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The other night I added a bunch of new flags to my selection – and with them came a new set of (much needed!!) display images.

The display images have been cleaned up to improve readability, reduce clutter, and allow for further expansion.

As always, you are more than welcome to suggest more flags!

To suggest a flag, send me the name either here on tumblr or through the conversations feature on etsy.

 It is also extremely helpful if you are able to send me an image of the flag to go with it!


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I know there is a very large user-base for extensions like Tumblr Savior, and while I haven’t personally used it the extension gave me an idea to design an integrated filtering system inside of Tumblr’s native apps.

This is an extension of the behind-the-scenes filtering that already takes place on Tumblr. For example, the mobile app currently allows you to hide NSFW content from searches. I wanted to take that same idea site-wide which would include a few features:

  • Filter settings per profile including site-wide mature and spoiler toggles
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting specific tags
  • Temporarily disabling filtering on a per-post basis
  • Crowdsourcing filtering, just like the current reporting process

If you someone forgets to flag their post for spoilers or mature content, feel free to flag it yourself. This automatically hides the post’s content from your feed. If enough people flag a post individually, it gets that same flag for everyone. Don’t worry about people maliciously flagging your posts though. If your post is publicly flagged you can simply edit your post and remove the flag.

I know this may not be the best execution, but it was fun to work through for a weekend project. As I am writing this, I actually just thought of moving the “Show/Hide” button to below the user’s avatar so you don’t have to travel to the bottom — or back up to the top — of the post just to flag it.

July 30th, 2015: Unionists hit out over proposal for a neutral flag at Stormont

A consultants’ report suggests the new flag could be flown at Parliament Buildings on days the Assembly is sitting.

But it also made clear the political parties would have to agree on any replacement flag or “some other visual display”.

The report stated: “There is a chill factor for those from a nationalist or republican community which makes the building less welcoming on days when the Union flag is flying… it was reported that visitors (to Stormont) had regularly commented likewise.”

The report for the Assembly Commission, which runs Parliament Buildings, said the potential for the flying of a neutral, civic flag had attracted some support, “especially among staff” working in the Assembly.

It said the Commission “might consider flying a neutral, civic flag (the nature of which would need to be agreed among the political parties) to mark days when the Assembly is sitting”.

While supporting the status quo of the Union flag being displayed on designated days, the equality assessment report also argued: “It is evident that there are strong feelings in both communities about the flying of the Union flag and that any decision on the flying of the Union flag therefore has the potential to damage good relations.”

It was commissioned by the Assembly Commission, which recently decided to extend the number of designated days on which the Union flag is displayed from 15 to 18 per year.

But the report also suggested that on designated days a new neutral flag could fly on a second flagpole alongside the Union flag.

Consultants Policy Arc also referred to the most recent Life and Times survey last year, which showed that 48% of Protestants and 59% of Catholics felt that the Union flag should be flown from public buildings on designated days only.

And it said legal opinion provided to Belfast City Council when it switched from all-year-round displays of the Union flag to designated days said “this policy…would be regarded as striking the right balance between acknowledging Northern Ireland’s constitutional position and not giving offence to those who oppose it”.

But unionists reacted with fury.

Paula Bradley, the DUP’s representative on the Commission, said the proposal for a supposed neutral flag had been around for several months but her party wanted to see the Union flag flown at Parliament Buildings every day, adding: “Northern Ireland has a flag. It’s called the Union flag. I would rather people accepted this reality and stopped placing so much focus on flags.

"To fly the Union flag every day would put us in the mainstream across the United Kingdom. Westminster flies the Union flag every day. The Welsh Assembly flies the Union flag every day alongside the Welsh flag and the EU flag. Indeed, even the Scottish Parliament with the Scottish nationalists’ influence flies the Union flag alongside the saltire and EU flag every day.”

And TUV councillor Andrew Girvin argued: “Given all the controversy there has been over flags and symbols in Northern Ireland, the very last thing we need is another flag introduced into the mix.

"To suggest that Stormont is somehow full of Unionist symbols which cause huge offence to nationalist visitors is, frankly, nonsense.

"Stormont is unique among the regional assemblies and national Parliament of the UK in not flying flags on a daily basis. Not only that, but huge parts of the Unionist history of Stormont have either been removed or are ignored.”

