Merry (late) Christmas 
@l-sula-l !

Hey Bambi! I know 2016 has been a nightmare of a year, but I’m so glad I got in touch with you! You’re really funny and you always crack me up. Also, you’re very talented too!  You have a beautiful voice and your Pearl’s impersonations are hard to believe they’re not the real thing hahahaha! Well, Merry late Christmas, and I wish you and all a better 2017! Love you, be safe and take care! 💜

We are now accepting submissions for our January issue!

Deadline: January 15th

We are especially looking for VISUAL arts and prose/essays/long-form pieces! Regular contributor applications are also being accepted (though it takes a bit for us to respond to them!) <3

It’s the fusion mermaid brigade!
based on @l-sula-l ‘s (and my personal favorite) design!

THE ONE, THE ONLY, THAT STARTED IT ALL: RAINBOW QUARTZ!!!  I remember watching Sula drawing her, and how fun that stream was, and Sula herself is so amazing! Really, Sula you’re so great, and fun, and really, I love you! You make the best pearl impressions! let pearl say fuck 2k16 And I absolutely adore your drawings! 

Original drawing that started the fusion mermaid brigade is  ✨ here! ✨ and with this one, the brigade is full! I I’m so excited I could just shatter! 

This is a culture that overemphasizes the sort of heteronormative thing that for women the most important relationship of their lives is going to be the dude that they’re going to fall in love with, as if everybody is straight and that this is the script, and yet, look from my experience as a brother, my sister’s longest, most painful heartbreak was a Sula-like heartbreak, where the most important relationship of her life was a woman. And yet she never had a space to acknowledge or honor it until after it was all over. And that idea of the controlling male or the controlling paradigm that tends to leave that story out I think is very, very important.