I always thought Solomon was well aware of the presence of the Pharaoh inside the millenium puzzle, or at least suspected it; until it accidentally slipped Yugi’s mouth that he proved his theory to be true. In the first episode of the manga, when Yugi is about to complete the puzzle, he repeats the prophecy that that who solves the millenium puzzle inherits the power of the shadow games [ or something like that ] and in the first episode of the millenium world, he confesses that it is the Pharaoh’s will what the chosen one carries with solving the puzzle. When Yugi solved the puzzle, Solomon knew that Yugi was the chosen one and furthermore carries with him the will of the Pharaoh. When he remembers the time he obtained the millenium puzzle, he also remembers seeing the Pharaoh when he saved his life, and I think he thought it no coincidence to be allowed to take the puzzle away from a tomb as protected like that, and not to mention that he remembers being called “Siamun” who was Solomon’s ancient counterpart and vizier to Atem.

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atem being insecure about how little he knows about the modern world but he has grandpa to talk about it with? (also i hope today wasnt too much of a bummer ilu okay !!)

It always bothered Atemu when he didn’t understand something that everyone else found ‘simple’.

He hated going out in public, especially by himself. Even when in Yugi’s body, Atemu only had limited knowledge of the world around him, and since getting his body and memories back, he was even more confused and uncomfortable by the three thousand years of change.

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Now because of that comparison thing, I’m wondering what would’ve happened if Sugoroku had stuck around to watch Yuugi assemble the Puzzle. If we go with later continuity, he would’ve figured out pretty quickly that Yuugi was being possessed by the Nameless Pharaoh. If we go with early continuity, he still certainly would’ve realized that it wasn’t Yuugi in front of him any longer. Would he become concerned and try to get normal Yuugi back? Or would he be pretty chill with it, like “Well, you’re definitely not my grandson, but sure you can go deal with the guy that beat him up earlier, that sounds like a great idea to me.”

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maybe something w/ trans atem again? :0 or something w/ atem & grandpa?

I’m gonna mix both prompts, sort of a prequel to what I wrote for you before.

Meeting Grandpa after ‘coming back to life’ was… not something that Atemu was looking forward to. Grandpa only knew him from how he appeared in Yugi’s body, he didn’t know that Atemu had been born ‘female’, so to speak.

Heck, Grandpa’s knowledge of the nameless pharaoh was that he was a king, not a queen, and Yugi never said he wasn’t a boy, so this might be a bit of a surprise.

Two days after coming to live with the Mutou’s, Atemu had been able to hide his chest from the old man by simple wearing loose shirts and stealing a hoodie from Yugi. But he felt like he needed to speak to the old man about this, considering that it might be best to just get it out of the way.

Besides, according to Yugi, this probably won’t be the most bizarre thing to be in the old man’s life.

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