Suju Siwon

Dating Donghae Would Include
  • his charming personality that would make you feel like a princess.
  • of course, he’d be your prince and even tease you to make him call you all those cheesy names. 
  • luckily he has you since he is very forgetful, if he were to forget something and you picked it up you made him do aegyo for you in order to get back his stuff.
  • out of all holidays, Christmas would be your favorite to spend with him and sometimes even the members.
  • the boys thought your relationship was a bit disgusting, in a good way.
  • they were just jealous of how cute you guys were and desperately needed a girlfriend.
  • whenever your mind was full of thoughts that needed to be emptied he was there for you.
  • same for the other way around, you guys were perfect for each other because you guys like to express your feelings a lot.
  • his hugs were the best it was like you were wrapped in a big fluffy bear.
  • you were his personal alarm sometimes when he’d accidentally sleep in you’d have to wake him up.
  • there were problems every here and there but nothing major that caused you guys to think twice about your feelings for each other.
  • with him working hard you’d often stop by to help him relax and make sure he ate.
  • communication was key in your relationship, you guys never hid secrets from each other.
  • which was what made your relationship stronger something that many people envied.

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“Are you sure you have to go?” You whisper softly, hands lightly clutching the hem of your shirt.

“You know it’s mandatory, babe…” He tells you, voice gentle. It’s not the first time you’ve brought it up. “I’ll go, grow as a man, and come back better than before. I’ll do honor to our country.”

You sigh softly and nod, tears prickling the corners of your eyes.

“Write me as often as you can, okay? Call me if you are allowed. I know you’ll want to see your family on breaks, but-”

“But I will have at least one meal with you, and talk to you on the phone every night during my breaks.” Siwon tells you in a promising tone. This is another thing that’s already been discussed.

With nothing left to say for the moment, you sidle forward and wrap your arms around his torso, hugging him closely. He cups the back of your head with one hand, the other pressing to your back lightly.

“You know how I feel about you, right?” You whisper, peeking up at him.

“I do. And I feel the same way.” He whispers in return, leaning down to tenderly press his lips to yours in a brief kiss.

There’s only a few more minutes before he has to leave, so you tighten your arms around his body, burying your face in his chest.

“Stay healthy, don’t get injured. Don’t forget to pray, eat well, and respect your superiors.” You remind him. Instead of telling you he already knows all of that, he nods obediently and smiles fondly.

“I’ll see you in twenty-one months. Don’t miss me too much.” Siwon tells you, one last gentle squeeze before he lets go of your body, slipping away into the crowd of other military personnel.

siwon’s army deployment for the anon

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Trying to write a reaction

Step 1. You got a request.. lets do this.

step 2. stare at the computer until you get an idea.

Step 3. takes breaks before starting it.

Step 4. gets frustrated before doing it.

Step 5. listen to music to get in the groove.

Step 6. Reading something you wrote.

Step 7. Almost finish.

Step 8. Editing .

Step 9. Finishing and posting it .

 Step 10. Waiting for people to notice it.

Step 11. Getting the notes.

Step 12. repeat.

Reaction: being unfollowed.

Feeling like you’re on top of the world on your blog .

stage 1. logs on the computer.

Stage 2. noticing someone unfollowed.

(must be an error or a delay) 

Stage 3.(starts to refresh and nothings change.)

stage 4.  they’ll miss me (Denial and Isolation) i don’t need them.

Stage 5. (anger) why did you unfollow me huh !!!!!!!! 

stage 5. Bargaining.

come back i’ll do all my request and update my blog.

Stage 6. Depression.

stage 7. Acceptance

 i still have my other followers.