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ewww you like super junior? they are like the most problematic kpop group out there. like siwon is homophobic and shindong does all this fat shaming when's the one to talk. like why would you like them, they are the worst thing that's happened to kpop?

First, Siwon being homophobic came from an unreliable source. If it’s unreliable it’s not fucking real. Two, Shindong sincerely apologized for his comments repeatedly on his twitter and on the air. Third, if you are bringing Shindong’s weight into the equation, oops I’m sorry you are fat shaming too. So that makes you look like a stupid troll 


omg the whole your fav is problematic, stop liking them is such BULLSHIT. I AM SO TIRED OF THIS NONSENSE. I swear to god, if I stopped liking celebrities because they have done problematic things, there would be no one to like. BECAUSE NEWS CHECK. PEOPLE ARE HUMAN. PEOPLE DO SHITTY THINGS AND MAKE MISTAKES. YOU do shitty things too the only difference is that you aren’t in the media so people can’t talk about it. And don’t start but so and so hasn’t done anything problematic. Yeah they have, either they have a really good PR team that cleans stuff up before people on tumblr take it out of control, or they are smart enough to keep their comments to themselves. 

I accept that people are human and in no way are their mistakes, that I know sj has done, going to stop me from liking them. They have been the most influential second-wave kpop group and they are one of the best. You would not have reality shows of kpop stars, or sub-units, european, or american concerts. Super Junior shaped kpop drastically. 

So honey take your bullshit somewhere else


“SMTOWN The Stage” with Super Junior.

“SMTOWN The Stage” avec Super Junior.


Super Junior - Gee


super junior en A-nation full ♥

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I just read that post about the "Devil" Mv being awkward. What's happening? I'm so confused tbh

The Russian model who was the devil, Angelina, in SJ’s mv was on another IG post, and the caption was that they couldn’t believe she was 14 years old. A lot of people spammed Angelina’s IG asking her about her age, and she confirmed that yes, she’s 14. So obviously it’s making people awkward and grossed out that she’s playing the “love interest” who enchants all the men in SJ’s mv when they’re a decade+ older.

As I said on my post, I doubt SJ cast her, Leeteuk specifically points out that her mother is his age, and if you watch the video, they don’t interact with her in a creepy way (minus Siwon’s fake kiss and Yesung’s poke). But it’s still gross that SM/her agency/her parents sexualized a 14-year-old and allowed her to play such a role in this mv, and just knowing her age and knowing their ages makes the entire thing creepy.

But we can’t just not stream it because that puts SJ’s hard work on this album to waste. So we’re in this ugh situation where another thing has gone wrong with this comeback.

if you ever have a reason to doubt that donghae is a good person just remember that one show where jihyun asked for like $4000 over the phone and donghae was like ‘when, now?’ and when she asked if it was okay he was llike yea sure you don’t have to tell me the reason and when she said she couldn’t pay it back he was like that’s okay 

and considering the fact they hadn’t even spoken for a while and he was perfectly fine with it


Leeteuk - Heechul

When they fight, it’s mostly for the purposes of work (running Super Junior). As we all know, Heechul and Leeteuk are total opposites and when they fight things get really legit. But Heechul changed his thoughts and chose to be a full on Leeteuk supporter; instead of arguing with Leeteuk because he believes that he is the only one that can support and give strength to the leader as a friend :) 

Leeteuk - Eunhyuk - Kyuhyun - Shindong - Yesung (ft. Donghae the idiot)

I think this link might explain everything about their fight and how clueless Donghae might be ._.

Leeteuk - Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk, Shindong, Donghae all love to annoy Leeteuk. But once the pestering gets overboard…(shakes lasted for the whole day) So the pissed off Leeteuk, personally finds Eunhyuk the easier target to fight back and get angry at, so he hit Eunhyuk in the neck. Eunhyuk, the softie was in a state of mental coma. The next day, he ditched his Sukira Radio schedule and ignored Leeteuk. Leeteuk obviously feeling sorry towards Eunhyuk, took Eunhyuk and a random Yesung to Hangang River to have some fried chicken and solve problems out 

Heechul - Kangin

Heechul just wanted to watch TV in peace, but Kangin just HAD to pester around Heechul. Heechul eventually got pissed off, so he kicked the boiling ramyun pots and they started yelling at each other. 

Yesung - Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun was eating ice cream in the dorm all alone. Yesung, seeing Kyuhyun asks Kyuhyun why he didn’t buy any ice cream for the hyungs. He asks Kyuhyun if the ice cream is good, eating it all alone. Kyuhyun retorting back says that it’s delicious, not realizing Yesung was serious. Yesung got mad at Kyuhyun, so he kicked Kyuhyun’s ice cream. 

Yesung - Ryeowook 

Ryeowook brought strawberries into Donghae’s room so that they could share the strawberries together; but it wasn’t just Donghae and Ryeowook in the dorm, Yesung was in the dorm as well. Donghae feeling bad called over Yesung to have some strawberries, but Ryeowook was like “Why did you call him, you didn’t need to”. Yesung was really hurt by this comment and he said that he wanted to ‘kill’ Ryeowook when he heard that (LOL)

Kangin - Yesung - Heechul

Kangin, Yesung, Heechul were watching TV in peace when Moon Geun Young appeared on TV. Kangin, knowing that Yesung was a big fan of Moon Geun Young, started to make fun of Yesung by making comments like “oh Moon Geun Young won’t even know who you are” which iritated Yesung. He yelled at Kangin to stop. But then, Heechul, who was eating ramyun quietly beside them threw his ramyun and said “Can’t you guys be quiet” and all three of them started to fight. 

Kangin - Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun’s fan sent Kyuhyun some meat to eat; however Super Junior ate all of the meat, without Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun upset by this fact, was all alone; but clueless Kangin kept telling Kyuhyun to hurry up (they were going somewhere) which got Kyuhyun mad, which then led to Kangin getting mad at Kyuhyun for being too slow. 

Siwon - Ryeowook

We all know about this from Radio Star, don’t we. So Siwon loves highfives. He highfives all the members, however, Ryeowook was annoyed at Siwon because he asked for highfives EVERY SINGLE TIME. They started to argue and Ryeowook obviously said “I’m confident to not see you anymore. I’m confident!!” to Siwon when Siwon had asked Ryeowook “Are you confident to not see me anymore?”. Siwon was hurt by this obviously so Leeteuk had to settle the fight down, so he told Siwon to highfive Ryeowook only 3 times a day from now (wise Solomon Leeteuk)

Siwon - Eunhyuk

I personally don’t know why Eunhyuk loves airplane foods but anyways, Eunhyuk has a thing for food. He saved his last airplane food (best ones for the last) to eat later; however, clueless Siwon ate it. Eunhyuk was so pissed off at Siwon, he called Siwon a “theft”. Siwon NEVER EVER was called a “theft” before so he was quite upset. After all it was just..airplane food. So these boys ignored each other for TWO days and eventually solved things out on text.

Donghae - Ryeowook

Ryeowook let out his upset feelings he had within the group as a maknae to Donghae and Donghae the sensitive guy, wss hurt, so they started to argue. It was pretty funny how they were arguing in innocent Eunhyuk’s room though. Eunhyuk saw two of the members fighting in his room and he was saddened by this fact, so he walked out of his room all upset

Henry - Donghae

Henry and Donghae started to playfully hit each other as a joke. However, the hitting started to become slightly(?) violent and the hitting became real, which led to a fight…