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They might look like hot dogs or maybe resemble something really important in ones life, but these are bananas, deep fried bananas. Yup, during our trip to bangkok, me and my wife walked in streets filled with these bananas. Along with these there were other specialities also, like the deep fried squids, rats, bacon, and served along with deep fried fruits. Sounds delicious.. Ahan!!! But the smell while standing infront of these deliciously colored dishes could kill you if you stood there for long.
Well being a tourist from south Asia i really had some bad experiences while tasting the food here in the far east. And maybe you will feel the same. But if you look at the brighter side, these are small specialities that highlight the cultural differences between regions. Then obviously there are bigger cultural dogmas that create disturbance between regions. And the place where people tend to stick to these dogmas and think others as insane try to force them to follow it. Once forced they would like to have an authoritative power to rule the masses. And if the masses over rule that power then the political instabilty appears. And once that is there, different schools of thoughts amalgamate into the minds that causes the psychological curruption of it and leads to an end point where the person is a victim of the superiority complex. And as we all should be knowing, complexes are really complicated to solve.
~ Sameer Aftab

Enter: Bangkok by Night

Mon Cheri at Nana Plaza, the first ever a-go-go bar I went to.

Nana Hotel, Sukhumvit soi 4, that’s where we ended up that first night ever in Bangkok and Thailand. We stayed on the 9th floor with a view over Sukhumvit Rd. The room would be the nicest we saw in Thailand on this first trip. It should be, as we paid 900 THB per night, we stayed two nights.

Amongst the things you’ll normally find in a hotel room in this price class, there was one odd thing, at least at that time, October 1988. A big stereo. From the looks of it, it was probably a left over from the Vietnam era when the Americans came to Bangkok for R&R.

None the less, the sound was great and no sooner had the bell boy closed the door “Killing an Arab” by the Cure was blasting out of the speakers. We later found out that that was probably not the best song to play at Nana. They had quite a few rooms occupied by… yeah, arabs.

No complaints at that moment though, but as the afternoon turned into early night, the volume increased on the stereo and finally one of the guards knocked on our door and asked us to turn it down a little.

- Put a big ass stereo in our room you should expect deafening music, right?

He didn’t buy that one, so we decided it was time to make Bangkok unsafe. Pushed the stop button on Dead Kennedys screaming on about a Holiday in Cambodia and went down to street level soi 4.

That thing about making Bangkok unsafe very soon changed into feeling unsafe myself.

At 18 I didn’t have much experience in basically anything, so Bangkok was, well, different, to anything I had ever experienced before. Different from anything I had ever imagined before.

To make things worse, just across the soi from Nana Hotel was - NEP - Nana Entertainment Plaza. As we didn’t want to venture too far from the hotel this first night, saving the exploration of the city for the next day, in the safety of day light, we crossed the soi and entered the Plaza.

Having no idea what to expect we carefully and slowly entered the square, trying our best to avoid looking too much as newbies. Of course we totally failed looking as we knew what we were doing. Easy prey stamped in our foreheads in neon light.

After some hassle we finally managed to walk the 25 meters from the entrance to an outside bar, the one that looked the least frightening. That bar turned out to be in front, and belonging to Mon Cheri Bar, a bar that would become our favorite hang out for years to come.