The Baker Street Babes were, unfortunately, hacked by this man today.

It is common knowledge among Sherlockians that Jim Moriarty is a Sugar Bush Squirrel enthusiast.  And so, when he simultaneously hacked into our tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook accounts, he nefariously began to inflict images of the world’s most photographed squirrel upon our followers.  Jim Moriarty, consulting criminal, is a very bad person.

There are some who imagine that Moriarty loves nothing and no one so much as mayhem, chaos, and the thrill that comes of battling Sherlock Holmes.

He is also a man who spends the majority of his time seeking out new Sugar Bush images.  After being hacked, our blog fell victim to this wicked behavior today, and we regret any inconvenience this might have caused our friends, followers, and podcast listeners.  We will now be returning to a Sherlock Holmes blog, and apologize for today’s squirrel interlude.  Happy April 1st.

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