They might look like hot dogs or maybe resemble something really important in ones life, but these are bananas, deep fried bananas. Yup, during our trip to bangkok, me and my wife walked in streets filled with these bananas. Along with these there were other specialities also, like the deep fried squids, rats, bacon, and served along with deep fried fruits. Sounds delicious.. Ahan!!! But the smell while standing infront of these deliciously colored dishes could kill you if you stood there for long.
Well being a tourist from south Asia i really had some bad experiences while tasting the food here in the far east. And maybe you will feel the same. But if you look at the brighter side, these are small specialities that highlight the cultural differences between regions. Then obviously there are bigger cultural dogmas that create disturbance between regions. And the place where people tend to stick to these dogmas and think others as insane try to force them to follow it. Once forced they would like to have an authoritative power to rule the masses. And if the masses over rule that power then the political instabilty appears. And once that is there, different schools of thoughts amalgamate into the minds that causes the psychological curruption of it and leads to an end point where the person is a victim of the superiority complex. And as we all should be knowing, complexes are really complicated to solve.
~ Sameer Aftab


IMG_7097 by Iceneedyou

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