Heechul's Comment about Idol School

Heechul’s ugly comment about Idol School is the exact reason why the entire idea of schoolgirl concepts is rather…disturbing. Mind u Heechul is the MC for the show and his comment truly is revolting. There is no other way to put it. In one if the task the girls had to jump in a pool in a white Japanese schoolgirl uniform. Mind u the MC of this show is the same man who has an obssession with anything remotley related to Japan. Japan has culture revolving around lolis and schoolgirls that often hypersexualize the schoolgirl. What does this have to do with Heechul’s comment? Well because he sees nothing wrong with it. The hypersexualization of underaged girls and grown women in schoolgirl uniforms and acting cute has been so normalized that people actually don’t see a problem with this (i.e. Heechul ). In fact it is almost to the point if subconsciousness to where people think this is okay because it isn’t direct sexualization. Why? Because typically the schoolgirl concept is seen as ‘innocent’ and 'cute’ and 'pure’ which is the underlying issue of the sexualization itself. See ehat people don’t seem to realize is that the cute schoolgirl is seen as sexy to grown men which is the issue.

But for some reason Heechul doesn’t see a problem woth it. Like I said before Heechul is known as a full fleged Otaku. Meaning anything related to Japan he is already attatched to. Heechul is a grown ass man addicted to the idea of cute schoolgirls because it is a main part of loli/schoolgirl culture in Japan. The idea of it is so deep rooted in his head he thinks it’s okay, but it’s not. It’s disgusting. And for him to say that it’s okay just because it’s broadcasted actually makes me sick to my stomach. He’s pretty much a long the lines of what the PD101 Pd said about it being “ healthy porn” (which still creeps me out til this day). Overall, Heechul saying that the show essentially being a sexy concept is bad to talk about is horrid. He is pretty much over looking the idea of it being hypersexualization of schoolgirls and indirect sexualization of girls and it’s really telling. @newjackswing

Lipstick Prince (Heechul x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) Here’s some Heechul that the sweet @momomochiiii requested! Sorry it took so long, darling! Hope you’ll enjoy this one!

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“Will you please just sit still?,” Heechul whined, forcefully grabbing your cheeks to face him as he chastised you more, “How am I supposed to make you look even remotely pretty when you can’t even look at me?”

“Because,” you pouted, crossing your arms as he searched through your makeup bag with his bottom lip between his teeth. “You know how I am with eye contact and stuff, it makes me embarrassed.”

“I know,” he cooed, turning back with a iridescent highlighter and fan brush in his hands, smile reaching his eyes as he teased, “And I totally used it against you before we dated. Now,” he leaned in close and inspected your face in earnest, “Let’s do your eyebrows!”

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/Хичоль показал забавные танцульки/
Как айдол может танцевать, как комик?
Просто подождите, когда мои мемберы вернутся, в октябре я вернусь в качестве айдола. *Я восхитителен*

  • Sungmin: Heechul made me call people and tell them he was dead to see how they’d react.
  • [earlier that day]
  • Heechul: Is he crying? Is Leeteuk crying?
  • Sungmin: A little.
  • Heechul, grabbing the phone: You should be wailing, you stone cold bitch!
  • Heechul: Now call Eunhyuk.