for my classes I might throw up, let’s just say my anxiety is kicking in!


october // [listen]

01. feel it still - portugal. the man / 02. no such thing as a broken heart - old dominion / 03. so good - louisa johnson / 04. konichiwild - secret weapons / 05. by the throat - chvrches / 06. r.a.d. moves - kady rain / 07. take me - aly & aj / 08. girls of summer - sam the astronaut / 09. what you want - the heirs / 10. second chance - mating ritual / 11. love drunk - gazzo / 12. best thing - machineheart / 13. when we were young - piero / 14. antique emotions - the boulevard

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top 5 niall looks 💚

why do y’all hate me so much. why.

before we start I just want to say that niall horan is the sun and he looks absolutely stunning all the time and it’s just rude to ask one to pick and also he’s that kind of a horrible person who looks damn amazing in simple jeans and a tshirt like wtf niall.


1. ok so we’re gonna start with a look that’s here from totally Sentimental™ reasons and it’s the look from the You&I mv and i’m picking it because it was the first video of one direction i’ve ever seen and i was like “ok. ok, let’s give it a try. let’s see what the fuss is all about. oh hello blondie, you’re kinda cute.”

i was as confused as him. actual footage of me entering the 1d fandom

2. speaking of awful people who look good in #basic outfits… here. Idk why but it’s amazing and i need him to give me that jacket as a gift cause it’s pretty

3. do you remember summer ‘09 Australian Open 2016 that Niall attended looking all cute and nerdy? yes? you’re sure you’re not confusing it with some different event? lemME REMIND YOU JUST IN CASE

he looks like he’s about to make me question every single life choice i’ve ever made but do i mind? nope.

looK HOW CUTE! that one headcanon that he looks like a cute IT guy who makes people broke their things on purpose just to meet him again is basically my fave headcanon of all time and i’m gonna write it someday


4. that list would be rubbish without good ole suit niall that makes everyone weak. it was tough af to pick just one so lets go with that gorgeous suit that matched his eyes he wore at the grammy after party

5. i was scrolling through my gallery searching for something worth adding here (cause let’s be honest - everything is) and then it hit me. 

i had this pic as my background for so long and yet i still sometimes forget it exists like i’m conviced it was just a beautiful dream?

so soft?

just give him all the cuddles ok? so pretty? so soft?

i just wanted to say that it’s all lies cause tbh every niall look is my top5 and i feel like i’m betraying the world for not mentioning them all here. oh and also


because there’s no way to not mention this gem and teeny tiny baby nialler being so happy while holding a guitar bigger than his entire self is literally the best look ever and it deserves to be seen by everybody ok bye

(ask me my top5′s *side eyes emoji*)

TAKE ME HOME MEME.  I’m still complete and utter trash for One Direction, and I miss their music, so. I thought I’d put together a little meme to cheer me up. There might be a part two and three to this coming up later as I couldn’t fit all their albums into one post. Please feel free to change pronouns as/when needed.


  • I can’t believe you’re packing your bags.
  • I’m trying so hard not to cry.
  • But we have to say goodbye.
  • Don’t promise that you’re gonna call.
  • Just promise that you won’t forget we had it all.
  • You were mine.
  • It’s nearly over.
  • I always will remember.
  • You were my summer love.
  • I wish that we could be alone now.
  • We could find some place to hide.
  • Don’t look at me that way.
  • Please don’t make this any harder.


  • People say we shouldn’t be together.
  • We’re too young to know about forever.
  • This love is only getting stronger.
  • I just wanna tell the world that you’re mine.
  • They don’t know about the things we do.
  • They would just be jealous of us.
  • I’ve waited all my life just to find a love that feels this right.
  • They don’t know how special you are.
  • It’s between you and me, our little secret.


  • I’d never leave her.
  • There’s a hole in the middle of my heart like a polo.
  • It’s no joke to me.
  • Can we do it all over again?
  • My kiss can mend your broken heart.
  • I will give you all my heart.
  • Can we stop this for a minute?
  • I can tell that your heart isn’t in it.
  • Do you really want to be alone?


  • I’ve been dreaming about you a lot.
  • In my head I’m your boyfriend/girlfriend, but that’s one thing you already got.
  • He’d kill me without any warning.
  • Would he/she hold you when you’re feeling low?
  • I thought things were going alright.
  • Reality ruined my life.
  • It feels like I’m constantly playing a game that I’m destined to lose
  • I can’t compete with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • He’s got twenty-seven tattoos.
  • Would he/she please you?
  • Would he/she kiss you?
  • Would he/she treat you like I would?


  • We should say goodbye.
  • Are we friends or are we more?
  • I don’t wanna know I’m walking away if you’ll be mine.
  • If you want me to stay for the night, I’ll change my mind.


  • Do you remember summer ‘09?
  • It was the best time of my life.
  • I used to think that I was better alone.
  • Why did I ever wanna let you go?
  • I want you to rock me.
  • You were mine and we never said goodbye.


  • I don’t know what I did.
  • Let’s just be friend.s
  • I’m trying to be okay.
  • I’m trying to be alright, but seeing you with him/her? It just don’t feel right.
  • I never thought it’d hurt so bad getting over you.
  • You’re giving me a heart attack looking like you do.
  • You’re all I ever wanted.
  • I can’t stand dumb love songs.


  • She had to go.
  • You look amazing standing alone.
  • Move a little closer now.
  • I’ve been watching you all night.
  • Come on and dance with me, baby.
  • I wanna be yours now.


  • Your hand fits in mine like it’s made just for me.
  • I’m in love with you.
  • You can’t go to bed without a cup of tea.
  • You talk in your sleep.
  • But you’re perfect to me.
  • You’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you.
  • You’ll never treat yourself right.


  • I just wanna take you anywhere that you’d like.
  • We could go out any day, any night.
  • You can get anything that you want.
  • Let me kiss you.
  • Don’t you know you got what I need?
  • I just wanna show you off to all of my friends.