Joy from Red Velvet has a voice that is eerily similar to Sulli’s. They both have identifiable, high-pitched singing voices along with the most distinct Korean accents out of all the members in their respective groups. (pop-korean)

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Hello! So I recently dyed my hair black and I don't really know what colour (or shirts) match/fit well with that colour. It may sound like a silly question but everything I've tried doesn't work and clashes. Thankyou!

Depends on your hair, how black it is, how long it is, how your skin is ..

 Usually you can do with every colour. I give you some exemple, but all you need to do is to check different colours and for exemple, when you go to shopping try many colours and models to see what is good for you. Mabye here you will see that they wear white but mabye for you is not good. 

So try more and not just colours different nuances, 

Hope it would be helpful and if you need more help ask me ^^