Casually stating few facts, volume 2:

…a.k.a Jimin probably really stalked Jungkook’s Vlive in Bangkok, before coming to the room and scolding him. Then he lied about it. Just Jikook things.

So, don’t ask me why, because even I have no idea how I came across this, but I found out where BTS stayed two weeks ago at Bangkok. Well, more like, I was working on my cute-throwback-analysis from other time they were at Bangkok, and at the end the name of location they were in - Grande Centre Point Terminal 21 - appeared. So I thought, hm, let’s check it out, maybe they stayed there now, too. But it wasn’t it, it was another hotel from Centre Point family (there are like 4?) - Grande Centre Point Sukhumvit 55. I almost choked when I saw the very familiar flower-like pattern behind those beds, also whole room’s settings. :

I guess I didn’t choose the detective life, detective life chose me.
Firstly, I tried to find out if the rooms are soundproof – they’re not. But they have soundproof windows, tho :D
Then I googled through lots of pictures – to find some of the corridors, to know how big they are and how far the rooms are from one another. And finalllyyy I found this:

It may not be a photo, more like a graphic-like pic, but I also watched some videos taken by people there and in those short glimpses I saw that corridors really look like this. This is just the best pic to show you :) (Fun fact: even Lee Min Ho stayed there!)

Anyway, now to this mini-analysis:

Jungkook was in the corner of his room (see pic number 2 in the first picture, I’m almost sure pattern of his room was like that), singing quietly + really ‘soft’ song. Jimin came in rushing, saying he can hear him. JIMIN IS A LIAR. THIS IS WHY:
1. Jungkook tells us Jimin’s room is across the hall, so it definitely can’t be that Jimin heard music through the walls or something.
2. Also the rooms have this small „corridor“ as you walk in, that is quite far from where Jungkook sits. Judging by pics + my research, at least 6 meters

3. The hall is at least (!) 2 meters wide
4. Even if Jimin’s room was DIRECTLY across Jungkook’s; how big are the chances of:

Quiet singing + music, travelling across whole room and that „corridor“ in the room, through closed doors and thick walls, through 2+ meter’s hall, possibly even farther away from JK’s room (in case Jimin’s room isn’t directly in front of Jungkook’s). Then coming to Jiminies‘ ears through ANOTHER door + walls? Not even mentioning that Jimin had probably same-situated room, so he most likely hanged out far from his door.

That leaves us with what?

Jimin is a liar, stalker of his boyfriend‘s- Jungkook’s Vlives, and he gladly participates in Jungkook’s plans to bring him „mischievously“ into the Vlive.

Like yes, there is a chance he somehow heard it. Nothing is 100%. But as a Jungkook’s advocate, I think there’s no chance for Jimin to hear him, if he wasn’t watching the Vlive.

K, Bye.


IMG_7097 by Iceneedyou


Sukhumvit by
Via Flickr:


pastel colored midday heat
under the skyway on lower

sukhumvit a businessman
in blue silk cellphone

monk in saffron robes
with saffron sunshade

black-haired girl in jeans
white blouse designer sunglasses

old man with a sack of green-plumed tubers
balanced against his forehead by a strap

these eyes millennia of raw and ancient
visored against time rev-revving

the lights

4 days Bankgok, Tokyo, Dubai

After years in Japan I learned to appreciate every single minute of travel, and sometimes my trips have a slightly crazy schedule. So here is a mini guide what to do in a very short time and have a fabulous trip. 

Bangkok (noon till evening)

For a bit of local arty / fashion experience try: It’s Happened to be a Closet, all fashion people go to this shop / atelier / restaurant. There is a manicure room, a foot massage parlor, DIY ateliers to make your own jewelry, and a fantastic European style restaurant (order anything with truffles and you will not be disappointed), there is a store, bakery and enough colors to make your energy levels really high.

124/1 Soi Sukhumvit 23 | Khlong Toei Nuea (they do not have a website, it is a best kept local secret)



Just nearby there are three most amazing interior furniture shops, even of you travel light you should check them for inspiration. Run by the same owner each shop has a very distinguished look and feel, and there is a lot to see there in a tiny 2 floor space. Each shop is a bit of a tiny fabulous apartment, the one where you really want to meet the owner. They are all next to each other and have these beautiful names: Incredible, Eligible, and Unforgettable.



Check them out at: 116/6 Sukhumvit 23, Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110.


At My Little Box and Pommery event 

Catching Pokemons across Japanese capital is the most fun.

Quick gateway to Enoshima in summer


After Tokyo, Dubai came next, despite summer heat there are always many new restaurants and places to visit. It changes everyday.


A shisha bar and Chanel baboosh

Finding street art in Dubai is a real treasure hunt as messages are hidden across construction sites everywhere. And after dinner at night a walk by the beach is a bliss.

They might look like hot dogs or maybe resemble something really important in ones life, but these are bananas, deep fried bananas. Yup, during our trip to bangkok, me and my wife walked in streets filled with these bananas. Along with these there were other specialities also, like the deep fried squids, rats, bacon, and served along with deep fried fruits. Sounds delicious.. Ahan!!! But the smell while standing infront of these deliciously colored dishes could kill you if you stood there for long.
Well being a tourist from south Asia i really had some bad experiences while tasting the food here in the far east. And maybe you will feel the same. But if you look at the brighter side, these are small specialities that highlight the cultural differences between regions. Then obviously there are bigger cultural dogmas that create disturbance between regions. And the place where people tend to stick to these dogmas and think others as insane try to force them to follow it. Once forced they would like to have an authoritative power to rule the masses. And if the masses over rule that power then the political instabilty appears. And once that is there, different schools of thoughts amalgamate into the minds that causes the psychological curruption of it and leads to an end point where the person is a victim of the superiority complex. And as we all should be knowing, complexes are really complicated to solve.
~ Sameer Aftab