Sinn Fein also rejected the proposal of a neutral flag, saying: “(We) support the flying of the Irish tricolour alongside the Union flag at Parliament Buildings in the interests of equality, parity of esteem and recognition and respect of both main traditions.”

I hoped that by speaking up, I could give others the tools to speak up. I let myself become intoxicated by the freedom of speech. I knew I couldn’t change his mind, but I felt empowered by disagreeing with him, openly, unapologetically.

I disagreed when he suggested that waving the confederate flag in the face of our black president was not a racist act but a political act. Then why not hold up signs with political statements as is the norm for such protests? I disagreed when he suggested the confederate flag to be a symbol of unity. The unity of whom? Certainly it was not for the unity of the human race. I disagreed when he said the treatment of blacks is not as bad as the media wants it to be. What if it’s worse? << link in profile << #race #freedomofspeech #media #obama #sfblogger #racerelations

anonymous asked:

Is there an asexual cupioromantic flag? Like where the spade is the cupio colors?

I dunno, but I’m pretty sure that cupioromantic would be a diamond. Spades belongs to solely aromantic last time I checked, and diamond was for the rest of the ace spectrum and/or the are spectrum, that wasn’t specifically asexual/aromantic. (But with other ace identities who have alloromantic attraction I would suggest your ace-spectrum flags (like demisexual, grey-a, etc) with a heart, diamond, spades, etc. It all depends.)


anonymous asked:

whats your history with being a lee and a ler?

I was a ticklee for most of my life. I felt genuinely weird and creepy if I was tickling someone, even when I once had someone come right out demand that I tickle her feet. When I was a kid I would try to “cleverly” introduce tickling into any situation, like suggest in capture the flag that we can tickle torture people that get tagged from the other team. I was pretty good about getting other people tickled, not so much getting myself tickled. I’d intentionally keep my arms up way longer than I should in a stretch, lay down with my side exposed, plop my feet close to someone’s fingers, etc. I tried to find the perfect response to the question “are you ticklish?” that would result in tickling, though I actually always fell on the wrong side. Though I did get my first orgasm from being tickled so I had some success in getting people to tickle me.

My leaning towards being a ‘ler started just a couple years ago. It was sort of a serendipitous moment. I was with someone in bed, and I started kissing their thighs. They squirmed and squealed like crazy. I kept kissing, burying my lips in and playfully locking them around little sections of tender skin to suckle gently. I ignored the protests and dodged around frantically kicking legs. I delighted in the laughter and moans as I reached up to start playing with the nipples and genitals, continuing to kissy-tickle the thighs. In that moment, I realized how much I loved tickling someone and I’ve been an even split between ‘ler and ‘lee ever since.


I’m going to start reposting a small series of photos of some of my favourite countries followed by their respective flag. Suggestions for regions/nation will be taken in.

This is also a good time for me to know if you lads don’t mind my constant reblogging geographical/landscape stuff, say now or forever hold your peace :)

anonymous asked:

excuse me, is cupioflux a thing now? would you just use the cupio flag?

My suggestion is to use the cupio flag plus the aroflux/aceflux flag.  Or we could always make one particularly for cupioflux?


This is not a news article in some American town in the south, like you would expect. This is from my local newspaper in a small market town in the heart of England.

“To suggest the flag is a racist symbol is a load of rubbish …. It is completely harmless in my opinion …. Anyone who has complained of is ignorant about the country and western community doesn’t have any idea what we’re all about”

This person is clearly naïve about the historical significance of that flag, it should never have been flown to advertise their event. Not in England, not anywhere.

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26 Breitbart Says The "Gay Rainbow Flag" Was Responsible For The Chattanooga Terror Attack

Admittedly, it was a slow news weekend - so slow that aggressively right-wing website Breitbart published an op-ed piece suggesting the rainbow flag is what prompted 24-year-old Muhammad Youssef Abdulazees to grab a gun and fatally shoot four Marines and a sailor in Chattanooga last Thursday. “The gay rainbow flag,” writes Breitbart’s Editor-at-Large John Nolte, “is seen by many Christians as a symbol of hate and oppression, and for good reason.

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