Exo reaction to walking in on you dancing to one of their songs

Xiumin: He’d smile as he watched you from the door way trying to perfect the move.

“Oh you’re so cute.”

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Luhan: He’d see you being almost perfect at the dance, and him being as competitive he is he’d challenge you too see who’s better.

“I’m so much better Y/n”

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Kris: He’d see you struggling but decide against helping you until you hurt yourself by falling

“I should’ve helped you”

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Suho: He’d find it extremely attractive as you were wearing one of his jackets from an older era, dancing as if you were preforming at the concert.

“ah, babe are you gonna take the  roll of the new leader?”

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Lay: He’d join in on you dancing making you completely stop but he was to oblivious to notice.

“Why are you staring at me?”

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Baekhyun: He’d see you doing everything great so far, but when you accidentally have the wrong footing he’d shut the music off.

“What was that?”

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Chen: He’d walk in on you dancing and be amazed and when he took notice on how you were slightly better at a certain move, he’d be very grumpy.

“I can sing and hit high notes better than you.”

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Chanyeol: He’d see you on the ground doing the ‘My Lady’ dance and you’d look up seeing him staring at you.

“My pants would prefer if you didn’t do that.”

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D.O: He’d admire you and sit on the floor watching you move so perfectly.

“Jagyia that was perfect.”

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Tao: He’d look at you weirdly when you did the complete wrong movement.

“What was that? The chicken dance?”

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Kai: You were doing the ‘Play boy’ choreography and was struggling a bit, so he demonstrated how to do it leaving you in a trance.

“Did you learn anything i just did?”

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Sehun: He’d spit out his bubble tea as he saw you hip thrusting. Then him being Oh Sehun would show you how it’s actually done.

“See that’s how you do it babe.”

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Lmao at this request I love it!


*It was a free Saturday for the both of you so you decided to have a quiet walk through the park until you thought it would be fun to climb a tree*

K: “Y/N honestly what if you fall….oh never mind you already did”


*He saw this coming and was ready to catch you when you fell but you hit his hand with your foot on the way down, and it was safe to say you just fell flat on your ass*


*He was shouting for you to be careful but that clearly didn't help as he hopelessly watched you fall from the tree branch, he rushed over to help and when he realised you had only slightly hurt your arm he let out a laugh bc the whole sight was rather funny*

Y/N: “Excuse me it’s not that funny”

S: “Sorry you’re right, but you fell out like a leaf”


*Can’t even blame him it was funny mate*


*He was the one who dared you to climb the tree in the first place so you weren't too happy when you ended up face planting the floor*

BH: “Oh jagi are you okay that looked nasty”

Y/N: “Go away this is your fault”

BH: “Your right but the tree deserves a bashing too”

*Proceeds to kick tree*


*He decided to watch you as you said if you managed to get to the top he would have to climb the tree afterwards. He didn't actually expect you to fall so his initial reaction was to run over to you, scold you for hurting yourself and then you both turning it into a joke*


*Once he found out you weren’t badly hurt and you laughed it off yourself, he laughed like his life depended on it and then proceeded to make stupid jokes*

C: “I guess you made like a leaf and got out of there”

Anyone notice the reference…. probs not lmao


*He was waiting at the bottom of the tree, timing you as you decided you wanted to see who could climb it faster, you were going pretty fast which caused you to slip on a branch and fall arse over head*

T: “Hey I wanted you to fall for me but I didn’t mean literally you know”

Y/N: “If my arm didn’t hurt so much right now I would punch you”


*He was sitting beside you holding your arm and ‘healing’ it. He said it was his fault for letting you go up the tree*

Y/N: “Lay I love you but this healing thing ain’t real, and no it’s not your fault it was my idea to climb the tree and my ass that fell out of it okay?”

L: “Okay but do you need to go to the hospital for some proper healing, because I don’t think I can cut it”


*Tbh it was him that fell out of the tree, whilst you stood and watched him plummet back to the ground. He just rolled over and layed with his face facing the floor thinking about what he had just done*

Y/N: “Kris are you alright, you fell like a sack of sugar from a shelf”

K: “I am fine just internally screaming thats all”


*Whilst you were climbing the tree he was shouting saying you wouldn't be able to do it to wind you up, and when you fell he knew it was basically his fault because he distracted you*

LH: “Woah Y/N are you okay I didn’t mean to distract you”

Y/N: “I’m fine don’t worry Lu, but now I want to see you climb the tree”

LH: “But heights”

Y/N: “But my poor damaged leg”


*He was halfway up the tree next to you when you fell out of the other one, but his initial reaction was to freeze for a few seconds before he got down to help you*

XM: Y/N have you broken anything??”

Y/N: “Yeah, my face, ribs, internal organs and I think my pride took a good hit too”

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EXO’s Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Their Lap

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*freaks out because you’re so cute*

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“Did she seriously just fall asleep?”

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*very giggly because he’s very ticklish*

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*tries to think of ways to get you to the bed*

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*gets tired just by gazing at you*

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*pretends to slap you awake*

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*blushes like crazy*

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“But I don’t want to carry you…you’re so heavy…” ;-;

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*just smirks at you*

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“Yes. I shall take care of my baby like a cool mom~”

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*feels a little uncomfortable because you’re way too close–*

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EXO'LUXION North American Tour

This week marks the start of the tour and for all of you going I hope you remember that we want to show the boys how much we love and appreciate them. I know Kai won’t be at the Dallas concert and Lay won’t be attending any of them but please support them anyway. We want them to feel like they can return to North America so be on your best behavior. I’m not asking much just treat them as you would want to be treated. They might be idols but they still are human.

At the concerts please remember a few things:

-Do not throw undergarments on the stage.
-Do not shove ships down their throats. (Feel free to support them but don’t try to get them to kiss or anything.)
-Do not bombard them if they go to do some fan interactions.
-Be respectful and have fun.

Let’s try to give our boys the best experience we possibly can!

-Hannah (I hope to see some of you in LA!)

Hologram Musical ‘School OZ’ OST_One Day One Chance (Original Ver.)_Music Video


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EXO reaction to their little sister telling them they have a crush on a member in the maknae line.

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Suho. His overprotected side will come; I mean, he thinks is his duty as her big bother to protect her from everything and that includes boys. Even though he knows his band mates he won’t let her date any of them.

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Xuimin. He will be shocked when he finds out that his little sister is not little anymore, that she needs to grow in her own, he will try to talk to her about it trying not to hurt her feelings but making you think about it.

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Lay. He will try to understand why she has a crush on someone who is a little bit older but he will let she makes her own decision. He is very caring towards her and all he wants for her is her happiness.

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Chen. He will start wondering how did she grew up so fast, now she is seeing other boys in a romantically way. He will try to persuade her to like some boys from your same age so her heart won’t be hurt or broken.

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Baekhyun. She are too young to start liking guys, so for him a big NO. He won’t let her be around the guys alone, he has to be there to protect you from their charms because you still are his little sister and nothin will change that.

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Chanyeol. He will tease her as soon as he finds out that his little sister has crush on one of the maknae line; he will take you to the dorm or to the practices anytime he can because he wants to see her reaction when her crush is around.

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D.O. He will try to talk to her about her feelings, he will try to be supportive but he doesn’t like she to start growing that fast, for him she will always be his little sister and he is there to support and understand her.

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Kai. He is in the maknae line, so that means that you only have a crush in the guy below. He won’t let his little sister get involve with Sehun; not in a million years. He will be very caring towards she because she are still young.

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Sehun. The only one that she can have a crush on is Kai, but he will be hurt because she doesn’t support him; he doesn’t like his little sister to spend time fangirling over someone else but him, for him she are too young to fall for someone.

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